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Hmm, no wonder all the guards are all so calm, un-moving, quiet, still and what not.:ajsmug:

im aroused but creeped out at the same time.:applejackconfused: but nice story though.:pinkiehappy:


But does want. Hell, I'm sick.

I remember reading this and liking it! Sequel perhaps?


After reading this I now know it wasn't hoof varnish. :facehoof:


this is quite so irrational

i mean ok a godess but you can get the same damn thing from anyone else
damn manipulative bitch

I shuddered at this
I honestly have had my word flipped for five minutes and I kinda liked it :pinkiecrazy:

i loled s hard throughout this entire fic
good show sir

Gelding? Isn't that another name for strap on porn, i think? I dont remember, may it means something else? Lets take a loo-
*deep breath*
Look dude, you write well. You could make awesome stuff.
Please don't waste your talent in this kind of stuff, ok? You can make some wonderful clopfics if you want.
What about a nice Twilestia, or Dashpie? WITHOUT material like this? I bet it would even get a feature.
Think about it, and I hope you find peace.

This was okay, I shuddered when I heard the word 'castrate' but, It was well written:heart: continue good sir:moustache:

That was certainly interesting. You took the characters an interesting route and it was great hearing your interpretation of Celestia in a situation like this. I think most people rejected it on the grounds of the gelding alone.

Your line: "Not one had stopped. Of the hundreds of guards she had seduced not one had resisted, some even cried as they emptied their seed into their armours knowing it would be the last time. " was really provoking in that it makes you wonder about how much the effect of being in the presence of a Goddess has on people that they would be unable to resist despite the fate that lies in store for them.

Though, reading this story I just realized I haven't seen any mare Guards in the show and I have to wonder why now. :trixieshiftright:

i like your story

I Would NEVER do this even for the most best feeling like EVAR. being a Mineless Drone to PC Enrages me and Know i did it willing would make me furious And if i Were sunwell I would Prob Just Jump off a cliff yelling "im so elite your never be able to control mez!" :twilightangry2:

I am so glad that Wrath brought you to my attention. This was ... bizarre.
Quirky, creepy, a little bit sexy. You're like a breath of fresh air in a stale room. Or maybe a fart in the middle of one of those oh so serious, famous people's funerals. Either way, a welcome wind.

Good story, i like it. Read several times. No graphical castration, but still good.

That was a too rushed. I would think Celestia would have to seduce him much further before he would agree to something like this. Like if he already has his cock in her and is almost about to cum. The beginning and the end were good but you need to expand the middle.

That's a strange way to spell yes, yes, yes.

You remind me of a kid I met who was hit in the head as a baby: He too, says stupid meaningless shit all the time.

I'm still trying to figure out what it is. Some kind of drug/potion perhaps?

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