• Published 11th May 2014
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Mother - Foals Errand

One thousand years ago Princess Celestia was forced to banish her sister to the moon. What she didn't know was that Luna had been hiding something very important to her. Now Luna is home but is it to late for her to take the role she always want

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A bright light filled the normally dark study within the confines of the Golden Oaks library. Though it only lasted a split second, had anypony actually been awake it would have been too bright to imagine. Then again; this was the home of Princess Twilight Sparkle, so on second thought, it probably would have gone unnoticed as just another peculiarity of the new princess and librarian. On that matter, the only other being within the library poked his head out from under his pillow with bleary eyes, his tail irritably flicking at having been woken up.

“Come to bed, Twilight! The secrets of the universe will wait until tomorrow, I promise!” His bleary eyes caught sight of his alarm clock. It was three AM. “Or at least until later today!” With his piece said, Spike draped his blanket over his head and purposely shut his eyes, not realizing that downstairs in Twilight’s study, everything had changed.

Princess Celestia awoke with a gasp. What she had seen…. Was it time? She put a hoof to her head and rubbed under the base of her horn. Luna would sense she that was awake at any moment, and would question what Celestia had just seen; that is, of course, if she was not already aware.

Celestia wondered for what must have been the fiftieth time just how much Luna existed during her time as Nightmare Moon. Celestia was aware that she could always ask, of course, but the idea of knowing... truly knowing if it had been Luna that had been left upon the moon for so long. Celestia knew that she would never ask. Her heart could never take the answer.

“Tia? What is wrong? Are you alright?”

Celestia smiled at the sound of her sister’s concerned voice outside of her bedroom. This was the Luna Celestia had remembered for one thousand years. A concerned sister who would do anything for her older sister, and Celestia was happy to admit that now, after so long, she had a sister who was ready to do the same. Celestia’s eyes flashed in momentary anger at the mare she had been so very long ago, but she shut her eyes and forced it back down. Not now Celestia. You can hate her later. for now, you need to speak with Luna.

“Everything is fine, Luna. However, could you come in here? I’d like to speak with you, please.”

The golden door to Celestia’s bedroom opened after a few moments and the Princess of the Night entered, looking bewildered. “Did I do something wrong, Tia?” she asked after a few moments.

Celestia watched her sister sadly. Luna was staring at the floor, pawing at it with one hoof. Celestia hated to see Luna this way. She wanted so badly to wrap her forelegs around her and coo gently until Luna understood that everything between them was forgiven...
This wasn’t that time though. Celestia aimed her horn at the hearth and sent a flash of magic at it, alighting a fire to warm her room. “You have done nothing wrong, Luna. We just need to talk, that’s all. Would you like some tea?”

Luna looked up from the floor and blinked a few times at her older sister before nodding once. “If I did nothing wrong, what do you wish to speak to me about, Tia?”

Luna proceeded to sit on the dark blue cushion in front of the roaring fire. When Celestia offered tea, Luna knew she needed to get comfortable. Ever since they were fillies, tea seemed to be code for “We are going to be having a very long talk,” in ‘Celestese.’ I sometimes wonder if she ever offered tea to Nightmare Moon...

The idea of her sister and the evil that took her away sitting on the battlefield together made Luna smile for a second. She couldn’t help it, though she supposed had it occurred, Tia’s tea set would most certainly be destroyed.

Celestia placed the tea kettle just above the fire and sat upon the gold cushion, which was situated next to Luna’s. There was a third cushion, but it was put away for now. Celestia watched as the steam escaped the tea kettle silently. She could feel Luna wiggle a touch next to her and hid a smile. Oh, she did hope that never changed; Luna was just so very adorable when she thought she had done something wrong.

Celestia lifted the kettle from where it hung as soon as it began to quietly whistle. She did not want to disturb anypony else, after all. She poured two cups of the jasmine tea, adding a spoonful of honey to both cups before offering one to Luna.

Grateful that things were proceeding, Luna happily received the tea and held it within her cobalt magic while Celestia took a gentle sip. Ugh, Luna hated how peaceful and sedated her sister could be at times. The thought hit her like a train.

No! I do not hate Tia, not for any reason! I cannot ever lose myself like that again. I love Tia!

Celestia watched Luna’s facial expression with worry. If she could have postponed this talk any longer, she would have, but...

She took another sip. When all of Equestria awoke in a few hours, it would be unavoidable. And the consequences of not speaking to Luna about it before hoof, would be--in Celestia’s eyes, at least--unforgivable. So she would watch Luna’s facial expressions while she gathered herself, thinking about that night so long ago.

Luna watched as her sister’s eyes closed and she set her tea down. That was unusual, it seemed that Celestia was going against the normal script. Normally, she would continue to peacefully drink her tea as she and Luna discussed anything. Have things between us truly changed that much? Thinking that way hurt Luna’s heart. She took a nervous gulp from her own cup. “It’s good tea, Tia, thank you!”

Celestia smiled, it was time beyond time that they discussed this. She was still unclear on the details, but they weren’t important. What was important, however, was getting out the information. “Luna…” She paused. Why was this so very hard?! She had to do it, she had to speak about it. Either Luna would know about it and Celestia’s fears would be founded and her heart would shatter, or Luna would have no idea, and Celestia would have much to explain.

Either way; it was time for no more secrets.

“Luna... What do you remember about before you became the Nightmare?”

Luna stared at her teacup.

So that was it, Luna couldn’t say she was surprised; she had been awaiting this talk since the Elements of Harmony had released her. Celestia wanting to know about her time as… wait, what?

“Tia? Did you ask what I remember from before I became the nightmare?”

