• Published 6th May 2014
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After the End - Door Matt

Jason Wright, bitter after surviving his lowest point, will make a deal with the devil to get the answers he craves. Whether Ponyville is ready for him, or not.

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Flower (Epilogue)

To whoever finds this note.

I don’t know who you are, or how you’d even manage to find this in a place like here, but I just felt like writing anyway. A good memory when I haven’t had too many of those lately.

Hello I guess. Hope you’re doing better than I am.

My name’s Jason Wright. I’m not exactly a writer so I can’t really put to paper all the things that have happened to me. Definitely not in a decent way, but I’ll do my best to summarize. Just a warning, I bet you won’t believe any of it. Probably gonna look like the ramblings of a total mentalist. But it’s all true. And that’s all I can really do to try and vouch for it. Sorry.

I travelled between worlds. Not once, but three times. Yeah I know, it already sounds impossible. But I found a way, and I used it to get to a world I thought would be perfect for me. A utopia. Part of it, the place I specifically went to, is...or was rather...called Equestria. Hope you’ve heard of it. That’ll lend credence to what I’m saying.

Anyway, I quickly found out I was wrong. The folk that lived there, who I thought were all sweet and caring, weren’t. They hated my guts. One of them in particular did her best to turn the rest against me. I didn’t know why at first.

I did my best to deal with it. I had no real way to get back home, so I basically had to try and survive in their shadows for years. I turned to some pretty dark thoughts in the end. Dunno if you’ve ever tried to kill yourself but...umm….yeah.

I was saved, by a creature (Discord - if you see the name, run) that wanted to be my friend. And he gave me abilities for revenge, which I used. Like I said...dark thoughts. I didn’t kill anyone...just….destroyed a town and kicked a few of them where it hurt. Only really wanted them to know the suffering I had felt. The total injustice behind it.

My “friend” dicked me over though. I stupidly gave him knowledge on how to make these portals between worlds. Sorta already knew he had his own plan and that he was using me, but I didn’t care at the time. Stupid, I know. He brought more of my kind over to Equestria through all these mirror portals, and then forced me through one. Only he knews what goes on in his head, but I reckon he enjoyed what I’d done, and wanted to see more of it. Much more. He has a real beef with those guys.

That’s the last I saw of them though. Time is sorta messed up in those portals, but I eventually ended up in a human world. Not my one though, different. I’m human, by the way, don’t think I mentioned that.

How was it different? Put it this way. Equestria took three years to get me to want to leave. That place? One fecking day. That girl I said above who hated me the most? She’d seen humans in such a bad light enough to make her despise me on sight. I didn’t understand it at first, but I did after that day.

I don’t have the space to say what happened but...it was bad...really bad. Evil, in a lot of ways.

Thank God there was the tech available there to build another portal. Took me a month or so but I got the hell out of there, and ended up here.

Maybe there’ll be more to see when you find this. Right now there’s a whole lotta nothing. Rocks, cliffs, snow. Lots of snow. Really freakin’ cold at times. Maybe that’s why there’s no-one around. I there there used to be though - I found some bones the other day. Didn’t stick around in case it was a mass grave of some kind. Gave me the creeps. Found a ruined building to the south too, but don’t think anyone’s lived there for years. Totally empty, like this whole land’s been abandoned to nature.

Getting to the point, yesterday I found a mirror. Only I’m convinced it’s the same portal door that Discord used on me and the other humans. How the fudge it ended up inside a hollow tree, I’ll never know. But it’s there right now, and I’ve slept on my thoughts, and I know what I have to do now.

Maybe it’ll take me back to their world...or time...whatever. Something about this place is scary, like it shouldn’t exist. It’s too quiet. Feels like I’ve gotta fix it. I’d prefer to go back home though. My home. I miss the friends and family I left behind, the good life I had. It wasn’t great, but it sure as hell was better than all this madness.

I’m heading to the mirror now. Wish me luck, yeah? Could even follow me if you’re feeling brave, could use an extra hand or two. It’s in the forest to the east, in some kind of crater. You’ll know when you see it.

I planted a flower next to the rock this note is pinned under. Hopefully it’s bright enough to catch the attention of anyone who comes along. If you’re reading this, water the flower for me. I owe it one, especially if it survives the cold.

That’s it I guess. See you on the other side.

- Jason Wright.

