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In the wake of victory comes defeat. Twilight's home is destroyed, and she is devastated. Perhaps this is the worst day of her life...


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oo #2 · May 10th, 2014 · · ·

Well, that took you about six seconds total.

Obligatory "that was fast" comment

Was reading and then saw the word "insurance". My response went from :applejackconfused: to :rainbowlaugh: in about ten seconds. Funny indeed.

Maerx #6 · May 10th, 2014 · · 5 ·

Did you even watch the entire finale. :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

That new treehouse is made of crystal, Twilight. I think you might need more than gasoline...

I enjoyed this. This was fun.


The tree castle grows in a different place than the library, it's not the same building if that is what you mean.

I hope they fix it though. Twilight can live in her library and just use the tree castle for business. That'll work, r-right? :pinkiesad2:




Secretly leaving out the Comedy tag... genius. (But it really is pretty tragic.)

4368162 How exactly does one fix an ancient, hollowed out, still living tree?

4368162 We did get a World-Healing Wave, I really hoping they used that to rebuild the library.


The magic of friendship?


4368189 Ah yes. Equestrian deus ex machina. Hooray for quick fixes!

And Blueshift is coming in fast, he's going, going, gone!

Aaaaaaaaand we have a winner for the first Twilight is sad about her tree being gone fic!

Well done to Blueshift, who won first place. Now for the 928492948298273982729394882938479284829729482973 other contestants to finish up their stories to pass the finish line as well. Exciting, isn't it?

Eh, regrowing it will be good earth pony magic practice. Certainly better than the voluntary loss of sanity that party pony powers require.

In any case, very amusing little story. Thank you for it. (Though you'd think Twilight would make sure she was covered for divine disasters, given how many she's experienced.)


The excess on divine disasters is huge though :pinkiesad2:

You unutterable, glorious bastard, Blueshift! You really got me at first with this story, hook, line and sinker. I don't know whether I want to kick you in the butt or pat you on the back for a fic pulled off well. :trollestia:

Just wait until she sees the property tax assessment on the new place!


More importantly, the magical tree-castle just grew in a random location in Ponyville.

Who owns that land???

:applejackunsure:: "Where did that castle find enough space to take root, anyway...?"
"...Mah apple farm! Noooooooooooo!"

I’ve got a castle now, but that’s just a house this was… a home.”

Run on sentence, add some punctuation after house.

Beat me by well over an hour, though I'm sure my take on it is different.

(Will read in a few minutes...)

Yes, my take on it is...VERY different from this. :twilightoops:

This felt more like it was inspired by Disgruntled Friendship Student.

Still, you're right...we're going to get a million sadfics about the library blowing up (like the one I just posted). Might as well get a few less serious takes on it. :twilightsheepish:

I'm pretty sure the library tree forms the base of Twilight's new Tree castle.

Though, obviously this story doesn't concern itself with sense.


No, it doesn't. I checked. The box plants itself in an empty part of Ponyville.

The blow would be far less if it was made out of the library.

Did your keyboard explode in a magical rainbow or something? Cause that was pretty fast..


I bought a cheap pack of energy drinks earlier in the day and I think I'm going to explode if I don't keep typing!

She was able to save Owlowisicious.


Magical mystery title search!


What if it's Trixie?? :trixieshiftright:

Well, Twilight. Even if you had moved that piano, it still would have been destroyed, so you saved yourself a lot of work.

This wasn't the first tree-boom story I've read (threre must be, like five or six already, so you were right on that!), but it certainly is the funniest (which by my jaded perspective makes it the best...)


I smell an "odd couple" ship fic.

And here I thought this was going to be a straight tragedy fic.
But I got something better.


Don't worry, the site will be flooded in straight tragedy fics soon.


This has to happen!

This is the best thing ever, but when I first found out the tree was destroyed, I was really sad about it.

But this was absolutely hilarious!


I am devastated.

We are going to campaign to save the tree! Obama will do something, I know it!


Okay okay, just let me finish up and post this little chapter I'm working on. Then we can let the writefaggery commence!

ps, skype much?

I'd like if they rebuild the castle and give it to a new Librarian.

You owe me recompense for the tissues soiled in the Great Juice Breach of Nasal Shores, Blue. This tragedy will not be forgotten.

(also, I was rather hoping they're would be a library tree sapling at the end prior to the crystal friend castle appearing but whatchugonndo?)

Except earth pony magic is apparently just 'strength'. :trollestia:

(Before reading) Alright, another sad fic about Twilight's library being destroyed. Must read!

(After reading) ...YA GOT MEH XD

No but
I wasn't expecting this at all. Nice to see a humorous fic about Twilight's library. And clever to not include the Comedy tag. XD

(Hm, though this could set up a new 9/11-esque conspiracy about the library.. hm...)

4368265 What about those of us who were smart enough not to enter the race at all? Don't we get a prize?

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