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Equestria's best DJ, Vinyl Scratch, has always been a lone wolf, or in this case, pony. One night in Fillydephia has her world turned upside-down when she meets another she must collaborate with, MC W1SH, or Neon Lights. The two of them talk, and the rest is history.
Based off the comic that you can find here:

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Also i enjoyed this, even though it was word for word from the strip. I would say an after story would be in order. Otherwise good job.


MOARCHAPTERS! That is all I'm gonna say for now.


I guess I can make more :D

Love the bit where the curtain opens, bam right there a couple of pony is making out.

This was on some other site in the past, wasn't it?
I swear I remember reading this a while ago.


It was a comic and I linked it. But there is no other fanfic based off of it

Neon Lights.... Strange how my OC is named Neon Blaze and is also Vinyl's boyfriend. You didn't steal from me, did you?


No, he was a background pony in the episode Sweet and Elite.

Liked and favorited.

This pairing is underrated. :rainbowkiss:

About bloody time Vinyl Scratch is shipped with a character other than Octavia.

I know!
i like your profile pic :3 btw

you should totally expand with this it has a lot of potential :twilightsmile:

I'm going to be blunt, the scripting mirrors the comic almost completly; witch is borderline plagerisim.:trixieshiftright:

That being said however, that dose not mean the story is at all bad. Infact if you broaden the story in some way, wether it being a rework of this or by adding additional chapter (or hell, you can do both if you want), you can actually make this a very good story; it has quite a bit of potential. :twilightsmile:

Sorry if this may sound like a naggin bitch, but I suppsoe that's what reviews are for. :pinkiecrazy: Ragardless I actualy like this story, and lets face it: this site need more Vinyl/Neon, other then the (literal) two stories it has, lol

Good luck in the future, with all and whatever you may do :moustache:

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