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A Lover of ponies and friendship, creater of Haze In Equestria, and Haze in Equestria 2. I love to write, read and love! I hope you all have a good day!

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At least your spelling and grammar has improved somewhat, so that's something.

After reading the prologue I feel like it was written by someone else, someone who didn't write this first chapter.


“BOOOOY howdy, i aint seen nobody try that hard since big mac and ah went at it in a wrestlin’ compey-tition” said applejack as she gave s subdle nudge nudge hint hint.

Not sure if incest joke or bad attempt at...something else

I may honest to god sit down and do a full blown, word by word review of this like that one guy did in the last one with the GIF's and the pictures and YouTube videos.

I feel like someone should entertain the readers.

4910190 Well the first chapter has been in the works for several weeks, gone over many revitions and been thought of since the end of HIEQ, The second chapter was a bit more flash of inspiration, I understand there would be a bit of a quality dip, but HIEQ fans will find a bit of improvement between the two stories!!!!

Didn't you learn from you Prequel to this?:fluttershyouch:
You have not made a good character! Please, for the sake of any of your future writing endeavors, abandon this OC!

I am saying this for YOUR sake, not mine.:ajbemused:


HIEQ fans will find a bit of improvement between the two stories!!!!

I'm sure they will, as will Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster.

4910445 I think "a bit" of improvement is an overstatement.


I am too! Haha

Silver Haze 2 is going to be bigger and better, don't worry I'm not going anywhere this time, last story I took like a 5 month break in the middle of writing it, but none of that this time :pinkiehappy:

I envy your artistic confidence.


I feel like someone should entertain the readers.

Because the story definitely isn't

Ok, everyone hold onto your various appendages, this may be a bumpy ride.


What's unknown is why this story exists.

“TWILIGHT FOCUS” silver called out, sweat pouring from his ripped body covered by his gorjuse black coat”

Yes Twilight, focus on how ripped he is, fantasize about his extreme awesomeness and give in to the urge to blow him, because i sure as hell know I'm having a hard time resisting myself. :ajbemused:

“BOOOOY howdy, i aint seen nobody try that hard since big mac and ah went at it in a wrestlin’ compey-tition” said applejack as she gave s subdle nudge nudge hint hint.

, it took me years to get as good at it as I am, and I still have room to learn more!!!!!!!!!!!

I see you still love abusing SHIFT-1.

a double backflip kickflip 360 spin.

I believe you need a snowboard/skateboard to do a kickflip, unless the beloved Silver is able to totally redefine any word he chooses whenever he chooses to do it.

He's just.




the mane 7


Silver haze took princess twilight in his arms

Horses have arms now :pinkiegasp: ?

it took him almost the entire ride to rap his head around the idea of "money" in alicornia

Those goddamned mortals and their fucking government-appointed currency.



The sooner our wonderful Silver listens to this voice, the better.

"...well I for one think you look adorable" silver haze smirked as twilight got flustred about silver seeing the new giant stain glass window devoted to her, showing her and her friends using the elements of harmony to cause Twilight to ascend to alicornhood.

Wait, back the hell up.


Where the hell are we?

Based off of past experiences with everything Silver Haze comes into contact with, they could be standing in the middle of a field, surrounded by pits full of flesh-hungry reproductive organs that happened to build a stained glass window for Twilight.

"well, SILVER if anyone here deserves a stain glass window, it would be you mr. saved-equestria."

Silver deserves a stained glass pile of shit, I'm sorry.

"you mean the one that dissapears every time something threatens the land? The one who constantly hoofs the work over to you?"

Suddenly, a shadow loomed over silver haze. "Parhaps you should have made sure I wasn't in the room before you made that coment?" Celestia quiped behind silver, causing twilight to jump.

She should banish him to the moon for daring to speak in such a manner.


I knew my relationship with celestia had become strained as of late, she thought I was just draging her sister along since she knew I loved twilight,

Isn't that the textbook definition of dragging someone along? :rainbowhuh:

yet what she couldent understand is I loved them both and couldent imaging living without either of them

-Deep inhale-


You can't play around with multiple people at once and expect them to all be ok with it.

Get used to it.

but celestia was too stupid to see the love I had for both of them, and as such, we butted heads whenever we were in the same room, some thanks I get for saving her pathetic country

No, that isn't stupidity.

That's called not wanting your sister's heart to get broken because the one she has the hots for and the one who promised to marry and love her for all her days actually shows very little interest and is more interested in banging and apparently impregnating Celestia's start pupil and making sure everyone knows how fucking amazing he is. (Where the hell is their kid by the way, like did we just do a time warp or was that an alternate reality or what?)

, he picked up his longsword blade, Silver's Furry,

He probably should shave it more often then.

--The Rift--
A lone cloaked figure crossed over
He had given his pray enough time to run

I can imagine a prayer book with legs sprinting rapidly away from this story, screaming in horror.

"I swear sister, he is nothing but bad news" Celestia complained to her sister

Oh look, something we can all agree on.

"Oh come now sister thou do not understand the love we share" Luna shot back, rolling her eyes at her paranoid sister

You mean the love where he calls Twilight 'Honey' and bangs her regularly?

Celestia didn't even see the snakelike vines until they grabbed her from above.

I honest to god expected porn to come from this.

Silver groaned as he hear the thumping from the door in his room, stumbing out of his bed, he levitated his sword from its display case to his neck, placing the blade in its holster, silver passed by the clock, then triped over an empty bottle of moonshine

So not only is he a two-timing, arrogant, stuck-up, asshole.

He's also a drunk.

Twily! What in the world is this about, why are you in my room?

I thought it wasn't considered strange for the one you 'love' to come and visit you in your room at night.

This... this was a problem.

These five words accurately describe this entire story.

Ok I'm finished now.


I understand there would be a bit of a quality dip, but HIEQ fans will find a bit of improvement between the two stories!!!!

.... fans?
(*looks at A Haze in Equestria*)
(*notices the number of thumbs down*)
To use an old meme...

but HIEQ fans will find a bit of improvement between the two stories!!!!

fans will find a bit of improvement between

bit of improvement between


They say ignorance is bliss, and I do believe that our dear author has achieved nirvana.

Hey every pony, update might be a bit late this week, my laptop broke down and I have to wait till Sunday to get back to HQ, expect a new chapter on Monday or Tuesday!!!

