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Struggling to deal with the concept of immortality, Twilight seeks conversation with someone she hasn't yet. It's a long way to get there, but, the chance to seek wisdom from another immortal, one other than those she has come to know so well, just may provide her with the point of view she so desperately needs.

MLP-Skyrim Crossover

Sequel: Ancient Power

Chapters (1)
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I love this story! I love how it goes so deep into feelings, friendship, lore and more! Never stop writing, because this was a great piece. :D

Oh. My. Gosh. That was amazing. I'm surprised that I am the first to comment. This was absolutely stunning. You combined two of my favorite things into one, elegant, well told story. (Ponies and Dragons). That was so beautiful, and the lesson was awe-inspiring. please, make more! This one is now my favorite!:heart::twilightsmile::yay::trollestia::pinkiesad2:

Liked, favorited, subscribed, added to read later, name carved into the neighbors hundred year old oak tree. You sir have just won the game.


That is all.

Oh and you wanted criticism. I know what you were trying to say on this bolded bit but it was a little clunky and confusing. I sort of tripped over it and had to pull out of my immersion to make sense of it, so it could probably be worded better.

"Yes, we will remember our lost friends, and yes, we will mourn their passing, but princess, just as storms and clarity in the sky, you must look past the pain to see beauty, because as you age, gold and silver will lose their value, and you will safeguard the memories of your friends as your most sacred treasure."

On the upside I really liked everything else, the spelling and grammar was good, the story was great, the lecture was well thought out and tied itself together splendidly and you remained just faithful enough to the characters personalities as to be believable without being so tied to them that they were predictable or boring. I was also very pleased that you gave it a proper end and didn't delve into the "will to dominate" speech when you had the chance, as that would have taken this out of the realm of feels and towards the kingdom of teachers that don't know when to stop talking.

Utterly deep and beautiful

Honestly, after reading that, I couldn't help but ponder my own mortality for a little while :applejackunsure:. But what really got me other than that, was the beautifully detailed writing style, and the concept of it all. Keep up the wonderful work! :twilightsmile:

Beautifully done! The voices are very authentic, and your Paarthurnax could have leapt straight off the pages of some musty tome in the Greybeards' mountain retreat. I read very few crossovers, and for this one, I'm glad I did. My only complaint: nowhere is it mentioned what this is crossing over with, even in the author's notes. The only hint comes if you click on the "source" link for the cover art, where we finally see the blessed word: Skyrim!

Congratulations on getting Featured - you deserve it!

Also, I added this story to a few more Groups for you so it'll get more exposure. Hope you don't mind.

wow, that hit me in the heart hard, such a beautiful peace

This is amazing. It's sad, but fills one with a sense of prideā€¦ Kinda like this:

It starts out with pain, then it goes to the good in life. I think this is a bit too much feels for me. Thumbs up from me!

4423042 Thank you. Sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for showing me this video. It captured perfectly what I was feeling while writing this. It was beautiful, and I thank you for sharing it with me, as well as for liking my writing.

Thank you.

4422641 I don't mind at all. In fact, I thank you. Also, I checked out some of your work as well. I really like "If the Flight Suit Fits", and will continue reading it. :pinkiehappy:

Ok, I'm a massive Elder Scrolls 5 fanboy. I love the Lore of the whole series, and many aspects of all the games, but Skyrim was my first, and truest love in terms of the whole package, and with mods, it's only gotten stronger.

That said, Paarthurnax...he's my favorite of the Dovah. Seriously, his wisdom, his lessons, and all the Dialogue he says always hit home when I talked to him in game. This fact alone made me tell the Blades where to shove it every time they wanted me to kill him. I even got mods specifically so I could tell them where to shove it colorfully!!

To see him like this...long after the Races of Men and Mer fell...when Pony-kind now rules...well, it's sad in a way. But seeing his connection to Twilight now, what he's passed on to her. Let alone her possibly learning the Thu'um, I'd say he's the perfect teacher. Plus, let's face it, you KNOW Twilight, having the edge in all things magical, would be almost at Dovahkiin level learning speed with it's power. And if I'm honest, after the Season Finish, I'd loose my mind seeing her similarly bad-ass all over again!

Also, to see my favorite dragon, show Twilight, through his own experiences, the value of friendship, of bonds with others and the wonder of living even through sorrow and the weight of time...no words I have can convey how beautiful that was to me. You did spectacular work here. I only wish there was more to read, more to see and learn from them both. As it is though, this is perfect in my eyes, and I could give this fic no higher praise if I tried.

Well done, and thank you again for this wonderful peace. You captured my favorite dragon perfectly, and putting him alongside another character I love...made my night.

Again, thank you, and Sky Guard You.

This is a verry good story. If possoble I would like to see a seaqual

4423403 I love it.:rainbowlaugh:
Thank you Shaegorath

This is how you do a crossover, by making it natural. There is no need for a great catastrophe, or a portal created by accident to cross mlp with another world. Just let it be natural.

