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That was magnificent. Well done, you hit every one of my fetishes at once, you beautiful, wonderful smut writer, you. fc09.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2014/076/1/e/_request__clapping_pony_icon___whiter_penmanship_by_comeha-d7adyph.gif

Oh, wait, I helped write it. Of course it's sexy. :rainbowwild:



Senpai Marshal, I want to have your babies.

I have to say, this fic was devilishly good. Read it over three times and each time it only seemed to get better. Props to you for keeping me well entertained. :twilightsmile:


Hmm, so did Shining get a turn or did he just watch?:duck:


Dammit guys! Why aren't there more gay clopfics?

Incidentally, sauce.


...I like this.

I really like this.

Good clop in the featured box? I was just starting to think that it was impossible. You, good sir, have made me very happy.

Holy shit, I haven't even read it yet and I already have a raging boner.

... I approve of this.

So thanks for that.

Loved it. This fandom needs more M/M stuff.

~Have a good one.

that was some hot gay horse porn


It's not gay if you've got boot bands on.

that really hit a high mark on my list I rate it 5 out of 5 :pinkiecrazy:. I noticed it needs one more tag Gang rape.

Good clop? In the feature box? Heresy. :trixieshiftleft:

*looks left and right*

I may or may not have liked it...just a little....

I just realised I don't follow you.

This must be remedied.

SFC #18 · May 11th, 2014 · · 50 ·

What the fuck? If this happened in the army, they would have been court marshalled. All of them. Please stop writing horse porn, it's sick. Consider doing something else with your time; this site has enough gay horse porn.

I'm truly disappointed in all of you. Really, it's no wonder bronies are being discriminated against.


For the life of me I can't figure what might have given you that idea :rainbowhuh:


Oh stop it you :twilightblush:


The Great and Powerful Titty liked, faved, and commented?! *Heavy Breathing*


Nope. Ramrod straight, not to mention married.


Hear hear. Also, if by 'sauce' you mean you want the cover image, I can't link it from here as it's not allowed. I also can't tell you to go to derpibooru and search with the tags 'artist:braeburned' and 'royal guards'. That would be pushing it.


Thank you :twilightsmile: I aim to please.


This story is so gay it converts straight people and gives everyone else within half a mile an instant erection.


Ha! This guy gets it.


Not really gang rape, more like 'Challenge Accepted'.




Oh boy, the first negative comment! *Squee*. I will frame it and treasure it always.

4371645 hmm, I see. I have a new one "No More?!". it means he wants it to continue, yet he can't continue on his own.

It's always a real treat to find well written gay clop. More than that, though, is something that absolutely revels in it; that doesn't shy away from what it is.

Enjoyable from start to finish, you did an excellent job with this.


Hey, 4371625 is the new hot-shot hater! He only graces the worst of the best, as it were. Be glad and honored.

Also, I just have to say how much I loved this story, dude. Like, for real. It just oozes that cheesy porno vibe. The whole concept is so ridiculous and over-the-top, I swear I could hear shitty saxophone music and overly-wah'd guitar licks as I read it.


It's only gay in garrison.

Ha! Shining just stands there watching the while time.
Excellent read thumbs up!:heart:


I won't lie, I was just a bit hesitant, wondering if I was overdoing it. But then I decided that I didn't actually care, and went ahead and posted it. :eeyup:

And yeah, I agree. Good M/M is especially hard to find, at least compared to the eleventy billion F/F fics out there. Nice to know that I added to that pool :twilightsmile:


Ridiculously over-the-top seems to be a specialty of mine. :rainbowwild: One thing's for sure, when I write clop, I sure as hell don't hold back. It's 'fiction' for a reason, after all.

And thanks for that mental image, by the way. Now I'm imagining Octavia's ensemble standing in the background playing cheesy jazz music the whole time.


Thanks! And yep, the CO's job is to monitor and lead, rather than spearhead the assault himself :trollestia:

This was a really good setup, a decent execution, and was a every nice read. I would suggest going just a little bit more purple with your prose, though, because as it stands it feels a bit too calculated and "proper" for what's going on. That's probably me speaking from my too-purple perspective of writing stories, but I'd still suggest going for a style editor to give this excellent grammar a bit of spice and pizazz. The story does drag a little, too, but that's also something a style editor could help you with.

But again, this is me speaking from the perspective of someone who writes purple enough to beat his words black and who probably shouldn't do that, like, at all. I really like this idea, I like most of the execution, and at the very least it's readable. It's good, shameless, smutty fun.

I miss when there was a time good, shameless smutty fun came like this more frequently, and when it wasn't either a trollfic or poorly written. Keep up the good work.


But not if the balls don't touch. Be sure to whisper no homo just to be safe.


Heh, wow. First time someone ever told me I needed more purple prose. I've been trying to cut back on that for a while. I think I've improved in that regard, although my writing does still tend to be a tad formal.

Anyway, thanks for the long review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:


But you have to make sure you get in really close to whisper it. Like, right in the ear. And do it in a nice, low. husky tone.

Makes it all official and whatnot.


Well, you have to remember that in porn the devil is in the details. Longer passages give the reader more time to... er, enjoy the story, we'll say. Most readers like to take their time when they... er, take it in. clop is the one time where it's perfectly okay to drag the pace to a crawl. Let's us prolong the... oh, for fuck's sake, it let's the reader jack off longer, okay?!

>>OC name is Dust Storm
>OC used to be a pegasus
>>OC is employed in the Royal Guard

..... eep *flee*

Ah. It's such a shame you can't tell us that....
EDIT: Seriously, though. It's not there.

I...I have a very weird and very insecure boner at the moment.

4370300 If he hid, I bet he'd have to explain a lot to Cadence later.

4373979 It's alright. Embrace it.
Stroke it.
Stroke it hard.
I'm just gonna... go...

4374368 What are you doing here?!

lost the bonner when shining armour popped in , just continued to read for the lulz. You write good gay erotica man, are you bi or full homu?

Not gonna read this, sorry, gay erotica isn't my thing. I did want to stop in and say something though: Screw you for that pun. I'll be going now.:rainbowwild:

That was actually pretty good. Well done. :rainbowwild:


Seriously though... wow. It's stuff like this that screws with my gender perceptions. I just wish I could figure out what liking this stuff means for me, preference-wise. Aah, that's a question for another day. Good show, old sport. :moustache: 11 out of 10, and one free ticket to Spinal Tap.

"Boy, we're gonna punish your uncontrollable need for gay sex ... with more gay sex. Lots, lots more gay sex."


I'm bisexual.


You should keep in mind that being submissive and being female are two entirely different things. While they can be related, they are not one in the same. There are plenty of dominant women and submissive men. The same is true for sexual orientation; being gay or bisexual doesn't mean you're the 'wrong gender'. But, thanks for the compliment in any case :twilightsmile:


I know, isn't it flawless logic?

4376379 btw the guy who played anakin is rumored to be super gay.

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