Don't worry guys, silver haze isn't going anywhere!

Don't worry guys, silver haze isn't going anywhere!

My reaction.

Can we get some thumbs up for not only a new chapter

not only a new special,


Enjoy everypony!

4945545 don't you notice people are flaming you or are you ignoring that


I try and ignore them, some people try giving good advice, and I try and listen when I can, but I know even the rude ones just wana make this story as good as posible and I :heart: every one who takes the time to comment, after all, I write for me more then I write for them!


Despite my RAPID updates recently, I'm afraid you guys wont get to see the start of the next arc until next week, hopefully the suspense wont kill anyone :fluttercry: OH NO FLUTTERS I WAS JOKING DONT CRY!

Haha, anyway Haze in equestria is starting to get a bit stale isn't it? Parhaps its time he traveled elsewhere Hmmm? :trixieshiftright: Though it seems he still cant escape Celestia leading things!!!

(srry guys, thats your only hint!)


Comment posted by QuilliamPenn deleted Sep 5th, 2014

Oh-ho-ho-ho, god, here we go again.

I have lots and lots of videos and GIF's to go with it this time, so, yeah.

. silver’s mane flowed as he ran along with his coat that rippled

Oh, right off the bat we are reminded why we all touch ourselves every night.

“it’s okay” he told himself “she was probably tiered and collapsed

But, if that's the case.

You should still be worried, because you don't just collapse and take a nap on the floor of a castle without someone noticing.

“RAHHHHH” Silver cryed angery dipressive rage

Silver cryed angery dipressive rage that had been destroyed by the happyness from before surgd back into him as he felt nothing but anger and longing


he and luna shared an unbreakable bond, of love and friendship that could be matched by noone.

Except for Twilight Sparkle, apparently.

horrificly horrible terrify creature

“Oh” “Twilight we dont have time for this, if luna is in danger, we must go save her” Twilight grimanced at how suddenly worried Silvy was for luna, she knew they shared a close bond but she still wanted him all to herself, but she tried to be profetional and go along with silvy.

The rulers of everything we know and love are in terrible danger, I need to save them!

Right after I decide to worry over who else Silver Haze is banging.


Future ruler of Equestria, everyone.

aparently, calling them anti-alicorn was ofencive or something,

I kinda tuned out whal celestia was lecturing me about it,


I called back at her as I blasted a hole through a secret wall that led to the old hanger underneath the mountan where my airship was parked

So...there isn't a door?

Are we just going to blast a hole in the mountian to get the airship out, or...did we spend all our money on a fancy-ass mountian door have non left to make a wall-door.

the Peacemaker was by far supiror to anything equestria had ever crafted, no amount of Anti-, uhh, Earth pony enginering or Unicorn magic could even create something even SLIGHTLY compariable to the grandest ship in the land


the gloryius ship, the amazing hull, the astetic and craftponyship

With this level of description, for all I know it's shaped like a giant rubber duck.

Silver could only watch with a thousand yard stare as his magnifisent ship that contained some of his last, and greatest memories of his home and father blew up and scattered around the cave, a giant white P that originaly proudly displayed the ship name landed a few hoovelenghs from his right only caused silvers eye to twitch slightly.

“...Destory the natural order of night and day, fine, kidnap my love, why not...de-destroy my ship...

It's like this asshole just becomes more asshole-ish every word written.


“i’m doing well… i think” i hear twilight below me, she aopeared to be flying quite wonkily

Don't worry Twilight, I'm sure we would all have trouble flying with Silver Haze's enormous member flapping in the wind, right above us.

as i glided down beside the tracks one fo the tandrills grabbed me when i wasn’t looking and wrapped around me, it was crashing me, but i managed to get off a magic shot from my horn, which seemed to subdue the tendrill

Aren't the Discord-tendril-things supposed to nullify/make magic go out of control?

Oh, ha...wait, this is Silver Haze we're talking about, he isn't affected by logic, canon, or anything relative to anything sensible.

As I write this particular response, I ask myself, "Will this writer totally ruin Discord's character?"



“BOY HOWDEY twahlaght and seelver, it shure hays been a long tahm since wee saw yew last, it looks like yew could shure youse an apple or tew” said applejack, handing us an apple “it’s all ways a pleasure to see you AJ” i said.

I guess Applejack's still mentally impared.

“now that you’re all here, we need to talk about the recent invation of the everfree,

The fact that Silver Haze is an asshole*

“boy i shure hayve, them everfree tenticaals hayve been messin’ up mah fharm”

You know if you sound out some of the words really slowly and use your imagination, it almost sounds like...not Applejack.

Just then twilight gasped “i think i have an idea of who did this”

Yes, everyone, I know exactly who the culprit is, I know this just out of the blue and without any sort of conversation or debate on the matter, or even any sort of evidence to make a proper deduction.

twilight began to make her horn glow, and she soon summoned something big, and long!!!!

Everypony was suprised as silver hopped foward his mane supercharged as tendrils flew in every direction his blade pearced the ground as he stood at his full hight, the sun and moon caused shadows of light to dance off his black fur

twilight suddenly felt herself become very warm upon looking at her love, suddenly, without control she felt her wings extend to their full size with an audible *POOMF* Thankfully for her dignety nopony was paying any attention, then again, twilight wasn’t either, if she was she would have heard a second quieter *POOMF* sound and a quet “eep!”


Silver was taken aback, but still stood firm, what will it take to slay you fowl demon


“ENOUGH” A third voice shouted as a very angry Fluttershy jumped in between the two battle ready beings. “DISCORD, I thought you would have known better than to taunt ponies that dont know you, and you could have hurt him with that fire ball what where you thinking

A few things.

1. He's Discord. The hell are you talking about, he's going to mess with random ponies, reformed or not.

2. You're getting onto Discord for defending himself, out-of-character-Fluttershy.

3. Silver Haze tried to cut him in half with sharp objects and forbidden, evil magic, why is HE not the one being yelled at?

“Just because you happen to be an Alicorn, and the last of your kind AND lost your family, DOES NOT, mean you get to go stabing everything new you see, JUST because you feel like it. DO. I. MAKE. MYSELF. CLEAR!?!?!”

I stand corrected.


Kill him, Fluttershy.

You're already extremely out-of-character, so murder wouldn't be too far of a stretch at this point.

I don't think anyone would complain either, hell, you might get a medal.

