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This story is a sequel to Awakening

This is the long dark night of the soul. More than 10,000 years have passed since Celestia’s reign over Equestria ended and the entire continent sank into the ocean and faded into myth and legend. Although the pony tribes have colonized the stars, the earth ponies have lost their connection to the land, the unicorns no longer think magic even exists, and the pegasus tribe has forgotten how to fly.
Although the principles of magic and friendship and Harmony are under constant assault in this age of war and strife, a pegasus named Thunder Gale has travelled to the ends of the galaxy in search of a long, lost friend of his. His search has led him to a planet where the old ways have not been entirely forgotten and evils left dormant since Celestia’s time stir once again. In order to survive the night, he’ll have to seek out guidance in the last place he ever thought of looking: the wings on his back.
Not a crossover nor an alternate universe, this is the far future and all this has happened before, and will happen again.
Cover art by Silfoe.
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Chapters (22)
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Comment posted by Chaodiurn deleted May 16th, 2014

And thus an all too long wait ends and another epic tale begins. Bring forth what you have to say, for I am sure you will not disappoint.

For a long time, Thunder Gale stood between the garage and the hills. He glanced between the two frantically, but never did he inch closer to one or the other. The emergency flares from his ship faded, and new ones took their place in the sky.

The start of this paragraph has an extra space. Other than that, it's looking as good as the last time I gave it a pre-read. Moving on to the second chapter. Sorry I have been a bit slow on the uptake on that. Life's been very hard for me as of late.

Don't worry about it, we got a week and the next chapters I don't feel will be as demanding as the first.
By the way, I'm setting aside time tomorrow to work on your fic!

Awesome. You have the newest links to it yet?

It was well worth the wait. I'll enjoy seeing how this adventure goes :twilightsmile:

Dear FimFic,
What would it take to get a sci-fi tag?
Thank you.


Now that I've read it, Great Show!
I like how you seem to be exploring a different genre of sci-fi. This is much more Weber-esque. My favorite :)
Looking forward to the next chapter!

Darn you, darn you to Fluffy-Kitten-Heck! I have too much to-oh, who am I kidding?!

*Clicks on fave* I'll read later!

:pinkiegasp:This is finally happening? YEEEES YESYESYESYESYESY YES!!! :pinkiehappy::raritystarry::twilightsmile:

Alright get into this thing. First off, the date. "planting season" isn't that an.. odd way to date things, given each planet likely has it's own 'planting season' let along all the colonies that can't plant things? So, is it just a hold over from the old dating system they all adhere to just to make things easier?

As he climbed for the peak, sunlight poked out from behind seared his eyes.

Think a word or two is missing there, took me a bit to figure out what was going on. but, Well, knew that was a dream right off. And guessing this will be our loyalty. bearer. But, pretty damn nice for a dream. knowing what w do from he first one, clear what's going on more or less. Or at least seems to be. him losing his flight and ability to walk on clouds. So, Will this story end up with him regaining the ability to fly, like Lumina's gave her back he magic unicorns had lost? And just, yeah really great hook right off the bat that tells us a lot of what is likely to happen, but leaves plenty more to be discovered. Great opening scene.

Scorch marks blackened his blue-grey coat and left holes in the black and red paint covering his officer’s cuirass. The royal blues and whites of the Pegasus Empire beneath were exposed.

So a full on Pegasus Empire Pegasus. not one of the outsiders. Well this could be interesting. Give us a chance to see their perspective on things after seeing them being treated like nothing more then bullies and the enemy last story.

It was male, and wore a set of armor not dissimilar to his officer’s cuirass. Thunder Gale wanted to call the thing an ape, but it walked on two feet and carried a shield and a spear in its hands not unlike a pony would with his mouth.

:rainbowhuh:If it's like nothing he's ever seen, how does he know it's a male? And, is his a human? granted, has me thinking at first it would be Discord. But, human might be even worse. So, Coming to find an old friend that sent him a warning, guessing he got shot down trying to show up, so something major is going on. "Monsters are real" hmm, does this have anything to do with the craft that attack Lumina? just starting, and already so many mysterious, with hints of possible answers already. loving it.

That said, the only reason why Cloud Twist was ever promoted to Lieutenant in the first place was because a bridge fell on his predecessor and there weren’t any other qualified ponies around at the time.

:rainbowlaugh: So, he's got mercenaries on his payroll, or is he working for hem? Was he legit in not being part of the Empire anymore? but still having one of their ships? Questions Questions Questions.

