• Published 9th May 2014
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The Adventures of a Human Peach - AppleTank

Peaches are the most awesome thing in the world. Therefore, I go to Comic Con dressed as one. all other opinions are invalid

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12) Peach vs. Gardening

The Peach opened his eyes. They were met by the walls of a library.

A certain library with the wooden walls of the inside of a tree serving as bookshelves.

OH HEEELLLLL NO--! What!? I can’t talk?

A somewhat blurry figure of a purple unicorn stepped into view, prodding his “skin” and checking his ... vine? He grew on a vine now?

“Core growing normally,” the blurry unicorn reported to a scroll floating by her side. “Peach particles also seem to be condensing out of the air, which contributes to the Peach’s mass. I estimate that it will take roughly a week for it to regain its old size.”

The Peach attempted to bite Twilight’s face off, but bounced off shimmering purple shield.

“Oh! He’s awake too. How are you feeling?”


“Oh you.” She tapped the quill against her chin. “I know you’re probably going to be pretty bored, so how should we pass the time?”

Her eyes lit up. “Of course! You haven’t read The History of Equestria: Unabridged, have you?”

--GGGGGHH, wait, what? Nooooyyeess! YES! I HAVE!

“Don’t worry, I’ll refresh your memory.” Twilight levitated over a massive textbook twice as tall as she was, wider than a bed, and had no pictures. It also came with a magnifying glass.

For six and a half days, Twilight devoted eight hours each day to speed read through the massive tome. Unfortunately for Peach, Twilight had managed the art of reading fast enough for one to stop measuring her speed in words per minute and instead use Megabytes per second.

This meant that the Peach now could recite 90% of the massive tome whether he wanted to or not.

At the end of his forced education. The shield finally dropped, allowing the regrown irate six foot orange amoeba to stumble out.

He also had a newly made library card, with a picture of him in a pot. It was currently stuck in his leg when he tried to fling it back, but only succeeded in making it bounce off the unicorn’s horn.

Sighing heavily, he trudged over to the front door, opened it, and fell into a temporal anomaly.

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