• Published 23rd May 2014
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Stars Are Forever - The Autumn Princess

The code of the alicorn is that only those lucky enough to be born that way will stay immortal. Those who ascend have the same life expectancy as any other normal pony. ["Will you still love me when I'm no longer young and beautiful?"]

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* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Twilight coughed, her breath wheezing in her throat. Luna stood beside her, placing a cool cloth on her wife’s forehead. Astra was temporarily in charge of raising the moon, thus allowing her mothers to have the alone time that they deserved.

“She did an exceptional job tonight,” Twilight observed, as she looked out the window and gazed at the sky.

“She’s a fast learner. She gets that from you,” Luna mused, never taking her eyes off of her beloved. She hesitantly reached out, and held Twilight’s hoof, squeezing it lightly.

Now… there was no denying reality. Half a century ago, it was easier, but in this present time frame -- Luna couldn’t deny the fact that her wife was old. Twilight had changed, like any normal pony would over the years. Her mane was now practically all grey, with a few pink and purple streaks here and there. Wrinkles decorated every inch and crevice of her face, while she wore glasses that had somehow gone lopsided.

A bittersweet smile made it’s way across Luna’s expression and she reached forward, carefully adjusting Twilight’s glasses. Twilight dared to grin, but instead, she just heaved out another breath.


“Yes, dear?”

“Tell me something,” Twilight mumbled. She didn’t even bother to hesitate, or stammer in the slightest. “I need to know, how old are you? The Winter Solstice is the day you recognize as your birthday, but you never tell anypony your age.”

Luna blinked slowly. “You never needed to know before--”

“--Luna, I’m dying,” Twilight practically shot back. “I’m ninety-nine years old, practically on my death bed. Just tell me. I’ve gone through seventy years of marriage not knowing how old my wife is. Don’t you at least owe me that?”

With her expression falling, Luna darted her gaze downwards. “I don’t like hearing you talk that way,” she whispered. “It isn’t you. Where’s the Twilight Sparkle I fell in love with? She would worry about things, but… not like this. She’d work through it, and sometimes with a smile no less.” She nudged Twilight and released a sigh. “To ease your mind, I’ll tell you. I’m exactly two thousand, ninety hundred and ninety-nine years old. Forgetting an age like that isn’t easy.”

“Two thou--” Twilight bit back a frown. “--you really are a Goddess. Practically three thousand years old, and you’re still stunning. Meanwhile, I’m close to a hundred, and look at me.” A sound that resembled a scoff and a wheeze escaped her.

“You aren’t the first pony I’ve seen like this,” Luna assured.

“Still, I’m your wife,” Twilight choked out. “The pony who’s loved you all of these years and now what? I’m probably going to be replaced in a few centuries.”

Luna let out a restricted gasp. “Is that… really what you think?” she muttered.

Twilight gave a faint nod. “I know you’d rather have some young and beautiful mare here,” she murmured. “You want somepony to love, not having the burden of taking care of a senior whom you used to adore. We both knew that this day would be here, Luna. It just… came here faster than we expected.”

“No,” Luna said, with a ragged tone to her voice. She held her wife’s face in her hooves and let out a breath she didn’t know that she was holding. “Twilight Sparkle, you are a savior of Equestria, nothing could replace you. I don’t care if the most popular models waltzed into this room, I would still find you irreplaceable and beautiful. Do you know why?” She didn’t give her beloved a single second to even think before she continued. “Because I love you. You aren’t just a hero, you are the only pony I have actually, truly, loved. Before you, I had affections for others, but never did I want to settle down, build a life, and live happily with them. You changed everything. I knew the price of loving you the second I laid eyes on you, but that did not stop me. And it certainly won’t do that now. You are not some object that can be replaced, do you understand? You are beyond amazing. Even now, I see the same adorable, beautiful mare I was wed to seventy years ago. I can look past your wrinkles, grey hairs and ailments. Love isn’t blind… it just sees what it wants to.”


“--let me finish,” she pleaded, as a single tear slipped down her cheek. She leaned in and kissed Twilight’s lips softly. “In our wedding vows, I said I would be there for you, no matter what. This is one of those moments. I will never leave you. Even if Equestria was burning down to the ground, I care about you too much, especially right now.” Luna swallowed. “Answer me this -- if you really believe that you are just something for me to keep busy with, would I have married you? Trusted you when all hope seemed lost? Carried your child? Most importantly, if I really did not care, would I be here for you in your time of need?”

Twilight was an absolute loss for words. She stammered and stuttered, only before hanging her head in shame. “I guess not,” she muttered. “I just… I don’t understand why you’re so kind to me, even after all these years, I thought the spark would fade away.”

A breathless laugh escaped Luna. “Twilight, my love, do you know which Elements of Harmony I carried long ago?” Twilight shook her head. “Laughter, Honesty and Loyalty. Two of which are the most important things in any relationship. Over the years, you can tell I am very transparent when it comes to my lies, and as for loyalty… well, I’m here, aren’t I? When I was Nightmare Moon, I lost that trait, but you destroyed that demon. You were my second chance.”

