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Twilight Sparkle has been leaving Ponyville, and not telling her friends what she's doing. They get suspicious. Afraid it's damaging their friendship Twilight gets permission to tell them what she's doing. She is an agent of Torchhoof, a top-secret intelligence and investigative agency, run by Luna and Dr. Whooves. The rest of the Mane 6 have gotten approved to take an entrance exam, so Twilight takes them to one HQ to show them what the job will entail. They meet some of Twilights friends from Torchhoof, and discover what being an agent of Torchhoof is all about. Then they'll have some adventures.

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live wire is my favorite so far. this fic is quite a good reead and im definitely tracking. im a sucker for this sort of thing. if you need characters down the road, lemme know, k?

Is there gonna be violence and sex just like in torchwood? If not...

Atom Insight's my favorite so far. This is quite good, and I'll be eagerly awaiting more. I do have to wonder why you kept capitalizing the word "Through", though. Is that a typo or is there some reason for that I'm not aware of?

Thanks for crediting me in the prologue, because Live Wire is REALLY similar to my character, Kilowatt Hour.

Bossing it up here. Very nice. I love pinkie trying to use forever.

Silly filly. Even the pinkie promise can be broken!


Sex? No. Violence? Maybe a bit.
This isn't a crossover fic, it's not supposed to be like the show.

For some reason I periodically caitalize things for no reason. No idea why:rainbowhuh:

I'll probably be OK with my current characters, but, after chapter 2, each chapter will be like an "episode", so if you have any Ideas for those, I'd love to hear them.

Just to make this clear, Torchhoof is pretty much the ponyfied Torchwood, right? Sounds like an interesting plot (pun not intended).

Not really. It's more like a cross between Torchwood and the CIA.

I like Copper for some reason. Can't really put my hoof on it, though.

404733 Still sounds good, anyway. Will track, or favorite. however they do it now. Surprising, considering my newfound obsession with DW forcing my to only read Whooves related stuff.


I don't know how much I could help with that. but if you have ideas floating around but can't piece them together, I might be of some use.

EDIT: It's difficult for me to have ideas without starting point, so I need a direction to go, if you know what im saying.

Pretty good. However, you need to split that one paragraph up. It was way too blocky!

Sorry. A time limit was being imposed by a friend of mine. I'm assuming you mean the duel? I'm going to correct now.

another aweesome chapter. looking forward to the next.

Woooow, this was a really good one! I must say, I really like the idea for Ms. Facade. I kinda want to see more of her.

(And- hehe. I hope that imposing friend wasn't me. You can take as much time as you want on this! To be honest I hadn't even finished chapter 1 till today :B)

One last thing.
a mustache


shhh it was lovely

Oooh. Looks good. I've only gotten about... three paragraphs in? (What can I say, Yogscast is distracting.) But it already looks promising.
I'll finish reading it either later tonight or in the morning.


beast:rainbowkiss: thank you for updating!:pinkiehappy:

I would recommend being more mindful of indicating who's currently speaking. When I read this:

"Applejack stepped up onto the table.
“Now everypony listen Here! Twilight trusts us! We cannot let her, or Equestria down by not tryin’! Maybe we can’t beat these agents, but I have a theory. If these agents are under control of this spell, their brains are likely muddled up, not at their best. Even if that’s not the case, at least we can say that we tried. We have to try!” Rainbow Dash took to the air after a brief silence.
“Well let’s go then!” The other 3 mares were inspired by Applejack’s speech, but they didn’t wish to leave immediately."

I tend to think that Rainbow Dash is the one giving the speech, because she's the one being mentioned in the paragraph. It's not a deal-breaker, but it does tend to get confusing.

That has been bothering me. I'm just not sure how to correctly format stuff like that. Just for the record, Applejack gave the speech, Rainbow Dash said well let's go then.

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