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I am a girl who fell in love with My little Pony FIM in 2011, I am a beginner in writing stories, so please rate my stories fairly if I write any. :3


Celestia fails to save Equestria after Nightmare Moon's encounter. Ever since then, Celestia was nowhere to be seen. A thousand years has passed. A pony named Twilight Sparkle, a captain of the royal knights finds a book about the elements of harmony and the 2 princesses who ruled this land together. She chooses to find where Princess Celestia has disappeared to and save the corrupted princess.

((Twilight is not an alicorn here, she does not have wings.)

Chapters (3)
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Please rate fairly ^^ I'm just a beginner so please give me some tips~ ^^ :twilightblush:

4377532 There are multiple groups and tips for writing on this website. Try Authors Helping Authors.

This quite good. Can't wait to see how you develop this.

By all that is holy continue this story...

4467073 I'm already done with the 2nd chapter! :pinkiehappy:

looking forward to the next chapter :twilightsmile: ....... also her is a little thing for your work :moustache:

4510213 Hah hah Spikey with a mustache X3 and I hope to finish the next chapter soon ^^

This felt a little rushed. You could have built how Spike was discovered and why Nightmare Moon acted that way a bit longer and detailed.

4512513 sorry, like i said i'm just a beginner but thank you for telling ^^

4512771 It's okay. I did stuff like this when I was a begginer writer too (and I sometimes still do...But i try to avoid rushing my stories like a plague. :derpyderp2:)

Well this is pretty good sure a few errors here and there but your a beginner so I don't hold against you can't wait for more.

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