Silver had faced down DRAGONS less threating then this mare, fluttershy the quiet shy one seemed to have a bit of a scary side, and was brave enough to face down a god and an alicorn without even blinking.

It was kinda hot.

I'm so done with Silver Haze and his need to bang everything in sight, that at this point i get pissed off whenever he makes any sort of sexual thought/remark.movement towards anything at all.

“BOY don’t play dumb weeth uus deescord, we know yer the one beehand thees”

Applejack, you might want to get your brain looked at or something.

You're still spewing stupid.

I have already heard your plight alicorn of friendship, and I have a plan that may work, but I will need your friendship.” Zecora rymed

Using the same word twice doesn't make it a rhyme. :ajbemused:

“Ok, I guess I have to drink it all in one go...bu-but its so thick, and there is so much of it, I don’t know if I can drink it all...” twilight said with a sigh, Silver smirked. “Comeon twilight, its not so different from what you did LAST week, I remember you having a very diferent additude then…” Twilight

He smiled at the thoughts of their painful deaths.

We all get like that when we think of Silver Haze dying.

-Insert entire bullshit story for why the Elements were created-

“You see, after the elements were used, the six ponies were absorbed into their element, and the remaining alicorn, thinking he was the last of his kind, turned himself into the ultimate protection for the elements, so nopony would use them for evil. He became...the tree of harmony.” Everypony gasped again!





“ROCKADILE!” Somepony yelled,


the mane 5 sprung

Did one of them die, or...

, I sprung into action slicing at the skin, not deap enough to kill it (it was just a hungry animal after all)

Yet you will try and slaughter a hapless Discord whilst he is bathing.

“LETS GET OUT OF HERE!” Silver called out,

Yay, random change of perspective.

“BOY HOWDEY well it seems to me that thees was a real close caal i sugeest wee dom’t do tht ageen y’all”


Stop making Applejack retarded, please.

You can make her sound country or southern, or however the hell you want to put it as, without making her retarded.

Here, watch.

"Well, that there was a close call If'n I've ever seen one, why, we almost ended up lizard-lunch! I'd reckon we don't want to be doin' that again."

Now, isn't that just slightly better?

“*giggle* If it wasn’t for haze you would have been cock-pot!”

This isn't a roleplay.

And, Twilight already is a cock-pot, apparently.

One of the many belonging to Silver Haze.

“well...ummmm...maybe...um, since you know….ummm, you are the last pincess of equestria...you should...umm...go back home?” Everypony fell silent and stared at fluttershy who shriveled under their gaze. “Do...do you girls really think I shoulden’t be here?”

No...just Fluttershy does, when did the others ever hint at wanting you to leave :trixieshiftleft: ?

THe walk to ponyville seemed like an eternity to silver, because one thing was on his mind and that was how twilight would just leave her friends like that. the two finally reached ponyville when twilight tunred and looked to silver “is there something wrong? you don’t look happy”

“it’s just, you left your friends to do the whole mission on there own, iu mean we’re alicorns and they could really use our help. for someone who learned all these lessons about friendship, you sure were fast to get out of there, i mean, you didn’t even put up a fight. they could be in danger and you went back to ponyville, and why was that?”

twilight was silent.

“because you’re the princess, and for as much as i dislike celestia, i have to edmit that she got her title because of her bravery, and i doubt that she would leave her friends that fast.”
they were both silent for a while.

“... you’re right silver, i don’t know what i was thinking.. we have to go back, silver, back to everfree forrest!” said twilight “and where we’re going, we won’t need titles like prince and princess” said silver. they both ran back into the everfree forest.

When twilight and Silver eventually made it back to the everfree center, they gasped as they saw their friends entangled by vines, silver drew his sword and cut one of the vines blocking their view of the tree of harmony, that was being corrupted by the vines. “OH NO!” Twilight gasps suddenly Twilight had an idea “Silver cover me, we have to give up the elements of harmony!!!” As the elements began debating about this idea I jumped into action sliceing up the vines and destroying the roots with my alicorn magic trying to keep the tree safe from the vines, suddenly I watched as one by one the elements of harmony floated up to the tree and whent to their places, suddenly the tree began to glow, and with a burst of magic the tree exploated with light knocking all the elements off balence and throwing silver against the cave wall. The Tree destoryed all the vines and then the light died as all the vines shriveled up. “We did it!” Twilight exclamed as she hugged all of her friends.

This was so rushed and poorly written I don't even know how to respond.

“But WHoOO BOY where be them celestier and luna? it’s a maigh clear theyer not heer” applejack excamed with her signature contry accent.

That isn't.

A goddamned.

Country accent.

It's called, IDIOCY



Silver examined the box carfully it apeared to be of alicornian make and it had SEVEN key holes, yet no keys,

Seven key holes.

God forbid Silver Haze not be involved in something.

he vaugly heard celestia spew some phisochical mumbo-jumbo about friendship

Silver Haze, you goddamned asshole.

i hope ou liked the newest chapter in twi-als of love

finally, my boyfriend (loove him so much!!!) said he wanted to write a chapter (he wrote the majority of the prologue, which, i have to admit is much better it terms of grammar

You mean better at writing as a whole.

Also, isn't that...technically plagiarism? (Someone correct me if I'm wrong here)

Haha, anyway Haze in equestria is starting to get a bit stale isn't it?

It's been stale from the start.

Thank you, I'll be here all week.

Or tomorrow, when I get bored enough to write a comment on the "NSFW" chapter.

Oh, look, It's me again.

I would like it to be made perfectly clear that I am writing this comment, as I read the story, I have the story open in a Word Document so that I may easily read and copy/paste quotes into this comment and so that I may write my reactions and thoughts and whatever the hell you want to call what it is I do, as they actually happen.

With this said.

I have the undying feeling that this chapter is going to contain the following.

1. Bad clop.

2. Silver Haze being an asshole.

3. Silver Haze getting drunk (He seems to have to be drunk for there to be sexual interaction.)

4. Silver Haze probably getting in trouble for being a dick,

5. Silver Haze being a stuck up ignorant motherfucker and thinking he's actually done nothing wrong, even though he has.

With that said, let us begin.


silver asked to rebuild the ship while he was gone and when the events of a few hours ago were said and done, he got to fly his ship back from ponyville.

What happened to 'Anti-Alicorns' not being able to match the skill and craftsmanship of true Alicornian tech, hmm?

