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Comments ( 27 )

I really liked this fic, but such a sad ending. Guess there's no way Noteworthy will ever get his sunshine, huh?

4417712 It's a sad world.

I hate sad stories, I only read this because it had Octavia in it.

And now I'm sad.

Well written, worth your time if you're the kinda guy who looks at the comments to see if a story is any good.

Unless you don't like sad stories, then stay away.

4417767 Glad you gave it a chance. :rainbowkiss:


I not. I'm still trying to cheer myself up. :rainbowlaugh:

But in all seriousness, this was good. Glad I read it. Stuff like this reminds me why I read fanfiction in the first place.

4417877 Thanks! :rainbowlaugh: This was the first sad fic I've done, so I was hoping it would be good.

I want to cry now... :fluttercry:

4690456 Then my mission is complete! Wahahaha! :rainbowlaugh:

I think this somes up what it's like to have severe social anxiety- :ajsleepy: even if that wasn't this stories purpose, I can relate to it in that way, somehow. It's always easy to talk to strangers- friends, even, and play it cool. But when it's someone you've thrown your very soul at, it's odd how you can't say much. :fluttercry: Epic story, I love how it was written. :twilightsmile: Keep up the good work. :heart:

4808822 Thank you very much. I wrote this as a way to express a lot of things, and social anxiety was one of the many additions I placed in there. Your words are true, oh so true.

~You make me happy... w-w-when skies... are grey-hey-hey...~ :fluttercry:

4897350 You'll never know dear... how much I love you.... :pinkiesad2:

4897385 Please don't take my sunshine away...

The small town he resided in wouldn't be a good one for an anti-socialist.

But anti-socialists don't have to put up with many people in small towns. Not saying it would be easy, but you could pull it off in Ponyville, just tell Pinkie to go fly a kite.:pinkiegasp:

The mare was perfect.

Not quiet. We're talking about Octavia, not Nightmare Moon.

The young Noteworthy had tried to coltcott the school's wall ball at recess,

It would still be 'boycott' in horse tongue.

It was talking to her that was difficult.

He has trouble talking to a beautiful woman? Nothing new for any honest man.

ponies such as the orange maned crop owner, or the all-knowing dentist-wannabe, or the spunky, toothpaste maned biped hunter.

:rainbowlaugh:Good descriptions.

The first was a drug user, a pervert, a sexual harasser, a player.

Sounds like a stallion version of Littlepip.

Noteworthy's period of band, with him leading, marched into the Orchestra room, blaring the Happy Birthday song to a shocked Octavia.

How can that not win a girl over?

Sparrow told him to wait.

Lyra? Roseluck?

Through depression, anger, sadness, loneliness, alcoholism, and suicidal solutions.
And through her depression, anger, and loneliness as well.

That's real good right there.

And, the month after, he would find himself on the same train in the same seat to the same location to the same event as before, wondering if the event would be the one where he would emerge with happiness.
The one event where he would emerge with a lack of regret and a lack of sadness.
The one event where he would be able to see her.

Have some fitting music.

This is tragic man. Why you do this? Now I'm going to have to read the next one in the morning...Very well done.

5187068 I do it because I feel the need to. And I do it because I want to. Thank you for the comment, and I hope you enjoy the sequel. Honestly, I appreciate your kind words. :heart:

Somebody slap this guy across his face and get the 10 layered blindfold out of his eyes, this is a frustrating story

It's impressive how grounded in reality this story is. While the world -or almost any world, for that matter - is far from being either a quagmire of tragedy or a utopia of milk and honey, unfulfilled dreams, frustration, and misfortune can be just as likely as their opposites.

This was written excellently, and one of those rare stories that's able to achieve impact with little to no spoken dialogue whatsoever.

5548265 I have no words for how that makes me feel. Thank you so very much. I'll always consider this story and its sequels my greatest works. Thank you.

I feel so bad for never having read this story before man. It's really good. I've always told myself that I would read it, but always pushed it off to do other things. I'm sorry for not reading this man. This truly is an amazing story and really tugged on my heart strings man. This, this trilogy right here, this trilogy is now my favorite trilogy I've seen on this site. This is an amazing story, series, and just all around amazing in everything. A+ man. Have a potato, you deserve it. (::).

This story needs, like, 20,000 more views. truly moving.

5868430 Thank you so much. I'm glad you agree.

This story officially gets my Tri-Console-Color Favorites of all time. You are like the ONLY reason I made my own account at all.

5886489 I'm honored, as dumb as that sounds. :heart:

5886600 It is dumb but it makes this story one of my sources of inspiration, besides video games. This story + Video games = lots of happiness

You are my sunshine! :raritystarry:
Wait! MEMJ12345 was singing this! ^~^

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