With the exception of two individuals, everypony onboard was both a professional power armor trooper and whatever the ship needed to keep flying.

What two i wonder. the captain and/or XO? the Medical Officer? The Chief Engineer? But, even as little as it is, already loving the more insight into the world. how they think, plan. that is a pretty damn good idea. make sure everyone has enough general knowledge of the ship, and of fighting to help wherever is needed. makes it hared when specif, detail stuff might be needed, but for limited room, it works pretty good. And would keep losing one pony from screwing over the ship if they are the only one that knows something.

Hot bunking was a standard practice.

:pinkiesick: Bleh. yeah makes sense, but having been on ships, yeah that idea... just bleh. that really sucks. makes sense, but sucks.

At her core, the Spitfire was still a military vessel, not a merc ship.

Ah so the captain decided to take the ship and head off on his own, to save his friend? And, did they let him, or are they after him, likely to shoot on sight if he returned?

But once the doors to sickbay slid apart and he stepped inside, all that changed. In his mind he was in Doctor Breeze Heart’s domain now, the most compassionate pegasus he’d ever met. She was smart, well read, and a brilliant surgeon, but her patients remembered her for a bedside manner as disarming and gentle as the pink of her coat and the charm in her voice.

Hmm, seems a rather in depth and detailed, not to mention flowery and flattering description given what we got of othe ponies so far. *double checks the story image." Pink Pony. Hmmm, we looking at Kindness?

And seems these two have a thing for each other.

And keeping it secret? Well, wonder if that will bite them in the plot somehow. Or does everypony know, and they just try to at least ac professional about it?

Breeze Heart trotted over to a medicine cabinet, picked out a bottle rattling with a lonely pair of pills, and set it down next to Thunder Gale. Biting down on the lid and wrenching her hooves the other way, she popped it off and tapped the last two pills out on the countertop.

Okay, you'd think the ponies would have developed a container better suited for heir own anatomy.

And, running low on supplies I take it?

She was a begrudging permanent exception to the ‘everypony fights’ rule.

So some of those guess were right. the medic, and the XO.

“I hate to even suggest this, but our FTL ferry is still overhead,” said Lightning Fire. “The Ursa Minor could provide us with detailed scans of the chasm.”

“For a steep fee, I’m sure.” Thunder Gale unfurled his wings and sighed. “I don’t want to deal with that griffon any more than I have to, and in all honesty we can’t afford his services.”

Huh, so REALLY strapped for resources. And their ship can't even go FTL on it's own? Well that's an issue. And, dealing with a real mercenary.. though puts his troops safety ahead of everything else.. really liking this stallion already.

“I don’t pretend to be an engineer, but I was there during the Themis Incident. When there was nothing more they could do to stabilize the reactor, the very last thing they did before evacuating the entire continent was entombing the damn thing in concrete. It looks like they were trying the same thing here.”

:pinkiegasp: Well, that cant be good. Though, if it was a reactor that went, or was going ot go BOOM!, be a lot bigger creator. But, if it's still counting down... yeah... so still not good.

“For tapping into your frequency, please forgive me.” The voice of a stallion, thick with an accent Thunder Gale did not recognize, forced its way through the static. “Chain Gleaming is how they call me. I am the last member of the Sigil Tech Corporation surviving on the planet. Please send help—”

Accent, and really really odd syntax.... hmmmm.... :trixieshiftright:

And she's going with him. Hmmm, yeah something is going to go very very wrong. Though she has good reasons. Both the official and unofficial ones.

So first chapter... YES! This is AWESOME! I mean, no real clue what is going on but, so much great set up, right into the action. So many questions, and yet some stuff we already know to expect. So many ideas for what might be going on, I'm hooked, and SO glad to see this baby going.

So it begins.

Oh shit.


This is gonna be an epic one!

~Skeeter The Lurker

WOOHOO Amazing chapter! I can't wait to see how this story will progress!! Already getting the same chills that I got from 'Awakening' :pinkiehappy:

Your cover art reminds me of a pony Dead Space. More specifically, Dead Space 2

.... Okay- You SEE- I didn't WANT to read this before- ..... But Now Skeeter is CURSING over it......
........ Ugh- WHY NOT?

I thought the same thing~

The dropship spun around and lowered itself to about a foot off the ground.

Nose to tail, the Spitfire was only three hundred and eighty feet long

That would be a hoof/hooves, not foot/feet.

This looks amazing, I will certainly favorite for future updates.

Huh. Interesting. Waiting eagerly for the next chapter.

