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Ponies I guess


There is but one human left in all of exsitence, and when he is unpetrified amongst a world of uncertainty what must he do? 1000 years have passed by unnoticed and the world has changed. Jan Sjoland is The Last Man.

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Comment posted by YoloSwagginz deleted May 3rd, 2014

Hm well, I would like to know of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors if they are seen. I would appreciate any sort of reponse even if it is one of the negative kind. Anyways I hope you are all enjoying the story? We will see some more intersting things emerge soon I hope. Stay posotive my fellow mortals! :rainbowwild:

4332338 Ya spelt Fillies wrong :rainbowwild:

4332175 I think he's talking to you....

Comment posted by YoloSwagginz deleted May 3rd, 2014

i have to say, the wall of text unnerved me a bit in the beginning but i pushed on with some reward, the premise seems interesting so far and im starting to like the character's personality. though i would like to see how this story unfolds so keep going if you please?:twilightsheepish:

4332175 HAH! love your profile pic.:rainbowlaugh:


4333253 I'm still waiting for someone to write a clopfic based on it.

4333253 I am thankful for your comment and I have noted you. When I am home tomorrow I will break up the first paragraph because I admit, it is pretty large. I will also start on my second chapter.

why it called the last man? depression hitting me now.

Will Rainbow Dash be beating anybody up in this story?

Are you trying to get that on a T-shirt or something?

Well tonight everyone should expect a new chapter. I am also going to change the description as it does not "exactly" describe the story, so see you all in a couple hours...


"I cant believe that stupid wolf would do this..." thought Rainbow Dash.

I dont think so.

4360313 Yes good, any suggestions? Was is too long? Wordy perhaps? Was the song unnecessary? Too slow? Any suggestion or response would be appreciated!

It was actually great! The only issue I saw was how fast he got over everything he knew being gone. The song was also a nice touch.

4360408 Ah yes thank you! I think I had rushed that too. This I shall fix at a later date. :pinkiehappy:

If we're going off Norwegian myth, than his sister is now a valkyrie. This being based on the black wings on her back. This is just my guess, so if not, then cool.

you have to add lyra tag

This was easily the best chapter you've put up so far. Keep up the good work ans fix dem grama mistakes.

4386848 Thank you, I was hoping the addition of a new character would help. About grammar, I usually only have about 2 hours on tuesday and thursday nights to write, so I usually just try to get it up. I went back and fixed a couple things. Thanks for the heads up!

Comment posted by Edanite Phoenix deleted May 14th, 2014

I agree with that last guy with the teacup. This is my fave chapter you've put up so far. Can't wait to see where it goes.

To the recommendation of peers I am going to officially change the intro of the first chapter. I've been told that the description of the protaganist was too slow and put many people off. This will be changed thursday.

Nice one AJ, nice one.
:ajsmug: You expect anything less, sugar cube?

I can't believe a story of this quality was written by a guy named YoloSwagginz....

Just started reading this story. And I like what I see. Have a stache :moustache: and a like, fav, and a follow

4411802 I do not know what you mean? Can you elaborate?

4414961 What? Please explain your orgininal comment, what are you trying to tell me about my desription? Have I done something wrong?

4416245 Alright well, the description is just to get people interested. The human is not evil, and the basic idea is that there was humans before equestria was made, but humans were pretty bad, as many of us know and they made an awful reputation of themselves. Celestia becomes an immortal around the time humans "pass away" and figures that mentioning them would be unecessary, so when our protaganist who was petrified by young celestia comes back to life he is the only human left. he is confused and feels pretty disconnected. He is basically abandoned and tries to find comfort in his new friends. He wants to know what has happened to the rest and still wants to prove his worth to the world. He will get a chance and i plan on taking this story pretty far. I hope that sums it up...

4416381 The scene involving the archer becoming stone could perhaps be confusing. No that was not the protaganist. This was merely some back story showing the impact of other humans and why they are evil to celstia and luna. I hope this clears some of this up. If i explain anymore i think you would start toget some unpublished info... read if you will! :)

4351421 it does seem to suggest that but idk...

Hello to those of you who are following this story, I want to aplogize for the lack of content being released, I have been busy with exams, performances, you know, school. Anyways I will put something up tomorrow hopefully, and some more next week. I am going as a foreign exchange student for about a month in about a week, so i dont know if ill be able to write while im there, i will most certainly try, anyways, enjoy the wonders of be mortal everybody, and may your days be filled with die Pferde!

The only gripe I can think of for this story would have to be its shortness as of yet. But that is really scraping the bottom of the barrel to find faults. To summarize, its a very good story in my opinion.:twilightsmile: I'm surprised it doesn't have more likes.

Ehhh. The overpowered magic is kinda a turn off, but l will continue.

It's a fine story but I don't get why you're making Humans so weak. Alright magic bla bla bla but really. Jan especially, I thought he was a knight not some bumbling weakling in armor.

4775167 The only reason I made him appear weak is that he is mortal, like you and I. How could you or me ever even attempt to defend ourselves against a wizard wearing nothing but armor? The point is to show how out of place Jan s in this world.

4816930 I guess it depends on how you view magic. I personally don't think it'd be that powerful at all, especially to a being that weighs more than the user, is wearing armor, and is of old. Typically old things in magic are either magically powerful or resistant.

I guess I can live with that... He is kind of funny and... uh cute? Pfff..."

[Ringing of a bell] Shipping alert everyone!!

Also when did he learn how to speak so poety-like he wasn't really rich... and they also didn't have the word 'Fuck' back then

I guess she couldn't wait for me to stick it in her!

Whoa! What sorta kinky shit is this!?


I don't think the capital 's' was needed

last human in the universe

How does he know what the universe is? They barely even knew that the world was circular XD

Also how come he hasn't found any destroyed sky scrapers yet? The year should be about 2700 so yeah...

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