Twilight was absolutely silent. All she could do was let out a soft sob and curl up into her wife, enjoying the sweet embrace. Luna swallowed hard, holding her beloved closely.

“I’m sorry,” Twilight muttered. “I wish I could turn back the clock or make some kind of spell to keep me young. I want to stay here, with you but here I am--” She released a light wail and kept crying quietly, staining Luna’s coat with her tears. “--I don’t want to leave.”

“You won’t,” Luna rasped. “Not now.”

Twilight sniffled, and looked out the window yet again. Her eye suddenly caught a shooting star, and she breathed heavily.

“Are you still in the wish-granting business?” she said softly.

“Only for you,” Luna assured, with a lopsided, bittersweet smile.

“I’ll name that star Lunetta,” Twilight whispered. “After you. I wish, and I hope, that you’ll never forget about me. And that wherever I go when I die, I can see you. It’ll feel like the forever you promised me.”

Another tear threatened to fall, but Luna blinked it back and she shot a single beam of blue light outside, causing it to hit the star. It exploded into a fireworks-like display and soared across the horizon once again, putting on a spectacular show, until it blew up, thus forming smaller stars.

She looked down, and took a deep breath as she leaned in and placed another kiss on Twilight’s lips. It was sincere, sweet, soft and passionate…

...a sort of spark that hadn’t been ignited in a while.

They embraced and kissed for a while, holding onto one another as if they were trying to stop time--

--but when they broke apart, they fell back down to the present world.

“I love you,” Twilight said, as a bittersweet smile twitched at the corners of her mouth.

“I love you even more,” Luna whispered. “I always will.”

Twilight nuzzled up against her wife, and heaved out another breath. “If you say so,” she mused.

She released a light yawn, snuggling with her beloved. The chill of the night time breeze danced in the room, stars were twinkling, and the moon finally rose to it’s highest peak in the sky. Midnight officially struck. The two Princesses were still intertwined, and Luna just observed carefully as her wife drifted off into sleep.

She draped a wing around Twilight and placed a kiss on her wife’s forehead.

Long ago, Luna had promised a forever. This was as close as they would get. After all, every fairytale’s Happily Ever After had to fade into a Happy Ending eventually…

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Luna sighed as she began to wake, her sister’s sun blinding her for a moment. She wasn’t sure when she’d started waking up with her sister’s sun and going to bed with her daughter’s moon, but she was starting to get far too used to it for comfort. Twilight was still asleep beside her, and Luna carefully rose out of bed to avoid waking her. For a second, Luna was afraid her efforts had failed, as she moved too quickly, dropping Twilight’s hoof. It landed with a soft ‘thud’ on the bed, but Twilight didn’t stir.

“Mother, the doctors say that Mom should wake up and take her medicine soon. She should have taken it an hour ago, but you were sleeping so peacefully...” Astra looked exhausted. She was trying to do her studies and keep up her duties as princess, failing to get enough sleep in the process.

“Go to your room and rest. I’ll make sure Twilight gets what she needs,” Luna nuzzled her daughter and the young alicorn smiled. She blew a kiss to her sleeping mother and left the room, leaving Luna alone in the still quiet of the morning.

“Twilight darling, wake up.” Luna said softly. Twilight didn’t respond. Luna called to her wife again, a little louder than the first time. Still, there was no response from the other mare. Luna was growing worried now. She knew Twilight’s hearing had become worse as she’d gotten older, but this was almost too much. Luna nudged her wife softly. Nothing. Luna began to panic now, shaking her wife roughly, begging her to wake up. Twilight still didn’t move.

Luna felt her voice get caught in her throat, and all she could let out was a strangled cry. She held Twilight’s face in her hooves and looked at her wife for a moment. Not a single movement. There wasn’t even the slightest rising and fall to notice breathing.

It took all of the courage in the world, but Luna hesitantly leaned forward, laying her head on Twilight’s chest, listening in for a heartbeat…

...but there was nothing.

“No,” Luna rasped. “No, no, no, Twilight--” She looked up and noticed the emotionless, yet all the while peaceful, expression her wife had. “--wake up. Wake up, please.” She released another soft sob and let a few tears fall. They blended into Twilight’s lavender coat, and Luna carefully traced her hoof along the contour of her wife’s face.

...her dead wife.

With that realization finally settling in, a loud heart-shattering wail slipped out of Luna.

She had cried many times, and felt heartbreak more than once, but this was the worst pain she had ever felt in all of her years. The love of her life had literally died in her grasp, and there was nothing she could do to bring her back.

“No!” Luna practically shrieked.

No response only caused her to cry even harder, and suddenly, the door swung open to reveal Celestia, standing there with a concerned expression. “Sister? Is everything alright?” she asked.

All Luna could do was keep crying over Twilight’s still body.

It took a minute, but the pieces of the puzzle fell into place in Celestia’s mind. Her jaw nearly fell to the floor as she too figured it all out.

“She’s gone,” Luna muttered. “She’s gone!

