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I love video games and i also love mlp so why not put them together into a laughable advanture.


The planet Cybertron is dying thanks to the war instigated by the war lord Megatron and his dreaded Decepticon army. Running low on Energon, Megatron orders his loyal subject Shockwave to locate a world that is ripe for them to pillage the Energon. Shockwave then finds the prefect world thanks to his creation the space bridge, he and another loyal Decepticon Soundwave go to the planet to harness the Energon for the Decepticon cause. Equestria is now in line for a hostile takeover by Megatron.... or is it?

Co-Author: Ryuku the Creative

Cover art done by my good friend Ryuku the Creative

Note: this story takes place in a alternate version of High moons studios Fall of Cybertron. This also takes place post of season 3 of MLP.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 79 )

You gave soundwave emotions:pinkiehappy: hes probably gonna turn into pinkish pie. Plus what megatron said “Pitiful if I saw someone that I loved then I would tell her but then again there hasn't been one

that is ruthless and cruel like me.” I hope he meets queen chrysalis

You really need an editor, and no I'm not volunteering.

Very good and funny concept, but you really need an editor for the grammar and explanation. Shame...

It's an interesting concept, but it's written so...awkwardly. It doesn't flow smoothly and it seems like so much dialogue is painfully out of character. I understand that Shockwave and Soundwave are supposed to be less of themselves with the physical changes, but this is too far over the boundary.

Please take my words into consideration, for I only intend this to be constructive. Have a good day/night. :twilightsmile:

I´m sorry, don´t want to offend, but the way you wrote made it impossible to read. Please, if you can, ask for editor´s help. Thanks for your effort.

You really need an editor, and no I'm not volunteering.

TheHoleyCheese is right. You do need an editor.

But, unlike him, I am volunteering, if you'll allow me. (or if your even looking for one.)

5208463 That would be Awesome if you could because I know that my grammar needs a bit of tuning :twilightsheepish:

Soundwave x Vinyl Scratch would work... not sure about Shockwave.

Do you know who Officer Soundwave is?

I think Shockwave is best ship with Twilight

5322907 Shockwave is going to be mighty surprised :trollestia:

I just Screwed our chances, didn't I?

5654043 Sorry, caps lock, I meant, By The Way, when is the next update for this story? This Infernal slang and abbreviation gets the best of my logic systems sometimes.

5654070 Ohhh, Its okay. :derpytongue2:

Hopefully soon so keep a look out for it.

5654078 I am tracking this story so it won't be hard to miss, By The Way, Decepticon Invasion soon? *wink*

5654153 You will just have to wait and see what happens

And here we... Go.



5995919 Dude you really need to calm down. We still have a good ways to go before the invasion and alot of ideas to sort out. We appreciate you enjoy the story but... alittle too excited

5999536 I just want to see ponies get blown up, and please do NOT have me wimp out on Megatron.

5999697 Well it's still his story so what he says goes but at the moment he's having a rough time.

5999697 Hey. I know your really getting into the story and I love that :derpytongue2:

But I want you to respect the way that the story goes. Look I'm not in the greatest of moods, so PLEASE bar with me and just wait until you see more of the story

Good job and Soundwave.......... YOU F***ED UP!!!!

Shockwave, regardless of the iteration, you are best decepticon.

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