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Here to show you what real creativity is. I'm rusty at animation and haven't set up my voice recorder, but I write alot and try to bring a fresh look to it.


The words here are suppose to interest you into wanting to read the story. I'm not going to type anything like that; I'm only paid to narrate this human in Equestria story (fifty bucks a story ain't worth it) so anything I say in bolded quotes will become the story. I've been doing this for years and these stories are starting to become a bit of a bore to me. If something new doesn't come around, I might just change one of the stories up.

This story is just that, a story. This is a Human in Equestria story that is being told to you by the narrator; who can be identified by italic paragraphs and just as he stated above, anything in bolded italics quotes will be part of the story. Everything else that isn't an italics paragraph is the story progressing normally. Think of it like 'The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh' but with an irritated narrator that wants to throw problems for the characters instead.

Made for the 'Body Swap Writing Contest' so you can guess what it entails.

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Wow, that may be one of the worst descriptions I've ever seen, and I've seen a lot of terrible descriptions.

:facehoof: You and the mod both, this was my second attempt at getting this story submitted. I was hoping that the viewer would put two and two together and begin realizing that the narrator was talking to you in general within the first paragraph, but I described a little bit more about what the story is about for the second submission.

This really isn't meant to be a strong story, I'm just throwing a wrench in a traditional everyday Human in Equestria story that I'm sure many people (especially those on this site) are familiar with.

I'm not going to type anything like that, I'm only paid to narrate this human in Equestria story

Comma splice error in description. Swap that comma with a semicolon.

Thank you. Perhaps this was the reason why my description is considered bad.:rainbowkiss:

I read this entire story with the Narrator from Stanley Parable being the narrator. And it fit perfectly:pinkiehappy:

Keep up the good work!:twilightsmile:

One google search later~
:rainbowlaugh:That guy's a jerk.
The narrator is really myself just having fun with the story. Whenever I read a story, or shows for that matter, I just can't help but start making comment jokes about it (something I picked up from watching MST3K actually).

Well given the rare opportunity of switched bodies; I decree a tough challenging round of Twister. You don't mind, do you Hasbro?


Why that rancid over-sized nematode!

Here I absolutely lost it and spat water over my computer.
On the bright side, the keyboard is very clean now.

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