• Published 10th May 2014
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Somepony New Day - FelixTheBrony

A brand new pony can bring a brand new friend, and maybe even more.

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Flight Training

Flight Practice

“Um...Hi Scootaloo...” Rumble said nervously as the orange filly trotted up to him from her Unicorn friend's side.

“Hey Rumble.” Scootaloo replied, a far off look in her eyes.

The two stood like that for a moment, Rumble shuffling in place shyly and Scootaloo staring at him with a light red tint to her cheeks and a large smile on her face.

Rumble coughed uncomfortably and spoke up. “Uh...So what did you want to do?” He asked, while inwardly he was smacking himself in the face. “Oh great! Way to go genius! She probably wants to go play with dolls or play dress up or something!”

After a couple of seconds, the orange Pegasus managed to register that the grey one had asked her a question and shook her head. “Oh. Uh, I don't know. Go to the skate-park or something?”

“See! She's just said...Wait what?!” “The skate-park?” He asked, confused.

“Yeah...! Unless you don't have a ride! We could do something else! Um...Adventure in the Everfree Forest? Spray painting Cranky Doodle's place? Pranking Twilight into believing her books are alive again?”

“Wow! None of those sounded girly at all!” “Uh...Actually, skate-part sounds good! I just have to get my skateboard from my place first.” Scootaloo's face lit up.

“Sweet! My scooter's out front, let's go!” She cheered, slapping a helmet on her head and his too.

“Um...Why do I need this?” Scootaloo rolled her eyes as the two walked out the front gates and she rolled her scooter in front of him, hopping on.

“So if I crash, I don't mess up that cute face of yours.” She answered, winking at him at the end, causing his cheeks to light up.

“But...W-why does that effect m-me?” He asked again, before yelping as she pulled him onto the scooter behind her.

“Because you're riding with me! Besides, this way we can get to your place faster and I need directions anyway!” She answered again and then, without warning, shot forward, causing the grey Pegasus to yelp again and wrap his hooves around her shoulders.

Scootaloo blushed at the contact, smiling to herself. “Aww...He's cute when he's terrified!”

“Hey buddy, you're out of school early.” Thunderlane said as his little brother stumbled into their rather small apartment, his face void of most colour as if he'd seen a ghost. “Are you okay?”

“I-I...I'm gonna throw up!” Rumble yelled, rushing into the bathroom and slamming the door shut behind him.

The dark grey Pegasus rose an eyebrow and turned to the door, seeing Scootaloo standing there. “Um...You must be one of Rumble's friends. C'mon in!” He said to which Scootaloo smiled and trotted in.

“Thanks...Um. Nice place you have?” She said, looking around the place. Thunderlane grinned, before sitting down on the small couch.

“Glad you think so, cause I think this place is a dump!” He said, before shrugging his shoulders a bit at her confused expression. “There aren't a lot of places in Ponyville and it's better than living on the streets.”

“Ah...” She heard a retching from the bathroom and rose an eyebrow. “Is...he going to be okay? He was fine before we took my scooter here.”

“He'll be fine.” Thunderlane waved off. “He just gets a bit rider's sick.”

“Rider's sick?” She asked, having never heard of that before.

“Yeah. He does NOT react well to being the passenger...It was quite difficult to fly him places before he could do so himself.” Scootaloo's eyes snapped open at that last comment.

“Wait! He can fly?!” Thunderlane grinned, proudly.

“Yup, ever since he was six! Taught him myself.” Scootaloo looked towards where Rumble was just leaving the bathroom in wonder. “Feeling better, Champ?”

“I think so...” He said, shaking a little before calming down. “I just need to...sit down for a bit...”

“Don't you worry. You and your fillyfriend can sit for a bit and I'll get you some juice.” He grinned, walking towards the kitchen. Rumble's eyes widened and he started to protest.

“We just met today! We're just friends! Well...Y-yeah friends!” Scootaloo, on the other hoof, blushed and smiled shyly, not really feeling any need to object to the idea.

Thunderlane returned with two cartons of Apple Family Apple Juice, as it said on the box, and turned towards the door. “Stage one, Rumble, good old denial! Well I'll just leave you two love birds alone for stage two! Got clouds to move and all!”

With that, he left his speechless, not to mention annoyed, brother slumped on the sofa, drinking from his juice carton grumpily.

Scootaloo smiled and moved over on the couch, a little closer to his side. “Sorry about before, I didn't know you'd get sick.” Rumble glanced at her and shrugged.

“It's okay, you couldn't have known that. Not many ponies suffer from Rider's sickness...” He answered, feeling is stomach calm down a bit now. “It's more a nervous kind of thing than anything. I just don't like the feeling of not having control.”

“...At least you had a helmet.”

The grey colt chuckled a bit. “Yeah, safety first I guess.” He glanced at the TV. “Want to see if anything's on? I just want to relax a bit. Not everyday you get time off school.”