Author's Note:


Basically, I leave this down to you guys. Some of you might potentially want to see this continue (somehow), and I'm pretty much split 50 / 50 on whether to stay with this character or not. I actually think a third sequel written by a third author would be a really interesting experiment, but that's just me.

The 1st person format is interesting, and it will be the basis for my next (utterly different) fic, but I'm not so sure I can pull it off quite successfully in this particular scenario.

Anyway, let me know in the comments, if you want to see more, and if so, by who. Even volunteer, if yer feeling brave enough.

As always, take care. And thanks for reading.

- Door Matt

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Go figure that my only update I consider to be on time is the one I hadn't exactly planned for. OH WELL.

Important message in my notes at the bottom of Flower. Plesh read before you comment. Ta!

EDIT: Featured again? Well then. Not sure how the dumb, tacked-on Epilogue managed to push that over the line and not the previous bombastic finale, but I'll take it.

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It'd be hilarious if he just went into some magic bullshit that caused him to actually be immortal and still in Equestria, but thousands of years in the past. Twilight would have to eventually meet him and would have to answer to her crimes even harder after she already has. She could have to ask him for help because in their past he gained great power. It could be the lead up to that. Than the asking of help for Twilight.

Here's the next sequel. Someone do it because I won't be able to.

To be continued, in Chrono Jason!

That was strangely beautiful. I think that the sequels should stop here, as this is a wonderful ending. There's hope for the future, and coupled with an incredibly great Diabolis Ex Machina, I don't think anyone else could do it justice. Especially not me. If I have anything to say about this fic, it's that it deserved its spot on my favorites list. Keep up the good work, and you definitely deserve the follow.

If anything, I would like to read about the new status quo that Jason left the alternative Equestria with. With the mane 6 trying to regain their elements.
Or not.
That and what happened to Zecora which made her turn away from Canon.
Otherwise, a bittersweet story that I will reread whenever I can.

I like that Celestia doesn't take sides, and genuinely tries to promote harmony among everyone.

I like that Luna's fall and redemption has given her a deeper knowledge of good, and evil, instead of the usual black and white, oversimplified version.

Discord's characterization works pretty well. It's never clear whether he's back to being a villain, or if he's really trying to teach the xenophobic little horses an actual friendship lesson, in his own dickish way.

Everyone else in the story rates a solid meh. Especially Jason. His story doesn't seem worth continuing.

You gave us an epilogue to answer questions, just to make ANOTHER GODDAMN CLIFFHANGER!
Sequel, please. Made by you.


Well, not bad.

*reads author's note*

CONTINUE! :flutterrage:

If that's okay, I mean...:fluttershyouch:

This is sadly what happens when the author is terrible at writing endings but can pull off cliffhangers with aplomb. :trollestia:

I hear this is pulled off rather well in It Never Really Ends, so might be worth checking out.
Personally, I don't believe Celestia can ever properly lose her temper. Look at how she reacted to Chrysalis. Hell, even her own sister betraying her. No anger there. Determination maybe, but not anger.
A few cues I take from the British monarchy. You never see them flip out, and that's for a very goodreason. Monarchs have a standard to live to.

There could be threequel... or someone could make alternate ending to this as well, where Jason drains Discord of his powers instead of being dicked over like that... Also, I cannot stop hearing Super Buu theme when I imagine that scene...

5106921 Well, Twilight not only betrayed her but she also lied to her and Celestia had very high expectations for him so I'd imagine Celestia would be angrier. Maybe it's just me.

I'd like to see this continued, at least with a different main character but with hints of Jason operating behind the scenes on his own journey...

Could we hear some detail about that "other" human world? I'm really curious to know what was so bad. What, did the Nazis win WW2 or something?

5106921 No offense author, but Celestia does nothing in It never really ends. Celestia tells him, "Oh, I'm sorry, they're the embodiment of harmony. They are above the law."

She does nothing to Twilight in the end.

Which is why I put so much faith into this...


Continue. I want to know what happened to Equestria!