This day was inevitable… but not now… it wasn’t that soon, but still…

Luna found it hard to breath as she let out nasty sobs and cries of heart-shattering terror. The moment she had always feared -- her worst nightmare -- it was here, lying before her. No chance of turning back time now, there was nothing left.

“I still love you,” Luna choked out, as she took Twilight’s cold hoof into her own. “I always will.” A heavy sigh escaped her and she couldn’t hold back any more tears. “Forever.”

~ la fin ~

Author's Note:

This is easily one of the longest stories that we've done. Anyway, this was all Jocelyn's idea. She was kinda obsessed with Lana Del Rey's "Young & Beautiful" song, so naturally, she wanted to write something for it. I obviously blew it out of proportion. Oh well!
--The Princess Rarity

If we don't make featured, I'm cutting a bitch.

What am I gonna do with her? :facehoof:

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Comments ( 29 )

Well, thanks for that one, jackass. I'm sitting here crying now. :fluttercry: I suppose in hindsight I really should have seen that one coming, though.

That was beautiful. Ohhh I think I got something in my eye.

Love it :pinkiegasp: it is so sad :fluttercry: but I love a good sad story and you did a great story :heart::twilightsmile:

... Twas good.

I knew that was how it was going to end.. And it still hurt so much when it did. Short, sweet, and barbed with that oh so cold and sad reality...

The 'sad' tag completely ruined all hope for Twilight magically gaining immortality.:fluttershysad: I hope there will be alternate happy ending.

Well damn. It was a very nice story. I need to quite reading Sad tag stuff..I really do

Crying so hard. Please write a follow up. Please.


I find it hard to believe that Twilight couldn't find a way to extend her life.

I can't say anything yet.

But, uh, here, have a typo:

I’m exactly two thousand, ninety hundred and ninety-nine years old

So Luna's uh... eleven-thousand, ninety-nine years old?

(Props for writing out your numbers like most people should.)

That was epic to say the least. Like some people were saying, a happy alternative ending would be nice but the story was great all the same.

What is this? Why am I crying ugh whoever wrote this is horrible!
The feels oh gosh:fluttercry:
Fave thumbs up and comment. ....
This was a wonderful Twiluna

The feels. Oh the feels!:fluttercry:

4438508 Coulda sworn I caught that in editing...it must have failed to save.

This is like getting a great big romace hug, except it turns out to be ELECTRIC BARBED WIRE

I just got hit face first by the Feel Train going full speed ahead. Structural integrity of my heart - 0%.


I don't cry easy but EVERYTIME I read this story I ALWAYS end it crying my fucking eyes out. THE FEELSHOTGUN BLOWS ME AWAY EVERYTIME.

One of only a few stories that made me really cry :fluttercry:
Excellent work


Solider: "There is much Tearshed..."
Solider 2: "Dont you mean bloodshed, sir?"
Solider: "No, Stars are Forever is making me shed tears, so tearshed.


Becoming an alicorn with alicorn magic would keep you alive, thier bodies change...so yeah, headcanon, all alicorns are ageless or live much longer.

This... is the first time I've cried reading a fan fiction... I'm now going back to my head cannon that Twilight is immortal cause I don't think I can handle this. :raritycry:

I guess I am a heartless soulless bastard that felt nothing while reading this story............. I need a shrink........

it looks like true alicorns just show up randomly. there is no room in this world for twilight to take the place of celestia IF she dies. I guess this must be somewhat of a relief for twilight, knowing that she and cadence will pass on, to be with their loved ones. I wonder what kind of chromosomes it takes to create an alicorn. if that were known, an alicorn could be called into existence at any time. it looks like celestia and luna are truly the last of their kind in existence. they will be the only ones left at the end. how tragic and sad... really.

5941895 it's my personal headcanon that destiny has a lot to do with if and when a pony can become an alicorn. For example, Twilight became an Alicorn at the end of s3, but she'd been Celestia's student all that time. She could have changed Twilight at any time, but she had to wait until Twilight proved herself. So in my headcanon, if somepony is destined to become an alicorn, they can become one once they've proven their worth. As far as death goes, once another pony capable of becoming an alicorn of that title (ex: Celestia is the sun, Luna is the Moon, Cadence is Love and Twilight is Friendship), the pony currently holding the title will pass on (ex: Twilight will die when another pony capable of fully understanding friendship has proven worthy of being a princess).

Of course, that's just me. My co-writer's thoughts are quite a bit different from mine :twilightsmile:


6455948 if thats the case, then wouldn't it be Luna's time as well, seeing as her daughter if fully capable and worthy of raising the moon?

6603895 My head canon has their daughter as the Princess of the Stars, not the Moon, and my co-writer believes Luna and Celestia to be truly immortal, saving her from death in both our headcanons.


6680881 Oh ok, Iwas just wondering is all. Plus its your headcanon so Icant really argue with you about it, but thanks for replying :twilightsmile:

6680881 there is always the possibility that twilight is lunas/ celestias decendent but was hidden and then accended and had a reason to be immortal but married back into the family. therefor makein completely immortal. dun duh duuuuh

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