Celestia nodded, “I did. I have no desire, at least for now, to hear about the horrors of your possession, my dear baby sister. So yes, I want to know what you can recall from before the nightmare.”

Luna cocked her head and thought. Truthfully, her memory was very fuzzy when it came to remembering anything besides her love for Celestia. Oh sure, basic things like how to run a country or her book learning existed, for as much good as it did her. Too much had changed for any of her learnings to be considered useful. Luna was relieved that the royal canterlot voice had fallen out of style; it hurt her throat when she used it too much. “I’m afraid that when it comes to actual memories I do not recall much of anything, Tia. I’m sorry.”

Celestia closed her eyes. She had been afraid that had been the case. She briefly wondered if the Nightmare had stolen the memories most important to Luna to keep her sedated and easy to control. The thought of that infuriated her, and Celestia willed herself to push that anger away. She would deal with it at another time. “I had been afraid of that, knowing that it is true does not make me feel any better. But, that is not important right now. I’m not really certain how to begin, so please forgive me.”

Luna set her cup down and watched as Celestia gathered her thoughts. Luna subconsciously bit her lip. She wasn’t sure why, but she was certain whatever Celestia was about to reveal would change everything.

After a few moments, Celestia opened her eyes and smiled at Luna. This wasn’t going to be easy. “Luna, one thousand years ago was the night I banished Nightmare Moon. I awoke in the infirmary to a horrible noise. I questioned the healers nearby, but none of them could hear a thing. After listening for only a few seconds, I realized I was hearing a scream of total horror and sorrow, and more than that; I knew where it was coming from.”

Something itched at the back of Luna’s mind, something was telling her that she recognized this story. Instead of speaking though, she only nodded her assent for Celestia to continue.

Celestia sighed. This was it, no turning back now. “It was coming from the moon, Luna. I didn’t know what to do at first. I thought that perhaps it was only the Nightmare raging, but the horror within her scream... I feared that something had gone horribly wrong with the banishment, so I teleported to the moon. There, I witnessed a horrible sight, Luna, one I will never be able to unsee.”

Luna stared at Celestia. She knew what was coming, and it itched at her brain. She could feel it as if they were her own memories. Luna felt her mouth dry up in nervous anticipation. She couldn’t breathe, nor could she speak. All she could do was listen to what she knew Celestia was about to say.

“I saw Nightmare Moon desperately nosing a newborn foal to move. She looked up and stared into my eyes. Th-they were filled with tears...

“We said nothing to each other as I walked over. As I kneeled, I noticed the newborn foal was not breathing, but it was not cold yet. There was still a chance, so I reached for the foal with my magic. She didn’t stop me, she just stared at the ground. I used my teleportation spell to take myself and the foal home, and... I-I missed what she said as I left.”

Luna closed her eyes to keep her tears in. The battle would have been difficult enough for a normal mare, but for one that was so close to foaling, it had been a stupid endeavor. The Nightmare hadn’t cared; not for Luna and not for the foal that moved and grew within her. It hadn’t taken long after landing on the moon for Luna, and it had been Luna.

The Nightmare had wanted nothing to do with the foal. To go into labor had been painful, and she had wanted for her sister so badly. But she had done it, and laying next to her teats was a newborn alicorn foal who was not moving or breathing. She was completely still. It had not been Nightmare Moon who had screamed for Celestia, but Luna. Even if she could not leave, there was the chance, however small, that her filly could be saved.

“I said, ‘Please save her, Tia.’”

Celestia nodded and gently placed a wing around Luna, who finally began to sob for the child she had lost so very long ago. After a few moments of Luna’s silent sobs, Celestia cooed to her, gingerly shushing her.

“Luna, I… It was not easy. I had to take her earth pony and pegasi magic away from her, and even then; she was so weak that her growth was stunted.”

Luna’s eyes cleared quickly. “Wait, Tia? Do you mean that she...? That… my foal?” Luna couldn’t bear to finish her question. What if she was misunderstanding?

“She is alive, Luna. I have been caring for her for so long. I was so very relieved when, after almost one thousand years, she showed signs of growth. However, it was still too slow, so I placed a glamour upon her to make her appear older than her body actually is. She stayed with one of my most trusted friends while I got everything ready, and I was beyond pleased that my friend and her husband see her as their daughter.

“However, one hour ago, the glamour I placed upon her wore off. She will need both of us to help her with what will happen now.”

Luna felt her smile grow with every word Celestia said. Her daughter, her little filly, was alive. She was still alive, and even without her earth pony or pegasi magic, she still lived. “Do I know her? I mean, have we met?”

Celestia smiled, standing up. “Indeed you have met, Luna. Your daughter has just recently recovered enough to regain her birthright. Although, I had to work around the fact she was born that way, but I believe I succeeded.”

Luna suddenly stood up as she remembered the image of her foal lying still next to her. Her soft lavender coat that shined from the light of the sun, her navy blue mane which matched Luna’s own fur, along with the stripes of pink and purple, and her fluffy wings that Luna feared would never feel a true breeze upon them. “Twilight Sparkle…”

Celestia nodded. “Yes, Luna. Now, let’s go to your daughter. She’ll wake up soon, and I’d rather be there to help her, rather than discover her freaking out from Spike again.” Celestia blinked to see Luna already on the balcony, wings eagerly spread wide. Celestia soon joined her, and together they flew into the night sky.

My daughter is alive!

Author's Note:

Anyone else notice that the navy blue of Twilight's mane and Luna's fur are the same color?

Just me?

Oh... OK.

Hope you enjoyed the prologue.