• Published 9th May 2014
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The Adventures of a Human Peach - AppleTank

Peaches are the most awesome thing in the world. Therefore, I go to Comic Con dressed as one. all other opinions are invalid

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8) Beads

(A/N: In which the author left this sitting in his docs for months because he was trying to write a "Finale". He decided to screw it.)

Ow, ow, ow - actually, that’s a bit of a lie. With so many of me’s dying all the time, being pierced with a needle and string doesn’t seem that bad anymore. Despite not having any nerves in the first place. Never seen this before. Wondered what this pony is thinking. Really weird wind chimes?

No idea, said the peach behind the first one. Of course, I have the same memories and knowledge as you do, so this is a bit of a moot conversation.

Well, I assume this is somewhat similar to just talking to yourself. If your voice was outside your skull, said a third.

Butts! said a fourth.

I am somewhat worried that such a personality exists within us.

Let’s just assume that one got driven insane and hope to hell he doesn’t get killed anytime soon. I do not need to see what’s bouncing in there.

Oh hey. She’s back. I wonder what she is going to do with a bunch of peaches on a string. On a second thought, considering our track record, this is probably going to be stupid, painful, or demeaning.

.....welp, we’re doomed.

Yep. Let’s see, she took us out of the fridge and is now levitating us to her room. And now we’re in. Can you see what’s going on behind us. I can’t see.

Locking the door. Whatever she’s planning, it’s something private. And in her bathroom.


Shut up, Donny. You’re not right in the head, so if you would please, let the rest of us think for you.

Uh, guys? I think he’s on to something. This might be what drove him crazy.


She’s.... turning around.

Oh god.

Aw, heellll no!

You - we are a peach. You don’t got limbs anymore. It’s happening


We get it! No need to rub... there goes the first one.


Ew. He hasn’t died and I can still feel it.


Sorry, you’re next in line... oh that is just not right.


Yep. Butts. Oh dear.

....This was as bad as I imagined it to be.


Blarghagh. Oh. Oh god, that’s disgusting. Agh. Urk. Gasp. I’m out. Fresh air. That was too long.
....We’re going back in, aren’t we?

Butts! Haha! HahahAHAHAHAHAHA!

Bloody hell, I’m feeling it too. Donny, can I borrow some of that?

Author's Note:

I wrote clop. Well, masturbation, but oh well. Does this require a mature tag?

Damn, and I swore to myself I would never write clop. Even implied clop.

Oh, and fuck y'all.