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Discord is not some trickster, nor is he a comedian to be laughed at. However his own arrogance led to his downfall when he was set free the first time. This time he wont be so foolish. The Mane Six have unleashed him and this time he will not fall prey to foolishness and pride. He will have Equestria, and he will rule again. The Elements of Harmony stand against him, confident in their power but just what are the Elements of Chaos, and how can Twilight and her friends stop him this time...

When he is not alone

[Beginning of what I hope to be a very long, twisting fanfic. Part one of three. Amazing cover art was made by Slifertheskydragon on Deviant art. Find him here: http://slifertheskydragon.deviantart.com/ ]

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face palms................ so in other words he just keeps on running and running and running without stopping cause he is helpless against the elements............... seriously he has no other options here.

4347878 Don't worry! There is a very thought out reason for him running. It won't just be him fleeing like a madman.

4347880 it has to be cause there is nothing else he can do..........
hell if ytou think about it celestai already had a plan B. if she can enchant the elements to be immune to his powers, she can enchant anything. like weapons for example. and more than likely something designed to repel his chaos magic would also hurt him.

just imagine a rain of spears, arrows, blades, rocks, and naything falling upon him and all of it immune to his magic, thus impossible for him to stop.

4347890 If you don't mind slight spoilers or you don't plan to read this in the future I can explain my thought process to you.

4347894 just pointing out the potential flaws. clearly she would have had other plans. far as we know the entirety of the canterlot arsenal has been given the ability to harm and kill discord. probelm with being an entity like discord is that there are ways to hurt you, ways that can leave you helpless, if your enemies know how to find them. its like being a vampire. powerful as you are, there are ways to hurt you and even kill you you are incapable of adapting to.

this is especially bad if the regal sisters are wielding such weapons themselves. they were powerful enough to fight discord and survive after all, and were threat enoguh that discord seemingly could not disable them himself. and that is when they were younger.

4347905 What I'm going for in this story is a much larger and, hopefully more interesting approach. In addition the way Celestia is in the show gives me the impression personally that she kind of expects the Elements to solve all her problems. And the one time she tried to do something herself in a Canterlot wedding she was defeated. I don't mean to say Celestia is powerless but.
Fear not!
There is a plan.

4347911 forgive me if i am cynical about that. having a plan does not make that plan good. and i nmost cases i have experienced on fimfiction, that factor rings true.

4348187 My reasoning there is that Discord always thought himself above the elements and so he'd never need to teleport away. However desperation caused him to flee.

So far I really like it and can't wait for more. Keep up the good work!

twilight, holding the power of herself and the other alicorns, was able to fight of a being with the power of hundreds of ponies of eqeustrai and discord..........................

discord stand no chance at all. even though this is before alicorn twilight, cadance and the regal sisters together far surpass discord's power by a very lare margin. i think that is kinda the reason why celestai risked releasing discord. she knows they have the collective power to end him should he step out of line, with not only cadance but her sister returned. they did not have a third alicorn on their side a millenium ago, now they do.

also him not being foolish and humorous is in fact ooc for discord, so what is the point of this story agian than top flip the bird at the show and saying "Fuckl you this is how it is supposed to go" and thus making an inferior effort anyway?

4379151 as much as I love the constructive help you are basically deciding that you hate the story because of the entire basis of its plot. My base idea is discord is not some joking idiot he is what the show very originally portrayed him to be and that's a big threat. If you don't like that then I fail to see why you need to continue commenting when the very premise of the story is not to your liking. It would be like reading a poetry book when you hate poetry.so thanks for checking my story out but if you don't like it stop reading it.

4382079 in the show he was both crazy and humorous and a big threat. he was a power the regal sisters could either not stop or could not stop without causing even greater chaos. what he lacked in outright malice he made up with his ability to leave their world as a nonfunctional mess. that is what makes him memorable as a villain. his threat was distinct and true yet his demeanor was humorous. he was basically what Genie would have been like if he was a total troll.

making him a no nonsense villain kinda makes him not discord anymore.

4382104 humour tends to take a back foot when you feel like you're about to lose again. I see where you're coming from but I feel like when discord loses twice he doesn't take it to well. We obviously have different opinions so I'm going to finish off here with I don't plan to make him a no humor guy I just believe In this situation the comedy would take a back foot and the destructive side would come out.

4402898 Thanks! I hope you continue to enjoy the story and feel free to tell me if you think I've done something wrong!

@LordOfMyth If you don't like the fic, just go away. People have their tastes. But I don't see how you can just see discord as someone who isn't evil? While he doesn't take himself or many things seriously, he'd never be seen as a threat if he didn't have that nature.

@PsyconicG Please keep writing! I love this :twilightblush:

4490342 :D! Sorry If this is weird. Just thought I'd respond as you took the time to comment on my story. Hope you're enjoying it!

Welp, you stopped.
Your other story is going nicely at least.

Unfortunately, exams and life got in the way massively and I dropped off the face of the planet!
Completely stopped coming here for the longest time. But I'm back now!

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