So basically you're a racist asshole...until you want something.

If course, I'm sure that Silver Haze is used to getting what he wants.

He's the greatest, after all...right?


Luna was walking beside me as we were walking down the hall, i could feel her snuggle up to me and i put my hoof around her. her coat was a bit dusty from last night, but i didn’t really care since mine was too.

Random perspective change, I wouldn't expect any less.

Also, Are the castle showers not working anymore, or...does the ruler of the night just not clean herself and relax after being held captive by evil (and poorly described/written) vines?

I wouldn't want to go to sleep, covered in dust and shit, that's just me though.

“thank you again, silvie for saving me, without you i would not be here. i am truley greatful

Yes you would be, just go watch the first two episodes of Season 4.

” i hear luna before she gives me a kiss. thank goodness twilight wasn’t here or she would have been really jelous.


Of course she would be jealous, you cheating, lying, stupid son of a bitch.

You can't just say that you love someone, then turn around and stick your ding-a-ling in someone else.

Silver Haze, you stupid asshole.

Oh look, we can mark number 2 off our list.

“well it was my pleasure. i’ve already had many things lost, my home, my ship, and so on, but i’m glad at least one thing i lost can stay with me”

You forgot to add in that he lost any respectability, good character, dialogue, etc...

“what do you say we… head to my royal quartars?” luna said seductivley


and it was hard to say no with the way her perfect body shimmered in the moonlight

You say 'It was hard to say no' as if Silver Haze would ever say no to fucking something.

Also...let me just clarify something.

If they got back last night...and it's night time now. Or, did they get back that afternoon, or was it that morning, or...oh, oh no wait.

They got back a few hours ago, that totally explains what time it is considering we had no goddamned idea what time it was yesterday to go off of.


Why the hell did Luna go a whole day without showering?

with her magnificent lusus coat that despite being unkept at the moment, still gave off that fact that she had the “curves” in ALL the right places. I took a breath.


I'm sorry, I just find that so hilarious for some reason, anyway, carrying on.

Why is curves in quotation marks, with your past attempts at sexual jokes and hints and the like, I'm surprised you didn't just have him say she had a nice ass.

“maybe we should head to my room, i mean you being one of the country’s princesses we might get interupted”

When you're banging royalty, In a castle full of guards and the goddess of the sun,
How the hell can you expect to not be interrupted?

Oh, oh wait. This is Silver Haze we're talking about.

I'm sure the guards are so used to the sounds of various moans floating out from behind that door, along with the smell of copious amounts of alcohol, that they just stopped caring.

you know how much celestia doesn’t like us being together

I'd be upset if Equestria's biggest asshole was banging my sister too.

I open the door to my room with my magic and we both walk in. as luna takes a place on the couch i go to the back to poor a drink of moonshine for us both, while so i do a little magic show, spinning the drink in a figure-eight, up down and around before into the glass.

You know, due to the fact there is next to no definition of this room at all, I'm going to assume it's just a box with a couch, bed, booze all over the floor and a chart on the wall with the name of every mare in Equestria so that Silver Haze knows who he's tapping next.

while so i do a little magic show, spinning the drink in a figure-eight, up down and around before into the glass.

i’m not sure if luna saw, but it’s something i’ve been practicing for while.

He can summon spectral swords out of nothing, yet he has to practice swirling stuff around in the air.


I go over to luna and hand her the drink. Luna gave me a semi-suductive, semi-thankfull smile, she took a large swig of the strong alcholo,

'Semi-Seductive, Semi-thankful'

Hell, I wouldn't be thankful at all if Silver Haze handed me anything, it's proably safe to assume that anything he touches is covered in semen and will infect me with stupid.

we both had extreamly high tolarance levels

I have a high tolerance level for your bullshit, Silver Haze.

they both smiled as they shared a paset kiss over the edge of the balcony, after what felt like an enturity ( silver knew it was really only like 40 seconds) but luna and silver were both left gasping

, I could only look at her with a smile, “do you want another glass?” I said, Luna responded by throwing her glass over the balcony

I feel sorry for the poor soul standing on the sidewalk below.

“Buck the glass, just get two bottles of the stuff.

Yay, let's see how out of character we can get Luna to be.

luna was quick to chug the bottle, but i took a little more time, eventually we were both drunk off our flanks

I could have turned this little sentence into an entire paragraph, you could have described some of their chit-chat, maybe touch on a serious note in their buzzed state, but...no.

No you rushed it and got them drunk so that Luna could bang him.

Plus, what the hell happened to "High Tolerance Levels" ?

luna, with a crazeductive look in her eye

Don't try to make new words, please.

and before i knew it her warm wet tounge was training down the chest and slowly moved to the base of my balls.


her mouth felt so wet and warm that i began to feel myself cumming, and i couldn’t stop it; i felt a rush of pleasure rack my body as lulus mouth filled with my warm, thick, sticky seed.

Go ahead and skip to 0:48

Lulu pulled her head back, breathing heavily she lucks her lips what were painted with my cum.
“your cum is really delicous” she said while lucking up the remaining streams of my cum.

“alright lulu, now it’s your turn” i said as i began to take controll

Luna: "Lol, silver your cum is yummy"

Silver: "Yeah whatever bitch, Come here so I can fuck you."

I hear luna moan “it’s so… big”.

In reality, she was talking about his ego.

. “quiet down luna, we don’t want the whole kingdom to hear”

'Yeah Luna, jesus, we can't let Twilight know I'm cheating on her, the fuck is wrong with you?'

“the cum has been doubled” lulu sais between pants.



My cock still in her marehood, i lye down on top of her and begin passionately kissing her, i could taste a little bit of my own jizz

I think it's safe to assume you suck yourself off a lot, so I'm sure the taste is familiar.

Hell, this story as a whole is basically nothing but you doing just that.

and last minute i retract my cock from her marehood and begain to cum all over her face.


Just as I moved in for another kiss, the door opened.

Please be Celestia.

“silver? Silver are you in here? *sigh* have...you...seen...luna” Celestia stood in the


and luna, and my jizz, on myself, on luna…

and to be fair, a good part of the bed and floor.

It's funny, because never once during this whole poorly written, disgusting, all-around horrible clop scene, were we ever told about cum on the floor and bed.

Celestia only continued to stare at me “be honest with me, has it even been forty-eight hours SINCE YOU LAST FUCKED MY STUDENT?!?!” Celestia snorted the temperature in the room raising a good ten degrees.