It's too late in the day for me to read this now, but I'mma put it on my RIL list. In the meantime, have one of my favorite Skyrim screenshots!


So... this was awesome.

Seriously, really liked this story! :yay:

All I got, others in the comments already covered my extra thoughts on things.

This was beautiful. It is a gorgeous example of a piece of writing transcending entertainment to become art.

Paarthurnax taught Twilight a beautiful lesson; but that's not what this story was about. You spoke through Twilight with Paarthurnax's voice to teach that lesson to us.

I really enjoyed this. Very deep and moving. I also see great potential for this story. It can go in any direction and I would be interested to see what you come up with. Just remember to not rush it, and focus on quality and personal enjoyment. Writings no fun if it feels like work! :twilightsheepish: Good Luck. :twilightsmile:

Prior to this, I had never read a crossover fic. I generally find the idea of them to be off-putting and uninteresting, especially since they're handled so poorly much of the time. However, I love Paarthurnax; he was easily one of the best parts of one of my favourite games in recent years. Moreover, the crossover impetus here seemed more natural and subtle that what I usually saw on this site, which is saying something. So I figured I'd finally give a crossover a shot...

And wow, I am damned impressed. It felt totally believable, especially with the fantastic melding of the worldbuilding between ES and FiM that you pulled off. Wonderful and spot-on depiction of Paarthurnax (and yes, I was reading everything in his voice :pinkiehappy:). Best of all, it was all wrapped up around a really deep and interesting existential subject that has become one of my favourite fic topics on this site in recent months. I was enthralled from beginning to end, and while there's the obvious desire to want more of it in sequels and the like... I feel like it doesn't need a follow-up. It just stands so well on its own.

So anyway, thank you sir, for making my first foray into crossovers so delightful! Rest assured that I'll be more inclined to seek out other such fics in the future, and that this newfound open-mindedness is your influence. :twilightsmile:

4423160 you there, yes you .... Shut up take my my money, feels, bitches and everything else because not only did you make a crossover with my favourite dragon, oh no. You just had to get my feels too and make it actually worth reading .:twilightangry2::flutterrage::heart::heart::coolphoto: just take it. All of it.

>Ecocat< p.s. I'm tired it's 12:35 am , I need sleep

This here, was amazing. I enjoyed the way you portrayed Paarthurnax, well done, well done! Sequel: Pinkie meets Sheogorath, the Mad God :pinkiehappy:

:fluttercry: so... beautiful :fluttercry:

A beautiful story, and you let the world of Skyrim bleed wonderfully subtly into Equestria.
I commend you, sir.:heart::twilightsmile:

Well shit, this story is amazing.
I literally made this face just when Twilight was about to meet Paarthurnax.

Oh for the love of everything cheese give us another long chapter.

This is a wonderful story. It can stay as a oneshot, or it can grow, either way, absolutely lovely.

One thing I can say about this story is that it gave me the meaning of being immortal. You sir have made me feel moved. :fluttershysad:

Very good. I could listen to these two have a conversation for hours.

This needs a sequel.

Also, I just imagined Twilight whit a horned helmet riding a horse. Totally epic

Wonderful! I was hearing both of them in my head as I read this. Even if you opt not to sequelate this, by all means keep writing! :twilightsmile:


I came here for the awesome username, and left with a well done story. Good on ya, mate. :raritywink:

wow the secret of immortality its so beautiful and horrifying this fic almost ALMOST! made a tear drop its well written

This... this was simply amazing. :moustache:

My fair author,

This was simply amazing. Please do continue on it from time to time. This is a lovely tale that could become a legendary fiction similar to the legendary My Little Dashie. I would be ever so grateful if you continued this. I would love to read about the other lessons Twilight learns from Paarthurnax. Please for the love of the nine continue this.:pinkiesad2:

Amazing! Truly amazing.:twilightsmile:

There's no pep talk like an immortal's pep talk.
Simply astounding. And when he cleared away the grey to reveal the earth and skies...absolutely beautiful, in both the wording imagery and the message behind it.
I remember my first play through when Delphine said to kill Paarthurnax, and Ulfgar the Dragonborn told her to go fuck herself.

Twilight you are the last Dovahkiin what do you do?

:twilightoops: Panic!

I have no words to describe this, its just amazing, thankz for writing this it was beautiful.

This needs a sequel with twilight going back to canterlot with a look of understanding upon her face and maybe a few thu'ums in her arsenal of spells.

Man that was amazing. I'm looking forward to whatever else you write in the future, great job!

that was beautiful, though i'd think before studying the way of the voice twilight, learning a single word can take years.

This is beyond beautifull. T^T

Not only I heard both of them talk while I read, Paathurnax words really tucked a string inside of me. The gravity of mortality and the unavoidable loss of friends due to beeing imortal but then the outmost beauty of the whole creation one is to witness when one is bound to live forever.
Even if you not going to make a sequel out of this, please, PLEASE, PLEASE, never stop writing.

Because YOU are a god amongst us insects!

God damn this was awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:
Would so read a sequel.


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