• Published 10th May 2014
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Checking out the Goods - The Abyss

Fluttershy and Bulk Biceps check each other out in rather obvious and arousing ways.

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Swagtastical. :heart:

Finally someone make a clop between those two!

Why can't I upvote this more than once?!?
Why, Fimfic?

Love that cover image. We all thought it, and Abyss and I wrote it :eeyup:


Finally someone make a clop between those two!

What a shame. And they were such a nice couple too.

Well-written nonetheless.

4365666 They were? I'm pretty sure you mean they are. :twilightblush:

We need more BulkShy! Why is this pairing not getting enough love or attention? God, to think this pairing is still getting overshadowed by FlutterMac of all pairings really irks me.

Pretty good. The orgasm scene was decent enough.

4365681 I chose the word were on purpose. I was making a joke, I suppose, though it wasn't very funny.

... Sucked his own nut out of her so she wouldn't have to be worried about how other ponies thought of her? Oh yeah, he's a keeper. I will totally not forgive Fluttershy if she doesn't put a ring on this one.

This was awesome.

I was waiting for a good clopfic featuring these two adorable ponies. Yay.

This is a great story! Very sexy and enticing, yet with enough believability to almost be something that could happen in mlp (but will never, cause kids). 8.3/10!

A well written piece of clop, fav and thumb up :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by doompownr deleted May 10th, 2014

Damn. Rarely have I seen a man taste his own medicine. He's a keeper and it's something we need more here, even if it's icky to some others.:heart:

4367134 Why are you complimenting RainbowBob? He didn't do anything with my story.

Comment posted by Marshal Twilight deleted May 10th, 2014

4367278 I dont even know?
your a really great writer regaurdless

She's the first out of the 6 who lost her virginity.

Pretty good, but that bit about sucking his own cum out of her was disgusting :pinkiesick:

aww, he's such a sweetie. :rainbowkiss: I can accept this if it somehow ends up being cannon, given the irony, but I'm more of a fluttermac gal. :twilightblush: nice job, I'll give this a fave and see what more things you'll cook up.


Ah, so THAT'S what it's called.

Flutterhulk was rolling off tongues so easily after the "Power Ponies" episode that I'd just been using FlutterBulk to refer to these two once his name was official.

Shyceps... That will take getting used to...

Well abyss, you never cease to amaze me. Another wonderful installment of hot pony lovin!! :yay:
Also don't let the others get you down that felching part was hawt:rainbowwild: it's my fetish...

AY AY MAFACKI das sum good ass shit

SFC #32 · May 11th, 2014 · · 15 ·

Good job, mate. You ruined yet another potential couple. I'm not going to lie, I thought they looked adorable together. But then you wrote this bullshit, making me vomit every time I see them together. You have a sick mind, get yourself checked out.

The readers are even worse. Most of you fuckers probably wank to ponies on a daily basis. Please remove yourselves from the internet; we have enough sick fucks in this fandom.

4371601 wow... do you never not hate on stories?

The multiple POVs served as excellent buildup to a saucy and yet actually pretty sweet clopfic. Fluttershy was an especial highlight, being adorably sultry without ever breaking character. Well done.

I always enjoy a good clopfic. But I could never beat it to the ponies I adore. Not going to judge any pony for that. In fact, I implore you cloppers out there never stop being yourself. But I delight in writers who aren't afraid to express things in such a comprehensive way.

This is actually fairly close to my Fluttershy, except in that I see her as verbally shyer about sex (she'd be less likely to say flirtatious things), but every bit as likely to act sexually with somepony she really liked and trusted.

My Fluttershy is insecure because she's only half-Pegasus, half (what she considers to be) monstrous in origin. Her mother was rejected by her mother's husband because he (correctly) suspected that he wasn't Fluttershy's father, and increasingly went insane. Fluttershy deeply rejected many fundamental Pegasus values (especially regarding the pursuit of glory) while having already internalized some of the oldest Pegasus traditions of proper and honorable behavior.