I'm sure it hasn't been.

Celestia, I love twilight as much as I love your sister

Silver Haze, you make me so fucking angry, I want to just send you to the sun.

you are just jelous that I am more loved and popular then you are.”

Celestia just stared at me “Wh-what NO! I’m angry at the fact that you are BANGING BOTH MY FRIEND AND MY SISTER!”

As she would have every right to be.

To be honest I'm surprised that she's put up with his bullshit for this long.

Silver suddenly felt angry, and he thought up the most hurtfull thing he could think of at that moment

Because Celestia being understandably and rightly angry because someone is fucking her little sister that she loves and cares for dearly, as well as her star pupil...Silver Haze is mad?



Finally, someone is talking sensibly.

Silver!” Silver turned his head to see a frantic luna throw something at him. I caught my blade, Silver’s fury,


What the fuck?

This is Luna's sister, Celestia. They grew up together, lived, loved and laughed together, they have a rather strong bond and care for one another dearly...

But, Luna is going to arm this bastard against her sister, because she's mad that he's a two-timing asshole?

You can't even use the "1000 years on the moon" bullshit to fuel it, this doesn't make any sense.

But, It's Silver Haze.

Nothing about him makes a lick of goddamned sense.


Silver Haze is a pathetic piece of shit.

Celestia is an immortal goddess of the sun.

Celestia > Silver Haze

Celestia’s only response was to blast him with a heat beam

Burn the motherfucker, kill it with fire!

he leaped up kicking her under the chin causing her head to whip back before he landed, flared out his wings and using magic, lauched into her, talcking her into the ground holding his weapon to her throat

“CELESTIA! You may be the ruler of this land, but the ponies do not follow your command on every bit of their lives

That's kind of how a Monarchy works, you stupid ASSHOLE

they have chosen to love me, uncondionaly, reguardless of weather or not I can give them all of myself

No we haven't.

No they haven't.

The twisted, retarded versions of them you have conjured up?

They have.

You cannot possibly understand the delema my heart faces when I see them both.”

Actually, I'm sure she does, you dense asshole.

If i remember correctly, Celestia was put through this when she was forced to send her sister to the moon...

You know, to save the subjects that she loved, but also choose to banish her sister out of love and protect her.

You get the idea.

You destroyed your own ponies hard work, and almost killed the stalion she loved, are you really willing to throw that away over your own personaly anger and jeloscy of not being able to control every part of every pony’s lives?”

She's not angry because she can't control everything.


Jesus christ, this is almost infuriating, this is literally the dumbest character (In every way possible) I have ever seen!

You may not like me

None of us do.

...it appears I am in no position to stop you. So very well silver haze

She's the goddamned Princess of Equestria, and a deity of the sun.

She is in whatever goddamned position, to do whatever the hell she wants.

I will stand down. FOR NOW.” Celestia spoke with authority she didn’t really have

Fuck you, Silver Haze.


Fuck you.

“Bitch.” I muttered under my breath as celestia walked away

I don't think I've ever wished so badly for the ability to slowly strangle a fictional character to death.

“You know silver, normally, she’s a kind mare when you aren't around.” Luna noted as she walked up beside me.

Everyone is in a better mood when Silver Haze isn't around.

On top of that, I would be pissed too if i walked in to see my little sister covered in the sex fluids of the record-holder for "World's Biggest Asshat"

Luna sighed, then smirked at me as she nudged me slightly. “Well prince haze, it apears we are both filthy now, how does a bath or two sound?” Luna smiled at me.

Luna simply smiled as she turned her back to me and waved her flank around as she walked down the hall “Because if you play nice, we might have to get messy again after the first one.” and with that she turned the corner and was out of my sight. I stood there for a moment, compleatly dumbstruck,

"Sure, Silver Haze, I mean my sister just ran in and tried to slaughter you, you have a horrible burn on your shoulder and there's now a gaping hole in the wall, but yeah, let's go bang some more. I don't even need to process or recover from the fact she almost tried to murder you, and I love you so much that I don't even care about the fact you have a horrible burn on your shoulder"

And, spoiler alert, we ended up needed THREE baths that night.

I hate you so much.

i think i’m getting really good at writing clop,


i asked my BF some questions to get more perspective *wink wink*

I would like to touch on something here, a little thought I've had stuck in my brain since you first mentioned this 'BF'

I'm starting to wonder if he's as fictional as Silver Haze.

Either that or he's lying to you about liking this story.

Or he's just as stupid as Silver Haze.

I had to add the celestia scene in the end

No...you really didn't.

We didn't need to be reminded what a dick Silver Haze is, we already knew.

The original chapter was WAY to short for silver haze

Silver Haze...has standards?

Oh, ha- Forgive me.

I normally don't look down that low.

we needed a resoluton to the silver haze/celestia confict I’ve been building up.

You haven't been building up anything but more hatred for this story.

keep your eye out for the next chapter next week!

I plan to, I'll be writing out another one of these and laughing my ass off as I do so.

brohoof!!!! /)

No, you don't get a brohoof.

You get a bro-punch-in-the-gut.

To finish this all off, I would like to point out the fact that I was pretty spot on with that list in the beginning.

Look, It's me again :yay:

You know I've actually gotten a few messages over the past few days regarding my responses to each one of these chapters and how much the readers adored my "Reviews".

It's nothing if not fuel to continue doing this.

As before, I am writing out my responses to this particular chapter as I read it, so the reactions and words you are seeing are my actual, un-edited reactions.

With that said.



“Great floating summer island this is a cold train!” Silver moaned

Cold like my heart, when it comes to this story.

Or something.

“Silver, darling, are you sure that you need...that many blankets?” rarity snickerd

He needs more, maybe if we add more the weight will kill him!

“we-well ra-ra-rarity, I grew up *Ah-choo* on-on ahahaa...floating island...above the cloud layer...ma-magicly heated to a warm summers day, every day

Yeah Rarity, you stupid, low-class bitch. Get with the times, jesus. How are you not up to date on every detail of Silver Haze's life before coming to Equestria?

Oh, wait.

None of us are, because we weren't told jack shit about the islands.

