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This was actually good.

actually good........ :rainbowhuh:

It was pretty good, some mistakes but that's expected. GOOD JOB! :twilightsmile::pinkiehappy:

...that is a very interesting concept...a VERY interesting concept...I had thought about Nightmare Moon being good...but never the NightmareLuna pairing...interesting


this is now my favorite shipping!

It's a strange little one-shot fic, I'll be honest, I was expecting it to be horrible from the pairing. The characterization was a bit weird, but still, overall, not bad.

I found this pretty good actually, I found the paring obviously unique and different, but pleasant. However, I find this would be quite an interesting story if it were rebuild or perhaps put together in a genuine story <-- preferably full out romance considering I can't picture too much more.

"The two shared a glance in the silence, neither smiling, yet neither frowning." That's a good line, one less virginal than many of the clop writers I've seen. This could've very easily been a quick porno with no meaning. It takes a certain amount of talent to make a measurable, new idea like this one AND make it work. You should be proud of this little gem, it certainly shined. :pinkiehappy:

That was funny!!!!! :rainbowlaugh:
it wasn't that bad but... could have been better.

What is up with all the really good clop authors thinking that they write bad stories?:applejackunsure: This was wonderful!! And implying that Nightmare Moon's motivation was out of love for Luna makes this a really interesting piece.:heart: You took a very deep and engaging idea and turned it into a beautiful love/sex scene:pinkiesad2: between two of my absolute favorite characters.:raritystarry: Please Please PLEASE keep writing like this.:fluttershysad: It doen't have to be clop but this is great and you should do more!!!:twilightsmile:

I actually rather enjoyed this. Didn't even clop, this was just a good short story.

If this is what you consider bad then I definitely want to see what good is. Mostly because this is good to me.

I thought it was nicely written. :ajsmug:

That's strange... I've been awake for over twenty hours, too, and to me it seems like a fantastic clopfic. Has to be something like minus and minus makes plus. Anyway, I'll come back when I've slept and rant a bit about how bad it really is :P.

Also, I :heart: Nightmare Moon. The nice one more than when she's really heinous, though my favorite is still somewhere between those two.

if you fuck your other self, does that mean you clopping?

what are you guys laughing about?, i dont clop and i found it to be interesting

It's rather cute. You should feel proud of yourself, you made something so well with such an interesting concept that you made a sadist call it cute. You win.

Isn't this kind of a form of masturbation?:derpyderp1:

Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Nightmare Moon are my three favorite characters from the show, and this story is so cute and hot. I WOULD like to make one tiny suggestion: A sequel in which Princess Celestia either has Nightmare Moon to herself or joins in with Moon/Luna.

Not necessarily. Nightmare Moon was another being that took possesion of Luna. Technically yes, but otherwise no.

I thought it was great:twilightsmile:

My only complaint for this fic was you probably should have taken some time to establish nightmare's behavior. Without that she just comes off as OOC.:twilightblush:

Nicely done, could have been fleshed out a little more but overall a job well done none the less.

A shame no one else has taken the initiative to put more Luna x Nightmare Moon out there. It's an interesting concept.

One of the best Luna clop fics I've read yet...

she was aired for like 5 minutes ...of course she will be ooc or oc.

A for effort.
C for quality.
A+ for the ship

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