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Okay it's a lot of what:rainbowderp::rainbowhuh:, well written but the idea is just bad:pinkiesick::pinkiesick: sorry.:fluttercry:

Alright what the actual fuck, if I said that I hated every word of this id be lying. It's just so... Weird :rainbowhuh:

Abysmally written, but amusingly in character.
'special place'x5

By any chance, did your younger sibling edit this for you?

How will the elements come back if they are buried with the bodies?


:twilightsmile: I didn't want it to be too offensive

Why.. magic of course! :trollestia:

403385 Didn't want a story about forced drug abuse, daily rape sessions and murder to be offensive.
I see.

u got the talent bro. Get used to ignoring the thumbs

Hm... what can I say after i finished the story?
Really liked the first two chapters even though it was disturbingly dark, but the idea behind it was interesting... but
then it all went down the hill a little too fast and a little too much.

I remember reading this. LOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOL is all I can say. And that the haters gonna hate.


So That's What Drugs Do? Well Than......
I'm Never Gonna Take Them. Anyway Great Story!

First Pinkie Has No Internal Bones Or Anything In The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows Its Clear She Can't Die

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