“wEwhew, well silver perhaps yew shouldn’ have come with us to the crystal empire right darn in the middl’ winter” applejack slyly remarked

Perhaps he should have just died on the island, retarded Applejack. We'd all be better off.

remarked as silver tried to glare at her, but found he was too weiged down by the thick blankets


rarity snickerd from the other side of the train cart. I only glared at her.

He can glare at Rarity...but not AJ?

How the hell are we even supposed to know, we have no idea where they're all sitting, or even what the damn train looks like.

Actually, from here on out, I'm going to just imagine the train is a giant dildo.

Probably wouldn't be too outlandish compared to other aspects of the story.

Twilight sat beside silver, rolling her eyes at her childlike love. She was very curious about him sometimes, she loved him...or she thought she did,

I feel like Twilight is going to realize Silver Haze is an asshole this chapter.

he was heroic, strong, kind, brave

He is none of these things.

He's the most bigoted, racist, dense, sexist, objectifying piece of shit that Equestria has ever had the displeasure of knowing.

he was a white knight in shimmering armor

He's black with red stripes in his hair.

Silver haze wasn’t perfect

He's the farthest thing from it, actually.

Maybe Twilight will finally come to her senses. Though...maybe that's too much to ask for. Considering how the conflict Attempt at a conflict, between Celestia and Silver ended in the last chapter...I'm not getting my hopes up.

In fact I never really have had high hopes for this story, I think the best way to end it would be with Silver Haze getting a bullet in the brain.

he could be insensitive, downright rude to those he considered “beneath him” she understood he came from a royal line where the formalities were much stronger, but it almost seemed like he expected everypony else to change their ways instead of him. and his opion on earth ponies..

Finally some fucking truth.

. Still though, the one thing that twilight could never get over, was silver love. Not of her.

But of luna.

It's ok Twilight, when the guy who's supposed to love you is banging some other chick, it's normal to start doubting his feelings for you.

As Twilight had learned from long talks with silver haze, and reasurch into their culture, the Alicorns of alicornia were a poligamist society,

Wait, hold up one goddamned second.

I though that Alicornia was previously unknown to the inhabitants of Equestria, save Celestia and Luna...?




. However, that was not the case in equestria, and although luna, being born in that society, (and having not been around to see that change occure in equestria) was still fine with that kind of relationship.

How the fuck would Luna not know, It isn't like this is all set a week after Nightmare Moon returned, she's had...what, a year or two to get adjusted? I mean i can understand the speech thing, but as a goddamned princess I would think she would have read up a bit on how the laws have changed and all that jazz.

Of course, you've written Luna as an ignorant drunkard, so why the fuck should we try to put logic into this.

Hell, for all I know, Nightmare Moon was only defeated last month, because you've given us shit for a timeline throughout this story.

Twilight on the other hoof, was strugling trying to understand silver,

We all are.

if he loved HER why did he still coddle luna, how could he tell her she was the most amazing thing he had ever seen and then rut luna senseless hours later?

Because he's a fucking asshole.

How could be such a gentle soul around her and yet be willing to attack anypony who questioned him?

I say again...because he's an asshole.

But, after all that twilight knew she loved him…



The train came to a slow stop outside the crystal empire.

My predictions for the Crystal Empire.

1. Cadance's character will probably be absolutely ruined.

2. Shining Armor is going to clash with Silver/ Think he's a fucking asshat (Rightly so.)

3. Twilight is going to have some sort of breakdown because she realizes that Silver Haze is an asshole.

Warm celestial heat slowly started to kiss silver’s fur as he approached the empire, and with the lush green city in sight, he galloped as fast as he could to his savior, and as he entered, he was met with open arms thanks to the magical warmth the crystal heart provided. Twilight chuckled at how silver seemed to dance with joy in the warmth, as well as enjoying it herself along with the rest of the ponies.

You didn't write this part, did you.

I'm 99% sure it was this 'Boyfriend' of yours.

“shining, Cadence!” i heard twilight cheer beside me,


With glee, i see twilight do a little dance with cadence I simply sigh and roll my eyes. but with a smile on my face (after all, twilight lifting her plot rarly didn’t lift his mood)

I hate Silver Haze so fucking much.


Everything has to be sexual with you, doesn't it?

I've also stopped bothering with calling out the numerous context changes.

however, I also noticed the white stallion besider her (aparently, her brother) shinning armor, was giving me a death glare

Of course he's glaring at you, jesus. You're fucking his sister and the Princess of The Night at the same time.

You stupid motherfucker.

I answered back with one of my own, he may have been royalty, but I wasn’t going to start backing down from challenges now!


You...just, you truly amaze me.

It isn't a challenge, he's mad at you because you're TWO-TIMING HIS SISTER

“Greatings rulers of this fai- OHF” Silver exclamed as cadence gave him a great big hug.

I wouldn't be too surprised if he ended up banging Cadance.

“Oh, no need to be so formal! You’re Twilights specal somepony AND you saved our kingdom, and anyone who’s twilights friend is my friend!” Cadence said, a bubbly tone in her voice,

What was it I said about Cadance's character being ruined...?

silver only stood their awkwardly, not use to the idea of throwing out protocol so causally.

Silver Haze, your mere existence breaks protocol.

After a second, shinning armor stept forward (and with a nudge from his wife, heh, whiped)

I tried so hard to understand what was going on here and all I could imagine was Candace wiping Shining's ass with a baby wipe.

stiffly thrusted his hoof foward in greating, shaking his hoof, I felt him squeeze my hoof, cute, he was trying to assert dominance


He isn't trying to assert dominance, you stupid bastard.

My god this just...

And having him say "Cute" is just fucking stupid.

Silver haze isn't this great, powerful, god-like deity.

He's a rude, petulant, arrogant, racist, two-timing, son of a bitch.

He deserves to die in a gas chamber, slowly, painfully and in great agony.

I have to give him credit, he barely flinched when I used enough pressure to break a normal pony’s hoof. After a second of me almost breaking his hoof, he backed down first, leting go and steping back, shaking his hoof out.

"You're mad at me for two-timing your sister, so I'm going to almost break your bones so that you'll shut up about it because I don't think I've done anything wrong."

“...strong grip you have there.” Shinning said


not bothering to hide the venom in his voice. In responce, cadence, nudged him again shooting a glare his way.

She must be too blinded by Silver's unfathomable sexual appeal to realize he's an asshole.

“ah, yes, and greatings...prince haze.” Celestia said offhandedly, without even looking at me, well, it was better then when she did it with spite in her voice, so that was something

What's something is that she hasn't fucking killed you.

