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Horrifically Fun


Supplemental slice of life chapters to The Wheel and The Butterfly

A misanthropic man finds himself sharing an apartment with a bubbly, hyperactive girl. A pink pony turned human is doing her best to adjust to a new world. Together they will get through sharing living space without killing each other... probably.

Cover art created for this story by the incredibly tallented Technaro.

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Ok, I love this fic. the comedy is awesome here! You've done an amazing job! Can't wait for more fun with Dan and Pinkie!:pinkiehappy:

I'm all for anything that gives me more PinkieXDan! Especially stories that take place pre-relationship

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You'll miss a few details initially, like why Pinkie is staying with Dan, how she got there, but the first chapter is pretty safe to read on its own. Things will probably rely on the main story a bit more as I go on.

Awesome man! Also I remember you said that Dan put the soda Dan < error and that Dan began to startle Pinke ( straddle)

The banter was always my favourite part of this series. Now it's like I get dessert without having to finish dinner first!:twilightsmile:

“Just because I said you can stay here doesn’t mean I want to be fluid buddies with you!”

That'll make the sex really awkward...

“And don’t ask me to help dress you this time!” Dan shouted after her.

Yeah, REALLY awkward.

The whole bra struggle is hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

“Yay!” Pinkie exclaimed as she stood up. “Chest lumps contained!”


the two large, soft orbs

"Orbs"? :twilightoops:

Dan rolled his eyes. “Remind me to get you a book on human anatomy or something…”

I can picture Dan dragging Pinkie to Chris' house, marching up to Elise, pointing angrily at Pinkie's chest, and yelling "EXPLAIN TO THIS IDIOT WHAT THESE ARE CALLED!"

“BUCK WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THE IDEA OF A BRA!” Pinkie screeched from the bathroom.

A sentiment shared by every woman ever at some point. :rainbowlaugh:

“DID THEY DIE PAINFULLY?!” Pinkie shouted back.

“MANY OF THEM, YEAH!” Dan replied with a grin.


I just died. :rainbowlaugh:

“Hey!” Dan roared as he turned to Pinkie. “JUST BECAUSE YOU’RE stupid enough… to… to…” Dan quickly lost steam as he stared out at Pinkie Pie. His mouth hung agape for a split second and his eyes opened wide before he covered them with both his hands. “WHY DID YOU COME OUT WITHOUT PUTTING ANYTHING ELSE ON?!” he demanded.

Any other man would enjoy the show. (Well, any man who isn't gay. And even then...)

Pinkie looked down at her mostly naked self then back up at Dan. “The bra was the hardest to put on, so I started with it this time!”


Wait...that means...not even panties? *suffers a nosebleed and passes out*


Dan uncovered his eyes and sighed. He grumbled as he went back to watching the T.V. “Stupid, sexy roommate…”


Even in your sidestory, corrections!

the structures entrance






“I’ll also accept you flinging yourself into traffic just so long as I don’t need to take you to the hospital afterwards.

Missing quote mark at the end.

Dan sighed as heard what was quickly becoming a familiar sound. His new roommate losing her footing and falling straight to the ground.

Rather than splitting this into two sentences (which technically isn't the case, because that second "sentence" is actually a fragment), you should have a colon after 'sound'.

Oh, and you're missing the word 'he' between 'as' and 'heard'.

as Pinkie laid on the ground her arms

Comma after 'ground'

“Okay… AND?!” Dan cried angrily as he continued to hold his hand over his face

Missing period at the end.

one, irritated eye

Lose that comma.

Pinkie pursed her lips

Missing punctuation.

“Had my hand been free, I would have air quoted over the words ‘slip’ and ‘accidentally’”

Missing a period at the end.

Dan heard a small click. Then sat up

click, then

now snuggly held


He smiled as he watching


her curly mop haven transitioned


Dan roared out

Missing period.

beat red


“So can Mr. Mumbles,” Dan said as he motioned out to his furry, grey cat. “

Floating stray quote mark there.

Me. Mumbles


Dan continued. “But

Should be a comma, not a period.


Missing space there.

take off your bra give

and give


Aaaaaand fixed! :twilightsmile:

Now to try and get to your corrections on TWatB.


And maybe try to fix the chapter after that.


And the one after that.


And then write more of part 2 of this and the next installment of TWatB.


Is anyone else concerned I can't stop laughing?! :pinkiecrazy:

Chest lumps contained!
That made my day XD

This story is absolutely brilliant. Your characterization is so superb its insane! Like/Fave/Follow!


Pinkie is so adorable with being a nudist.

Pinkie looked down at her now soda soaked clothes as her sky-blue eyes began to well up with tears. She balled her hands into fists, threw her arms into the air, and shouted at the heavens.


The scene I have been waiting for! Pinkie yelling at the heavens in frustration. :pinkiehappy:


Now to try and get to your corrections on TWatB.

That is one most unfortunate acronym.


:ajsleepy: Sadly, I just noticed that myself earlier tonight in the very post you used to point that out.

Maybe I should just call it "The Wheel", or something... :unsuresweetie:

Also, as a teenage girl, I sympathize with Pinkie on this--

“BUCK WHOEVER CAME UP WITH THE IDEA OF A BRA!” Pinkie screeched from the bathroom.


