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I like to write. If I didn't, I wouldn't have an account on fimfiction. GUH-DUUUUHH


After Fluttershy's passing three years ago, Dash starts to recall the memories of her friend, and there's nothing the others can do to help her. She must make things right, or lose the deceased Pegasus forever.
( One shot )

Here's the song that inspired me. CHALLENGE: listen to it on repeat while reading without crying. I dare you...

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that/... that was so beautiful and sad...

THE FEELS! :fluttercry: This was so touching and beautiful. I got some tears in my eyes. :twilightblush: :pinkiesad2:

I've seen and read some shit and let me tell you this hit me and I teared up a little so bravo my good sir or madam

I do believe I am a Madame, last time I checked. :derpyderp2:
Also thanks!

That was really amazing Mitten Patty! Good job! :fluttercry::heart::fluttershbad::fluttershysad::twilightsmile::pinkiesad2:

Did you complete the challenge...? :trixieshiftright:

... Twilight sobbed to herself, covering her face with her hooves.

"What lesson is there to learn from this?" she cried.

I'm an asshole, but that cracked me up and kept me chuckling until the end.

So wait... Flutters was stabbed? :fluttershysad: Dayumm. Worst pony doesn't deserve to die like that, yeesh...

I dunno... :applejackconfused: I figured Fluttershy isn't the type to commit suicide, and I wanted to write something a little more graphic. Did you at least enjoy the story?

I can kinda see why you thought the part with Twilight was funny, but not really. I mean, her friend is dying. She has to send letters to Celestia each week about her discoveries on friendship, and they all just lost someone dear to their hearts. Would she send a letter to Tia about how she learned to move on? I don't know. None of them really did. Heck, Pinkie was sent to a psycho ward.:pinkiecrazy:

I do appreciate your opinion, and I agree. No one deserves to die that way. Or at all. Fluttershy is a loved character from the show, and if she's not your favorite that's fine. Even if ya hate her, it's okay with me.
Anyway, thanks for reading my fic, and again, I hope you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Beautifully tragic. :raritycry:

By the way, I noticed you often used the phrase "cyan mare". That's Lavender Unicorn Syndrome, and you should refer to Rainbow by name or with a pronoun more often. But this was still enjoyable, though sad.

Thank you! Also love your profile pic. Can't wait for the movie!!!!! :rainbowkiss:


Did you at least enjoy the story?

Nope, that's why I favourited and upvoted it :yay:

Great story. I have just one question:

Pinkie had been released early from the Correctional Facility, due to request from five other mares.

If Pinkie was in the Correctional Facility and Fluttershy is dead, who was the fifth mare?

Wow, this was actually REALLY good!

Nicely done!:raritystarry:

The wind began to pick up it's pace, pulling trees from their roots and into the black hole beneath her. The Pegasus struggled to stay air-born as the storm tugged at her wings, threatening to swallow her up. Defeated, she let go and allowed for darkness to overcome her as the last of the once beautiful world disintegrated.

Kinda sounds like the start of a Kingdom Hearts crossover.

I Have no words... I LOVE this story.

Fluttershy was stabbed and beaten to death?! :pinkiegasp: Holy Hell, dude! That's a pretty harsh end for 4th best pony.

"Everything around us represents my element and personality." She gestured to the healthy forests and tiny critters surrounding them. Rainbow followed her hoof, watching as life unfolded. Her arm made a full circle and stopped inches from the cyan mare's nose. Fluttershy narrowed her eyes.
"Everything except you."

:applejackconfused: Damn. That's harsh. roundstable.com/forums/images/smilies/saddash.png
All in all, fantastic story!

This was a really good story! I really enjoyed it!
I do have 1 major problem with it, though.....

I think you should've made the time since she died at least 2 weeks, maybe a few months; not 3 years. It'd be more realistic that way. That might be why I didn't cry even with the song on repeat; I couldn't forget that fact.

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