“Sure!” Scootaloo said, finding the remote on the coffee table and flicking through a few channels. “News...News...Documentary...News...RomCom ew...Star Wars?” (A/N: I figure Star Wars is a title that can't really be ponyfied.) She asked, to which Rumble nodded.

“Sure. Can't beat a good, old Sci-fi movie.” Scootaloo nodded, shuffling close enough so that their coats started to brush against each other and turned to the screen.

Rumble noticed this and blushed a bit. “Is it just me or is she coming on to me?”

Three hours later, the movie had ended and the two had ended up play fighting outside, towards the park. “You cannot defeat me, Scootaloo!” Rumble declared, holding out a cardboard tube with his forehoof as an improvised lightsaber. “I have the high ground!” He continued, marking his position on the small mound of dirt that was slightly taller the the surrounding landscape.

“You underestimate my power, Rumble!” Scootaloo declared, jumping, using her little wings to boost her self up a couple of inches and swinging at him with her own cardboard tube, which he deflected with his own, before whacking her, gently, across all four of her hooves.

She then, over dramatically, fell to the ground, yelping out in fake pain. “Ahh! No! It's not over!” Rumble grinned and pointed his tube at her head, bopping her on the nose as a sign of victory.

“Alright!” He cheered, helping her to her hooves. “That was fun!”

“Totally!” Scootaloo agreed before something occurred to her. “But we were watching episode five, why did we play the battle in episode three?”

“Um...” Rumble paused, stumped for an answer. “...Cause the fight in episode three had more action in it?”

“Good enough for me!” She said, passing him her cardboard tube. “So what to you want to do now?”

Just as the colt was going to answer, his stomach grumbled at him, causing him to blush in embarrassment. “Uh...Lunch?”

“Sure!” Scootaloo agreed, eagerly. She, too, was getting very hungry. She went to check her saddle bags and frowned at it's contents. “Dammit, my parents forgot to give me money for lunch today!”

“Uh...The school doesn't sell food.” Rumble said, confused.

“No, but Applebloom brings me some food in exchange for some of the money. Whatever I have left over I use to get something at Sugarcube Corner.” She explained, shrugging. Rumble rubbed the back of his head, contemplatively.

“Well, I should have enough for something good...Let me check.” He then proceeded to open his saddlebag and count up the bits he had. “Uh...okay I have twelve bits to my name. Pizza?”

“Um...I-if you're offering...” Scootaloo said, blushing slightly.

“Sure, it's no problem. C'mon the pizza place is this way!” Rumble declared, flapping his wings and taking off, Scootaloo running to keep up.

Scootaloo stared at Rumble as looked over the menu, trying to decide what type of pizza to have. “Not only is he hot but he's really cool too!” She thought to herself, letting out an infatuated sigh, not realising that he looked up and started talking to her.

“So, what kind do you want?” The range filly shook her head, skim reading the menu for a second.

“Uh...Cheese?” Rumble rose an eyebrow, but said nothing more.

A server walked up to the table. “So what will you be two be having today?” The blonde maned, blue mare asked, holding a pencil and pad with her Unicorn magic.

“One cheese pizza and some water please.” Rumble answered, motioning to Scootaloo with his wing. “We'll be sharing.”

The mare giggled as she wrote it all down. “Of course, enjoy your date!” Rumble wasn't given a chance to deny that as she walked away.

He huffed and folded his hooves. “What's with everypony thinking we're dating?” He mumbled to himself, annoyed, not noticing Scootaloo looking at his wings.

“...Rumble?” He looked up at her, tilting his head to the side as a sign for her to continue. “...Could you...help me learn to fly?”

“Huh?” He let out, confused. “I guess so, but why?”

“Well...It's because...I can't fly yet.”

“Oh...” He responded, rubbing his foreleg with the other. “S-sorry. I didn't know...”

Scootaloo rolled her eyes, smiling. “It's fine Rumble, I'm not offended or anything. Besides, I think I'll be able to get up there with your help! I mean, your brother said you've been flying since you were six!”

Rumble rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment. “W-well...Six and a half...But sure, I could help. Not sure I'll be any help though...”

Scootaloo smiled, excitedly, almost jumping from excitement. “Thanks Rumble!”

“Alright, this place looks private enough.” Scootaloo commented on the corner of the park where there seemed to be very few other ponies around, if any. Rumble rose an eyebrow, confused.

“Any particular reason we need to be alone?” The orange filly gave him a deadpan stare.

“You think I'm going to fall flat on my face with other ponies around?”

“...touché...” He replied, before shaking his head. “Anyway, let's see what we're working with. Try flying now?”

Scootaloo nodded and started flapping her wings like a hummingbird would, her hooves very slowly rising off the ground...