--that's what sport bras were invented for!

Plus, Dan is my spirit animal. I might have to start watching his show.

4352138 BTW, what are you gonna do when you run into the 200 chapter cap over there? :rainbowhuh:

Hahahahahaha!!I don't know who this Dan is, but I love how he rages, it's so funny!!:rainbowlaugh::heart:

i already know Pinkie Pie - this is awesome!! :heart:

Great Job! :twilightsmile:
*I guess I should go back and read the other story tho... :scootangel:

:pinkiegasp: do you have any idea what you ave just done...
if not you have made me the happiest person right now, as i cant get enough of dan x pinkie:pinkiehappy:

4353161 dan is from the show 'dan vs.' this entire story is set in his world its a good show i suggest watching it

4353259 top half was for author but either way, yes its a tv show it was made by cartoon network but i believe they canclled it or stop making it after the third season i only watch random episodes and those that have characters mentioned in the story so that i can get an idea of backstory

4353415 Like the 800+ chapters of Austraeoh SS&E Imploding Colon has going as five different stories? :raritywink:


These will hopefully be real sequels with distinct beginnings and endings...

Uh, excluding stuff like this. :derpytongue2:

Oh I adore missing moments chapters :) :heart:
It'll be cool to have see more of this pairing.

I'm enjoying this so much. Keep up the great work.

my face hurts from how much this made me laugh, good job

You know you need Pinkie to manifest her early 90s rap persona now (I assume her street name is "Vanilla Frosting") and rap at others now, perhaps the bakery workers could learn to put less shoes in products through the power of rhythmic talking and beatboxing sounds?

Dan seems to have an exaggerated temper, but then again he's been dealing with Pinkie Pie for the past few weeks. Honestly, I was really bummed out that you don't have moar. But anyway, I think I can be patient.

To be perfectly honest, I feel like Dan is overdoing it. I know from watching the show that he has a volatile temper but I really think he should tone it down a little otherwise he'll die from Tsundere Aids.


I can sort of see that, but on the other hand Pinkie is probably an incredibly difficult person/pony to share a tiny apartment with, especially if she's more clueless than usual.

Damnit stop making me laugh.


No, do the opposite of that. Oh you already did? Awesome.

And if the clothes aren’t bruning

Dan, Dan, Dan, Dan... I expected better from you than to forget to make a contingency plan for this surprisingly-likely event.

Also spelling.

I'm not sure if you've been asked this yet, but are you going to write anything with Dan & Pinkie's rock farmer family in either this or Wheel and the Butterfly? Like meeting thru the mirror or something. Got to meet "the in-laws" sometime, right?


The likeliness of them showing up at some point is pretty dang high.

Just a matter of finding the right time in the story and getting to that point.:twilightsmile:

“You are not going to lounge about in your underwear all day! I couldn’t even begin to imagine a scenario where I’d be happy with you prancing around the apartment in your underwear!”

Give her to ME then, I wouldn't REMOTELY have a problem with it! :pinkiehappy:



“Hmmmm…Oooo! Oooo!” Pinkie cried as she hopped up and down excitedly. “I can wash your clothes!”

Oh GOD no! Don't DO IT, Pinkie! You'll die a horrible death from HIDEOUS MAN SMELL! :raritycry:

I laughed my ass off at Dan's chain of horrifying metaphors. My pony and my zebra too.

“That hypothetical ape will never graduate from hypothetical ape school!” Pinkie cried out in a sad tone.

And now I have the giggles.

“… Ispitinyourmouthwhileyousleep…”


Maybe if you can rap instructions


*A half an hour of attempting to explain washers, dryers, and hypothetical vacation spots a hypothetical ape with a hypothetical learning disability may visit in hypothetical ape land…*

Pinkie held a fist up to her mouth and beat boxed as Dan did that thing he said he’d ‘never, ever, not in a million years’ do.

That sound you hear is me shitting myself from laughing so hard.

You open the front

My roommate is a cu—

OH MY GOD **DIES** :rainbowlaugh:

Pinkie’s pout turned into a small smile. “While you’re in the shower do you think you can come up with a rap about getting dressed?”

Oh, Pinkie. Don't ever change...


from is body




“Let’s not go crazy, here.”

Period should be a comma.

“Yes,” began

Missing 'he'.

to mem


“No, silly!

Missing quote mark.

A small, hopefully smile



Got these! Thank you! :twilightsmile:

And I haven't forgotten your other list of corrections on The Wheel, just juggling them with this pile of ongoing stories I set myself up with. :derpyderp1:

Cover art and your Avatar won me...

you crafty son of a bitch :ajsmug:

“Are you trying to impart the knowledge to me psychically? Because that would be very help—”

“I’m trying to liquefy the insides of your head with pure hate,” Dan explained. “How am I doing?”

“I think I have a slight headache…” Pinkie replied.

Dan sighed and lowered his hands. “It’ll have to do…”


One of these days i will die from the lack of oxygen i lose at all that laughing you make me do:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

on a more serious note love it:pinkiehappy:. i love dan and pinkie's interactions its so hillarious:rainbowlaugh: thank you sooo much for writing this you make my day all the brighter

A fine job indeed good sir keep it coming :twilightsmile::raritywink:

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