5107021 yep he doesnt get any retribution in this story or that one and this dude deserves some

How the fudge it ended up inside a hollow tree, I’ll never know.

inside a hollow tree

hollow tree


I think a continuation would be good. Seeing what other realities (of her, equestria, and other places) he's been to would be quite interesting i think. Also, i think it fairly obvious that the humans twilight meet weren't the ones from eqg, from all the descriptions of it, but where, I couldn't say:unsuresweetie:


good observation
maybe return to Equestria in future

think, after that those rejected elements
to deliver them to the tree, the I do not deliver anything without that win Tirek


No offense author, but Celestia does nothing in It never really ends. Celestia tells him, "Oh, I'm sorry, they're the embodiment of harmony. They are above the law."

She does nothing to Twilight in the end.

Which is why I put so much faith into this...


twi did something terrible and his only punishment is being scolded, he was complicit in torture a sentient creature for years.
she lied to the ruler of the country on the welfare of another being because I hated it.

sincerely hoped other punishment, like taking the crown, domiciliary reclucion, but not just a scolding

I still like to see what happened to Equestria and see if celestia does more than scold

I personally would love to see a sequel written by someone who finds the note. That'd be pretty interesting.

Well, congrats. You made me want more while leaving enough of an ending that I'm fine with getting nothing.

I really want to know what happened to all those other Humans Discord brought to Equestria and I really hope Celestia at least ended up taking away Twilight's crown and title as princess of friendship.

5105971 Sorry, did I say villain? I meant "villain".

As in anything that doesn't conform to their standards.

As in Friendship is Racist.:trollestia:

I thin you should make a sequel but hey your the author we cant control what you write :eeyup:

Don't really care. Make more.

That....I hadn't considered! It would totally ruin the continuity of keeping the arc from Jason's perspective...but a very intriguing idea sir. Will keep in mind.

Oh really? Can see why that'd be controversial.
I figured Celestia refusing to acknowledge Twi as a a princess here would be one of the worst verbal punishments for her. I'm aware of what people think they want in the dialogue, but to actually execute it involves straying heavily into OOC territory, and I'm the wrong author for that.

Thanks for yer kind words sir! Pretty much exactly what I was aiming for all round.

Was also aiming for this precisely! Glad it happened for you and possibly others.

I guess that rules out where Jason ended up as being the future then, since the tree was blown away by him in present time. :trollestia:


Oh I'm chocked full of good ideas. For example. Don't want it to go back to Jasons' perspective? Set it in the future. Maybe have it set in a different area. Or maybe Jason himself has moved to a different area. There's plenty of ways I could think of. Just some thoughts.

Wiping Ponyville off the map doesn't count as retribution? That's alot of homeless ponies.

Mmmm...that is the question isn't it? This will be touched upon again, perhaps in...

...a semi-sequel that will be pretty much this. More details in my latest blog post.

5118775 He went into a mind controlled vengence and again nothing happens to the ponies involved like celestia said homes can be rebuilt and he just fueled their fear of him it seemed like no one but celestia actually cared and no one learned their lesson or moral

5114126 Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap.... I would buy the paperback of that.

Wow... That was... Really disappointing...:applejackunsure:

No one learned anything... Except maybe treat people who are different like shit, they will go away and you won't get in trouble.

I still say the ponies got off way too light. Part of the problem was the build-up you gave us...sort of...I dunno, it didn't peter out completely. It was like expecting a jaguar to ramp a Harley through a ring of fire, and instead getting a kitten on a bicycle bunny-hopping through a hula hoop. Yes, it's very impressive that you got a kitten to do that, but it's no goddamn jaguar, that's no goddamn Harley, and that's not a goddamned ring of fire.

I mean, take that picture in that blog post you gave us just after Celestia showed up. We're expecting rage. We're expecting Twatlight Sporkle in tears. We're expecting Celestia to scream in Twilight's ear so loud that the little purple bitch has to walk around with her head cocked for the rest of her life. And instead, Celestia's just sort of disappointed in her. Yes, that's nice and realistic and a decent reaction, but it's not what we were all pumped for. Though it was well handled and perfectly competent, there's no keeping from feeling some disappointment.

Please don't hate me, it's just how I feel. On the plus side, you are getting a watch, because I'm interested in seeing where you go from here. You definitely set it up for a wonderfully interesting sequel. Plus, I have a wonderful image of Twilight forced to do community service by registering all the humans or something, and Jason walking back in.

And she's all disinterested, all like:


"Jason Wright."

"Alright, Mr. Wright, we can..." she trails off, her eyes widening as they slowly lift from the volume open in front of her. I gaze down at her with my vacant stare. My fists clench around the branch I picked up on my way in here, just in case sparkle-butt thinks of trying anything. Instead, her jaw works up and down, her brain obviously needing to shift gears to deal with this.