She's the ruler of Equestria too, so she could get away with it.

the rest of the night was a blur of greatings chatting, a quick meal, and then everypony retireing for the night, I was going to go spend the night with twilight, but I found her room empty, shruging

She finally is realizing what an asshole you are.

Good for her.

I went to luna’s room to spend the night there instead.

Of course you did.

Thankfully for me, she was.

God forbid you don't screw something for one night, right?


This'll be interesting.

I sighed with a shaky breath

Me after finishing a Silver Haze chapter.

Those three quiet knocks sounded so much louder as they sounded again and again as they bounced off the crystal walls, or perhaps it was simply my mind, echoing memories long since passed.

I know for a fact you didn't write this particular part.

There is no way in hell you were able to put words together like that, it simply isn't possible.

You had someone else write this for you.

A million words that I could say raced through my mind, a million ways to explain my doubts, my fears, and how stupid I felt waking up my teacher over something so stupid, how I could apologize for how useless I felt, and how I needed her help, her guidance.

And then I embraced her, and I just cried into her chest. I cried and cried and cried. Every doubt drained out of my body as she placed a protective hoof over me and leaned down, humming a quiet song as my words failed me.

I found the earlier used GIF in video form, just for this.

**Crystal Palace**
**Celestia’s room**

I don't understand the need for this, we already knew where we were...

Celestia continued to hum as she prepared two cups of her favorite tea, an import from the griffon kingdom. Celestia fondly remembered the first time she had tried it. It was a gift from the griffons for resolving a conflict between them and a group of migrating dragons, somehow she had managed to accomplish her goal without starting a war.

You didn't write this...

I just- There's no way.

I'm thinking you had the 'Boyfriend' do it for you.

“So Twilight, what is troubling you so much?” Celestia said, fighting back the urge to yawn, because knowing how fragile Twilight was

Twilight isn't fragile.

In fact, Twilight is one of the strongest characters in the show. I don't remember her having a breakdown during the Tirek situation and that was pretty goddamned dire.

This version of Twilight, that you have conjured up and shit out?

She's not fragile either, she's just an idiot.

“I...I really shouldn't be bothering you, I mean, you have so many more important things to do right now, li-like sleeping, maybe I should just go..” Twilight mumbled

Twilight hasn't ever really hesitated to go to Celestia when she truly needed help...so...

“Twilight...when you became a princess, what was one of the first things I told you when I told you and your friends what your wings ment?”

You forgot to tell her not to hook up with two-timing dickweeds.

“it..it’s...well...it’s...Silver Haze…” Twilight sighed, tears coming to her eyes as she blushed at the fact that she was going to the ruler of equestria and master of the sun, with BOY problems.

It is stupid, you're right.

I'd feel stupid too if i just realized I'm letting a big asshole bang me constantly and basically being his whore.

Even though inside she wished she could bring the sun down on that two-timing asshole

She can though...without question.

Also, I feel like "Two-Timing Asshole" was put in there because I have used that term so much. Maybe this is fact, maybe it isnt, either way. It's nice to finally be reading something that makes sense, even if it's only like...one sentence.

Silver Haze used dark magic, which was far more potent, and Celestia swore never to use that type of power, having seen first hoof how easily it can corrupt you.

As i read this, I feel like maybe the boyfriend (Because he's very obviously the one who is writing this part.) Secretly holds a ton of hate for this story, and he is venting that opinion via Celestia.

Oooo~ It's like a soap opera or something.

ah...I see, what is it ABOUT silver haze that has you here?” Celestia said

Everything, Celestia.


“well, I mean, he-he’s great, well, you know, he’s brave and everything


and he loves me I know that

If he loved you he wouldn't be banging Luna, and going straight to banging her when he couldn't find you after five seconds of looking.

but then he turns around...and he’s so sweet and charming

It's called being an asshole, Twilight.

...but whenever I try and say something he just becomes so loving and kind and romantic

That's because he's an asshole who doesn't want you to realize he only wants you for sex.

Celestia wanted to cuddle her student, tell her everything was going to be ok, that she was going to get rid of silver haze and everything was going to be ok.

But she couldn't, she WOULDN'T because she respected her student to much.

If you respected her, you would slaughter Silver Haze.

Twilight would survive.

He's like a bad drug, you don't realize he's bad for you until you've been away from him for a good while.

“I’m..I’m so sorry princess, this isn’t princess like behavior, this isn’t even proper pony behavior, I’m-”

This isn't even logical.

Nothing in this Silver Haze nightmare is or ever has been.

“You are forgiven twilight. However, this is an issue that I cannot do any more then advise you on from a distance.

That's not what you were saying when you assaulted him in the last chapter, burned him terribly and blew a hole in the castle wall.

“This is all I can say twilight, this is an issue that you must solve yourself,

The best resolution in this case would be a firing line and Silver Haze up against a brick wall.

Silver haze woke up in a haze,


he turned to his side to see luna was asleep. silver quietly got up and left the room. The hallways were dark, only lit by the candle, which weren’t doing a very good job. still groggy silver went down to the kitchen to get breakfast, as he passed the window he noticed it was still night “maybe i should wake up luna” silver whispered, trying not to make much noise. As he continued down the hall he saw the shape of a pony run past him and he quickly turned around to see what was there. Nothing.

This was so rushed I don't even know what to say.

Silver put a hoof on his

On his what?

His ego?

His eye?

His dick?

Probably his dick.

Silver shook it off his mind, but that though didn’t exactly want to leave him, as when he turned the corner, he was struck by a pony and they both fell down. Silver quickly got up, only to see the other pony was a good ten gallops away “what a quick little mare” silver said as he gave chase. When silver saw what the pony had in her saddle bag, he ran even faster, at some point silver had passed twilight at one of the hallway cross-sections, but continued as he didn’t want to loose the mare, but he saw twilight follow him.

Silver chased the mare down the halls, and eventually it lead to a large room with a mirror placed in the center, near the back.

This is just...

I'm too tired at this point to nitpick, so I'll just sum this all up in a few words.

This is shit.

“no where left to run!” silver called “who are you, and why do you have the chest from the crystal tree?!” silver became annoyed when all the mare did was snort at him and, to silver’s astoundment, leap into the mirror.
“stop this instant” silver shouted, and jumped in head first, followed by twilight.