I read 'All this has happened before' and without seeing a single word of story, wonder if that means Cylons

The reference goes much, much deeper than that.

I'm so glad I happened to look at this in the featured box! Awakening was the very first fimfic I ever read, and I'd completely forgotten about it until seeing this and remembering how awesome it was. :yay:

Hell came to Equestria... These two are gonna send it back.
Thunder Gale and Breeze Heart star in a solocitizen production...


I only read awakening a few weeks ago. I am so ready for this.

This was quite literally the only story I've come across today that made me want to continue reading past the first couple of paragraphs. Fav'd & followed. :twilightsmile:

Two words: eternal recurrence.

Dis gon b good:pinkiehappy:
I'm sensing that what killed the colony wasn't as simple as a reactor meltdown.


I was thinking the same exact thing. :pinkiegasp:

Looks interesting, and was definitely worth the time I invested to read it. Gonna need some more words before I can diagnose my curiosity, though. :)


Directed by Michael Bay

Co-written by J. J. Abrams

Yay! I've been looking forward to this since I read Awakening, good to see it's finally here! Now to look forward to the next chapter!

Anyway, this is off to an interesting start, I look forward to seeing how things develop from here. That's a lot of people to have all gone, and the dig site is curious as well.

So I have been wondering about that statue. Will humans be making a brief appearance?

Well, I'm intrigued.


The blue pegasus raced across the sky and Thunder Gale followed.

This wouldn't happen to be a reference to The Gunslinger, Stenphen King's Magus Opus would it? :ajsmug:

Toix told me that I should check you out, and this pretty much has me sold.

Upvoted before I read. The premise alone has me interested.

Ah, Gerard. Good to see you alive and well.

I'll have to read this story on my laptop next instead of my phone. I found a few funky grammer errors, but none were really big enough to impact the quality of the story. Very good by the way, I adore scifi and the way you've written it here is superb. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Oh, and calling it now. Thunder gale is the element of loyalty. Lumina had twilight, he has rainbow dash. I doubt that's a coincidence.

I had an idea similar to this, where the mane six are juxtaposed into a modern world where there's no harmony and hardly any magic--but this is done far more competently than anything I could ever produce. You really have a talent for worldbuilding. :pinkiesmile: I look forward to reading more of this story!

4405257 The loyalty is already showing with the risky as hell rescue mission costing more than it should.

This is an amazing start. I love super far future stories! Please moar!:fluttershysad:

I desire more Lumina.

Comment posted by Jarron deleted May 26th, 2014

Thank you for all the corrections! I went and implemented them. I'm honored to hear you made an account just to leave feedback on my stories :twilightsmile: I really hope you'll leave me more comments like that in the future!

That's for me to know and for you to ponder :coolphoto:

Sorry, I'm all out of Lumina. I might be getting a new shipment in sometime soon, but the pegasi fleet has been raiding all the ships that are suppose to be bringing more in so I can't promise anything. This is what I got for right now.

My my my, this story of my seems to have attracted the attention of an awful lot of time lords :trollestia: I wonder what I did to do that? I must be doing something right, though.

Oh, man, I've been dying for this story. I loved the first so much, and this looks to be even more awesome.

I sense quite a bit of Mass Effect influence in ship description... In particular, the automatic logging and relieving of the so when the CO came on board and the holo display of the ship.

Wow. The 15 months you've spent on this really shows. This story deserves many more views.

Now that the second chapter has been published, I shall begin reading.

the decedents of HRM Rainbow dash?

Another great chapter that explains the back story and social status of our main character.
after reading Awakening, I wasn't sure what to think about this switching between the present and past every chapter versus the more traditional flashbacks and simply talking about the past in the story. (You seem to have done away with these altogether)
I initially found it disconcerting in some ways, occasionally going back to read parts of the previous chapter in the same timeline, but I think I'm more used to it by now, but when you post the next chapter we'll see. it is possible that the only reason I found the switches in Awaking disconcerting is that I read it all in one go (I finished about a week and a half ago - After finding you through the cover art for this fic being in a eqd post an looking suitably awesome.) vs this one which will be read in sections as updated and I'll have a week or two to move on from the previous chapter. Do you think it would be a good idea to put a reference to the end of the last "current timeline" chapter in the first part of the next "current timeline" chapter to get the reader back on track? or would it mess with your flow to do this? The "backstory" chapters are suitably disconnected that I don't think this sort if referencing would fit within them though.

I couldn't find any grammatical errors in this chapter, although that may just be the sleep deprivation talking. - Keep up the good work and good luck on your capstone project/portfolio.

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