"J-Jason," she finally whispers. "You're back."

I nod. "Barely," I whisper before collapsing of utter exhaustion.

I like dat scene. Feel free to use it. I wanna see it.

I absolutely understand where yer coming from, and perhaps it was my bad for using that particular image in my blog post.
Part of (if not, the majority) of the problem is my aforementioned weakness for endings. I had a few ideas in mind, but the human invasion was one that just wouldn't go away. I simply loved that image, and I still do. However, as we saw that left far too many questions open, so that meant opening the door for a sequel, which in turn means some things have to be held back for that. :applejackunsure:
Writing is hard, eh?

Ideally, I wanted to kill Jason off, but that's almost impossible with the 1st person perspective.

Nevermind eh? The sequel is going to go to some interesting places. Twilight, Celestia, the rest, their conflicts arn't over by a long shot. Certainly it's going to be darker than the few ideas commented so far. ^^


Twilight's actions were repugnant and went against what his title and is against all the teachings of celestia
she was part of the collective torture of the protagonist for 3 years

Twilight's actions could give the wrong message to the ponies
Friendship is for ponies and not for non-ponies
other races do not count and should not be tolerated in Equestria
elements are above the law
she is a princess and can go against law, or the law is softer with royalty

and also if they find other races could destroy the image of Equestria
I sincerely believe that some confuse permissiveness with
celestia is benevolent but is also fair and believes in redemption.

a just punishment would be that his title was revoked temporarily
until it demonstrates that deserves the title of Princess of friendship

5196351 You just earned yourself a new stalker.

So, Twilight lied to Celestia and all of her friends for over three years, and drove the person (a completely innocent one) Celestia entrusted into her care to committing suicide and the only thing that Celestia does is not call her by a title?

I want to see where this goes but that's mostly because how it ended here doesn't sit right with me. What happened only seems to validate the bullshit Twilight spewed in the eyes of those she lied too, and it seems like no one will ever acknowledge this.

I want to know what is happenin in Equis

Thank you. You've given us the sweet confrontation we sought and then some. Liked and faved.

5194470 I liked your ending idea of him coming back actually hoping he uses that in the sequel if he does one :unsuresweetie:

but I do hope you do a sequel the story is really well written even with the weak punishment it's still a good storywhat will kill bees said to you in your 36th comment it would be kind of cool if that was the way he entered into the next sequelI am giving you a favorite because I actually like the stories where humans into becoming victims in these and then becoming the sovereign basically.

So basically even if all of Ponyville had been actively trying to murder him Cuntlestia still would have sided with them anyway? Equestria sounds like quite the paradise, for ponies only anyway. What ponies wouldn't want to live there since if you're not a pony, the law is automatically against you.

Dude, honestly, what nation head could get away with punishing an entire town for believing their local leader, in not siding with a friggin alien? :rainbowhuh:

It was dickish how Jason was treated, I'll admit, but as a leader your own people MUST come first.

5299147 The fic ended here, but the story's not over. Door Matt himself said there was room for a sequel, and some things had to be held back for it.

Patience, young grasshopper.

Absolutely, The sequel is first on the agenda once Cards II is out of the way,
Having Celestia completely disown Twilight of her title (after having spent three seasons training her for it) was in my head, the absolute worst thing you could do to her. I don't think it worked so well here because:
A) My imagination always outstrips my writing ability
B) It's all from Jason's perspective, so there was no emotional description on Twi's part.

Who is the sequel going to be about? I'd have a hard time getting excited about a sequel about Jason. Whether he was powerful, or powerless, he was a man who had no idea what to do with himself.

A sequel that picks up where Discord brought in the new group of humans could be all kinds of interesting.

Discord's past could also be worth exploring.

The time to be cruel, when they only share cruelty.

That line seems to imply that he might have been a very different person in the past, before the ponies treated him the same way they treated Jason.

5196351 you better make a sequel based on that...

A very good story I think. Unlike the main story he gets answers without all the anger issues. He just ended up walking through portals for the rest of existence. I will say though, if Twilight hadn't been a bitch from the get go things would have been better. Bet Celestia herds all the humans back through the mirrors though. To many problems otherwise. But I bet Twilight isn't a Princess anymore.

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