Maybe he'll bang Sunset Shimmer.

Okay it’s time to get serious. I’ve been reading over the comments and i think it’s time i start making silver haze better,

Silver Haze's reaction.


and i don’t mean more awesome (because it’s not like i can do better than i am already)




Also, to talk about silver haze, YES I understand he has some bad qualities that make him sometimes unlikeable

Some bad qualities?

Silver Haze as a whole is nothing but bad qualities.

There's not a single redeeming thing about this prick, he's just awful all around!

BUT isn’t that what makes a good charictor?

Not when you do it like you have done here.

I tried to add flaws

Silver Haze is a flaw.

that didn’t just come up when convient but dictated the way he acted

Well at least you did that right.

You gave him asshole qualities and now he's an asshole.

and yes I know that makes him unlikable at times,

All the time*

but he is also a very likeable character I feel

You need a reality check or something, like...seriously.

thanks to my BF for helping me write most of this chapter


because i know how much you guys prefer his writing over mine

Honey, we would all prefer a polished pile of cow shit over your writing, I'm sorry.

It's harsh, but it's true.

I know the end was a bit rushed but I coulden't think of a good way to get them into the portal

Because all great writers just shit out something worthless when they can't think up a way to branch from one thing to the next, in a story.

More to come

I'll be here...

On a closing note, I would like to point out something.

Having your boyfriend write almost the whole chapter for you, doesn't mean you're getting better as a writer, It just means that you're having someone else do your shit.

Hey everypony

this weeks chapter may be a bit late, some...uh, personal problems are holding me up on this one, as well as a bit of writers block for where the story is going to go from here on out, I don't wana keep jumping to repeats of cannon events, so I'm having some serious thoughts about what is going to be done with haze in the future. parhaps a new story might pop up during this time, but you can expect a new chapter at the latest by the end of this week.

I love all of you my readers. Truely for giving this story a chance.

Dear author,
Please, please, please, please stop :ajbemused:
It's not even funny anymore


4956610 You sir, deserve a motherfucking grammy!


Well, if thats the case, I'm MAKING IT RELEVANT AGAIN!


Ready to write!

New Chapter Up!

Sorry for long unforseen stoppage of new content, but IRL problems kept me away (see authors note)

But silver haze is coming back, and you can expect a new chapter every now and again from here on out, once every 2 weeks, why 2 weeks...well I might have something special planned every one week for you...

wow, this comment section has a wonderful comedy fic!
I was seriously laughing, nice fic sir.

oh dear Luna these comments...I swear I don't even have to add them to my read it later list! So damn funny!

4945730 In that case, you shouldn't write stories. Sorry pal, but we're the audience, we're booing your works, and honestly, YOU SUCK. Until you can write for the audience and not for yourself, please step out that door over yonder. Either that or seek help--we cannot stand to see you descend down this path and not improve. I'd suggest getting a fresh idea or two--start with a one-shot that doesn't involve your alicorn OC. Make the one-shot about Cheerilee in class, Rarity making a dress, SOMETHING, FOR PETE'S SAKE!

Writing for yourself gets you nowhere. You posted this on public domain, and to be very blunt, nobody likes you because of what you crank out. Sorry for being harsh, but not improving's a pet peeve of mine and I hate seeing other authors think that nothing else matters in the world then telling everybody about your super-cool OC.

Let me repeat: seek help, start a one-shot, and then come talk to me. I've done this mistake before, and I am doing my damnedest to keep others from doing the same.

There is a significant problem with your story when the comments are much more fun to read, dood.

I feel the need to comment with this because its been brought up a few times now.

YES I AM A GIRL! Not, a guy, not a "Dude"

It really doesn't mean anything, but just so that everyone knows and has the proper info.

Anyway, enjoy the new chapter!

(> Silver Haze


I dread to see what he was like originally. I was intrigued what could possibly have deserved 3 thumbs up and 59 thumbs down.

he groaned. “what happened he asked no one in particular where am i?”

This sentence is hilarious and right where i gave up. He really said "he asked no one in particular"?

Before Reading:

a continuation of the epic tail of Prince Silver Haze and his Princess's Luna and Twilight after the conclusive battle with king Sombra, Silver Haze has returned to the land of the living but now he has to deal with the fact that Sombra is his father and that means that he is also the legitimate heir to the crystal empire, not to mention that cheating death comes with a price.
...and he may finally find his destiny as the seventh element of harmony!

First mistake! Didn't even capitalize the A! No periods where needed, It's "King Sombra". You also tried the 7th harmony approach, wow. There are so many things wrong with this story, and I haven't even gotten the the actual story!

>Story is almost half a year old and people still don't see that the author is just a troll

gg brony community


Hi there.

Look, I know I've been called this ALOT over these two stories, but I have yet to get any managible feedback on how to fix the story, I've tried to fix it myself, and I feel I am improving (albit slowly...writing never was my strongest point) but rater then just calling me a troll, could you maybe give me some hint on how to fix it? I want to make this story good, and I've almost given up on it SO many times, but I want to do it, and comments like this, I am sorry, don't really help. Hell at least the people insulting the story have the decency to put something in there I can use to try and improve.

So either PLEASE give some usible critisism, or don't wast your energy commenting.

You want advice? Alright. I'm taking you seriously here, ok? So I want you to read this, for reals. I'm going to give you actual advice here.

Ok, here's what I want you to do.

Grab a blanket, a comfy chair, some hot cocoa(marshmallows are essential), get your boyfriend and snuggle up to him. Don't even look at the bottom of this comment until you've done all this.
You ready?

Alright, here's my advice.
Alright, so you know how that when you view your story? Well, as the writer of it, you get bonus features! In fact, it has little boxes on it you can use to submit your story, add/delete chapters, and other stuff too!

Now, one of these boxes says "Revoke Submission". I know this sounds dark and ominous, but trust me, click it. It will take your story down, but it's necessary for the next step.

Now, once you've taken it down, Take. A. Break. The creative juices need time to replenish, y'know? Just take a good, long haitus. Maybe a month or two. Don't even use fimfiction. Maybe make a blog post once you haitus starts, but nothing else.

Alright, home stretch. Finally, once your break is finished, get back on fimfiction. Then, leave the site because you are an absolute disgrace, literally the worst I have ever seen, and I once read "Paradox goes to Ponyville".

Good lord, please stop writing.

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