...but all too soon the strain got too much and she had to stop, falling down onto her front, tripping over her own hooves.

She blushed and screwed her eyes shut, expecting Rumble to start laughing at her. So she was surprised when he helped her back to her hooves, nice and calmly.

“Okay, I think I see the problem...” He said, no hint of humour in his voice, only the patient and calm tone that would usually be carried by teacher.

“You do...” Rumble smiled at her hopeful look and nodded.

“Yeah. You're flapping your wings WAY too fast.” He explained, flapping his wings at a slow calm, but giving strong bursts of wind using them, causing him to rise off the ground and maintain his position in the air. “To get in the air, you need to give slow, strong flaps. If you use small, weak flaps you'd need a lot of energy to get into the air.”

“Oh...I...I think I get it.” Scootaloo replied, trying what Rumble said. She extended her wings as far as she could and then flapped them as strongly as she could, but she still only got a couple of inches off the ground.

Rumble looked confused, almost sure that what Scootaloo was doing should have gotten her off the ground. “That's odd...Wait stop for a second!” Scootaloo ceased her movement and rose an eyebrow at him.

He descended to the ground and extended his wing, brushing it over her's, causing her to blush brightly, giggling a bit. Her wings were a bit ticklish.

Rumble's wing loomed over hers, appearing to be fairly larger than her's. He then moved in front of her, hovering a hoof over her head, then across to his. She blushed again as his face came into close proximity to her's.

The grey colt sighed and sat down. “I think I found the problem...” Scootaloo didn't like the sound of that.

“There's more? What am I doing wrong this time?” Rumble shook his head.

“No, there's nothing wrong with how you were doing it. You were doing great! It's just...Well you and me are about the same size and build, but my wings are a lot bigger than yours...”

“Soooo?” She asked, not really getting it. Rumble looked down, not liking that he was the one who had to tell her.

“It means...Your wings are too small, Scootaloo...It's not physically possible for you to fly...” Scootaloo recoiled at this revelation.

“B-but...What about that Bulk Biceps guy?! His wings are tiny!”

“True...But he has the strength to push the wind down with them. You're the same build as me so you're probably about equally as strong me...” He sighed and shook his head. “I'm sorry...”

Scootaloo let the information sink in a little, trying to hold back a few tears. Rumble noticed and quickly hugged her, knowing that always makes him feel better when he's upset.

“W-will I ever fly?” He heard her ask. His eyes held a certain resolve when he heard that. He loved the sky as much as the next Pegasus and it broke his heart a little to see this filly not able to to experience it for herself.

“Of course!” He said, pulling her back to face him. “Even If I have to help you for the rest of my life, I will make sure you will get to fly!” She looked up at this colt and smiled, her eyes sparkling.

“Thank you!” She exclaimed, wrapping her hooves around him happily. “Thank you so...whoa!” She cut herself off as she felt the two of them lift up into the air.

She looked confused until she noticed that Rumble was flapping his wings, tightening his grip around her hips as they reached further and further up. He grinned at her. “I wanted to rest on a cloud for a bit and figured you wanted to come as well.”

Her eyes lit up as she glanced around, noticing the white, fluffy clouds around them until she felt a sponge surface beneath her back hooves. She looked up into Rumbles eyes, who smiled back, letting her flank go.

She shook out of her little spell and let go of him as well, her front hooves making contact with the cloud. It was strange, but it was a good strange. Sort of like a mattress, only a lot more squidgy.

Rumble lounged down on his back, folding his hooves over the back of his head. “I like the feeling up here, a lot easier to be alone.” He turned to her, motioning to the space next to him. She took it and copied Rumble's position, her tail playfully batting at his own.

“Thank you...” Scootaloo said after a moment of silence. He turned and saw her looking at him, smiling widely. “...This is one of the nicest things anypony's ever done for me.”

“No problem...and hey, if you ever want to come up here again, you just come ask me, okay?” He offered, yawning a bit. There was just something so inviting about clouds that could lull a Pegasi into sleep.

He felt Scootaloo curl around him a bit and looked at her, curiously. “I'm cold...” She answered, blatantly lying, but Rumble couldn't find himself caring. He decided to, instead, wrap his hooves around her as well, laying his tail over the two of them like a blanket of sorts.

Scootaloo suppressed the urge to squeal, happily at having her affection returned and nuzzled herself into him, closing her eyes, letting sleep overtake her...

...Before she did though, she felt Rumble press his lips to her forehead and say. “I will get you to fly, Scootaloo...I promise...”

She let out a happy tear as the two fell asleep, not at all caring when they'd wake up or how much trouble they'd be in if they failed to get to their respected homes on time.

Author's Note:

I know this feels slightly rushed, so I'll probably take a look at it a little later and try to expand upon it a little bit, but for now...Here you go guys! Sorry it took two months and I'll try to get the next one out faster. :)