• Published 8th May 2014
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Knotted - TittySparkles

Sweetie Belle gets one of her sisters toys stuck in her butt

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.....I have no words but uncontrolled laughter for this.

I almost want to protest not being in the long description... but a part of my mind is just going "Don't do it, man, don't do it! :fluttershbad:"

Not sure if... Hmmmmm...

*reads the start of the chapter*

NEEEEVER MIIIIIIND!!! :rainbowlaugh:

I don't even know how one goes about getting the idea to stick your doorknob up your butt. Also, at the end did Rarity tell Sweetie that she should be using a partner rather than a toy?

4364456 Rarity's hoping Sweetie Belle uses common sense at this point.

Rarity honestly, desperately, sincerely... foolishly, deplorably hopes Sweetie has common sense. :raritydespair:

I wish Sweetie was like that on my door knob.....I'm fucked in the head aren't I?

4364465 Makes sense. Tee hee, sense.

AND NOW IT'S FEATURED... :rainbowlaugh: I've never seen a story featured, removed from the featured box, then featured AGAIN on the same day!

OMG how funny would it be if the next thing that get stuck is...Spike just think how that would go.:moustache::unsuresweetie::duck:

4364498 It needs to be knobbed, hence where this came from. If you can just pull it off, that's not exactly being "stuck", is it? :moustache:

"Why is that Blank Flank so popular with adult dragons, DT?"
"No idea, Spoon, but keep running!."

*Winces* :fluttershyouch:

Good grief, is she going to try Rarity's horn next or something? I wouldn't put it past her.

Shim, you can come up with the weirdest shit. Lol Combined with the madness that is Tittysparkles it just... that was hysterical. Good job on capturing his idea, sparkles. That was gold.:rainbowlaugh:

4364511 Spike can be knotted that way it fits ( ha just noticed what I did that) :moustache::facehoof:

There's a "don't let the door hit you on the way out" joke here somewhere :trollestia:.

Oh come now, I think you've seen, or even written, crazier stuff than this. :twilightsmile:

At this point, it seems like Sweetie is on the fast-track to rectal prolapse.

Stahp! Stahp! You are going to murder me with the amount of laughter my sides are enduring! I thought we had something, Titty!

Sweetie Belle is going to make some lucky guy very, very happy someday.

Great job TS, I practically died laughing.

Haha, I find these little chapters nice and funny. Do write more of this!

4364745 In shoving things up her ass? :rainbowderp:

Now when rarity wants privacy she hangs a sweetie bell on the doorknob.

You win good sir or madame.

Obviously the next logical step is for her to go find a real diamond dog. After all, Rarity said not to get stuck on inanimate objects again.....she never said anything about the real thing.....

Well, you've earned a fav on this one from me, and for me that's saying something, I don't really fav mature-er works, but you got it. :applejackconfused:

Man, that bonus chapter...:rainbowlaugh: I don't think I even want to know/imagine how she got herself on THAT.

4364534 You are just as responsible for Chapter 2 as I am: I had the idea, but YOU said "Tell Titty Sparklesto do that."

I'm not sure I'd even call that a clop-fic (it's not the least bit erotic) but it's certainly hilarious! I love Rarity's reaction too.

Oh god! Damnit sweetie stop putting stuff up your butt! Maybe if you tried vaginal it wouldn't get so stuck?

I wouldn't be surprised if she goes to spike and begs for some snu snu. I mean he is the only dragon and she likes kinky stuff right?

Ah, yes, the Cutie Mark Colon crusaders return lol

Psst... Sweetie... aim a little lower.

4363965 you must be new, so welcome to the internet

also, here have a link to more disturbing stuff so you can be traumatize for life

*this won't get me ban does it?*

*just facehooves, giggling hopelessly*

4365217 Still your idea in the first place.:rainbowwild:

Rarity should teach Sweetie Belle how to use her magic as a masturbatory aid.

Ooh, that could be the next chapter.

:duck:No, no, Dear, this is how you do it. First, you imagine a tendril.

:unsuresweetie:...Like this?

:duck:Almost, Sweetie. Imagine it longer and wider, like this.

:unsuresweetie:How 'bout now?

:raritystarry:Ooh, well done Sweetie Belle!

:raritywink:Now, just open your legs, like so. And-:raritystarry:


:raritydespair:YES! YES! YES!

:unsuresweetie:My big sister is sooo beautiful.

:twilightoops:I should have knocked.

:eeyup:And Big Macintosh was there too, for some reason.



Oh, Superflyingcookie is just trolling for the lulz. They do it on a ton of stories. Just ignore it.

4365830 that's brilliant!!!!

:applecry: Ah do NOT recommend letting Sweetie go into the Zap apple orchard. Last time, ah couldn't even tell ya if she was bein' electrocuted or not.

I guess it's time for Rarity to buy Sweetie a sex toy in a fitting size... :raritywink:

I saw the title and thought 'Dog penises...'

ok. she's not giving her a punishment? you know, for putting her sisters toy up her butt AND the door knob? that's a far fucking stretch.

4366416 Don't you think "Living in fear of your sister telling everyone in Ponyville that you stuck a doorknob in your ass" is more than enough? :unsuresweetie:

4366503 nope. she knows rarity wouldn't do that. a real punish ment migh set he ass straight.


Well considering you are still writing for this... How about another chapter... The Hunt for more Vasiline!


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