Her only real friend in fillyhood was Rainbow Dash. At 9 Fluttershy left Cloudsdale for the ground. At 12 on one of her few visits she was nearly raped by her cousin Ill Wind, driving him off with her first full manifestation of The Stare (which permanently damaged Ill Wind's sanity because Fluttershy couldn't yet control her power). At 14 she discovered her true paternal heritage, and barely escaped that place with her sanity intact. At 16 she was seduced and abandoned by an unscrupulous stallion, and for four years after that tried to hide from most other Ponies, convinced of her inherent unworthiness. Her only real friends between 16 and 20 were Rainbow Dash and Rarity, both of whom had been busy in other towns for a prolonged period at the time she met "Nosey."

You mentioned "a couple of other ponies" with whom she would be willing to have sex. In my verse, that would be Rainbow Dash (who actually loves her romantically but up to the start of the series was unable to realize or express this emotion) and Rarity (who is uninterested in mares, but who is Fluttershy's other best friend. In this time (late Season 4, or the late Summer of YOH 1504) my Fluttershy would only actually have ever had full intercourse with one Pony ("Nosey"), one other entity (Discord) and had partial intercourse with Rainbow Dash. Yours, I suspect, had a little more experience than that.

However, you get the essential dynamic between Fluttershy and Bulk dead right. The key here is that she trusts him (in my verse, the main reason she hasn't been with any stallions since that one encounter with "Nosey" is that she's afraid of Pony stallions (N.B. - Discord's not a Pony). Bulk, however, beneath his size and noisiness is a nice, gentle male, and thus fails to provoke her fears. She knows that Bulk would never intentionally harm her, which disarms many of her inhibitions.

You also get the point that Fluttershy is very much the dominant member of the couple. Fluttershy is extremely good at dominating big powerful males, as we have seen with Discord. Something about her goes right through their emotional armor. It's the weak males, like "Nosey," whom her adorableness cannot touch, because they fear her strength too greatly. One thing that Fluttershy has learned is to stay away from truly weak males.

Fluttershy is inherently the most promiscuous of my Mane Six, though in fact Rarity had been more promiscuous in terms of actual experience than her as of the moment of Luna's Return. She is inherently the most promiscuous because she is a true bisexual (a paternal inheritance) and the only one of the Mane Six to be naturally polyamorous. Her utter fear of her own sexuality and of other Ponies after her experience with "Nosey" prevented her from acting on these tendencies, but as she emotionally-healed she became less afraid of sex. Note though that none of the Mane Six are really all that promiscuous by, say, early 21st century Western terms.

I actually assumed that she and Bulk had become lovers before "Equestria Games," but your scenario works well too.

4372582 No one cares about your wall of text.

Comment posted by SinfulDreams deleted May 11th, 2014


You obviously did, or you wouldn't have bothered to reply to it. It's too bad that you couldn't reply well to it -- but, keep practicing! You'll master the art of writing someday!

4372859 Actually, I don't. I saw a wall of text, and any fucks I had to give went straight out the window. Perhaps someday you'll learn to recognize a troll for what it is. But as you said, keep practicing. Until that day, I wish you luck surviving the internet.


I saw a wall of text, and any fucks I had to give went straight out the window.

You poor fellow! You must have such problems with reading in general.

Here, I'll give you something more on your level.

"See Fluttershy run. Run, Fluttershy, run! Fluttershy runs."

Happy now?

4372903 Think of the most horrible thing you can, and multiply it by cancer. That's what I think of you at this moment. You know, I think I'll just do the right thing and ignore any replies from you from this point onward. I do hope you'll learn to recognize trolling, because, good sir, you've just been trolled. Have a trollestia! :trollestia:


Think of the most horrible thing you can, and multiply it by cancer. That's what I think of you at this moment.

My heart is wounded unto death. I die. (*argh*) :rainbowlaugh:

Comment posted by SinfulDreams deleted May 11th, 2014

4372903 Funny how flare trolls you, you troll him back, and then he gets all serious and shit haha.


Why thank you. Well, to compress my wall of text a bit, I liked your story and I thought that you handled the love between Fluttershy and Bulk fairly well. :pinkiesmile:

Looks like some certain some ponies need some lessons in love and tolerance.:twilightsmile:

Fluttershy does not appear in this story.

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