• Published 6th Jun 2014
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Wakfu: A Pony's Tale - steel soul

When a mysterious pony appears in Rarity's shop, she and the others are thrown into a century old war.

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Chapter Five

Wakfu: A Pony’s Tale
Chapter Five

The shining of the sun did great wonders to the little rust furred colt’s countenance as he stepped out of the hospital’s doors, bringing a great shiver of unrestrained pleasure throughout his tiny little body. While he was thankful for the hospital’s care to his injuries, he was happy to be out of that cold sterile room, giggle escaping his maw as he felt the wind rustle the torn clothes on his body. He bounded forward a bit, earning a reprimand from the white mare that was now his temporary guardian.

“Yugo.” She said in a stern voice. “I can see you’re eager to stretch your legs after being cooped up inside for so long, but please take it easy dear. The doctor says you’re still recovering after all.”

Yugo stopped before turning around, the ears within his hat folding back before nodding with understanding. “Sorry Rarity.” Yugo said. He did feel a whole lot better than before though. With the use of their magic his body felt as good as new. Though he would still ache here and there, it didn’t feel half as bad as it did a week ago. Despite her warning, he couldn’t help but run his way to the mare, bouncing back with every forward motion she made. “It just feels so good! I love the feeling of the wind in my hair!”

Rarity tried to remain stern but soon found her-self giggling at the little colt, unable to suppress it despite her wanting him to stop. Soon though, she placed a hoof gently upon his head soon after, making him sit still for the moment. “I understand Yugo dear, but as your guardian, I have to look out for you and your wellbeing. So, as a request from me to you, could you at least trot at a normal pace.

Yugo groaned slightly, puffing his cheeks as if to protest, but seeing the kind look within the white mare’s eyes made him nod in agreement to her request. The white unicorn mare smiled before nuzzling him gently, causing the colt to pull away with a deep blush on his cheeks and bound away, taking in all the sights as he did so.

Rairty shook her head before tisk-tisking. “Such a hyper little thing…” She mused before a smile graced her lips.

Yugo had made his way to one of the nearby flower stands and stood on his hind hooves, balancing himself with his fore hooves against the stand itself (A trick he learned from the Pinkie Pie during his stay at the hospital.)

The mare that ran the stand, a furred pink mare with ruby green mane and tail, saw the top of odd looking blue hat and then a pair of gold colored eyes scanning the surface of the table, looking at all the variety of flowers she for sell. She couldn’t help but smile as the little colt greeted her with a squeaky “Hi”.

“Well hello there little guy." The mare mused, gently petting the top of his head. "Never seen you around Ponyville before. Are you new?”

Yugo thought for a moment as what to say to her. Before he could act on his thoughts however, Rarity gently picked the little colt up in her magic and set him back down upon the ground beside her. “I really am sorry Daisy. This little one isn’t bothering you, is he?”

Daisy waved a hoof, smiling. “Oh! No worries Rarity. We were just having a nice little chat is all.” The flower sells pony raised an eyebrow as a question crossed her mind. “Is he with you though? I didn’t know you had any children.”

Rarity’s eyes blenched before shaking her head wildly at the sudden yet kind accusation. “Oh dear heavens no! I am just taking care of the dear is all. He’s a relative of mine you see.”

Yugo looked between the two ponies as they converse, what he was told to say to others when asked where he came from fresh in his mind. The rulers of this land he was in, two ponies named Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, had told Twilight to tell him that the manor of how he came to this world must be kept secret.

Daisy’s eyes widened. “I see.” Figuring out something that the colt had not heard. She smiled down at the colt and Yugo smiled back. “Well it’s great to have you here in Ponyville little Yugo. I hope you enjoy your stay.”

“I already am!” Yugo answered as he got into a pouching position, his tail wagging behind him. “It’s so bright and colorful and Rarity is nice and-“ His stomach grumbled and he placed a hoof upon his belly. “And now I’m hungry.”

“Oh dear, we really should get you home now little one.” Rartiy said hastily. Yugo noticed this and raised an eyebrow at the white unicorn.

“Bye Little Yugo. Come visit again.” Daisy said with a wave of her hoof.

As soon as they were out of the pink pony’s sight, Rarity breathed a sigh of relief.

“Miss Rarity?” Yugo inquired.

“Oh! Sorry Yugo. Was just…She was asking a few too many questions. Mostly about how you came here.”

Yugo’s eyes widened as realization soon hit him. His head lowered, the flaps on top his head folding back. The details of his arrive still eluded him, having been barely conscience at the time, but from what he was told, the storm that bright him did quite a bit of damage to Rarity’s home. “I’m really sorry about that Rarity.”

Rarity’s own eyes widened before she gave him a gentle smile. “I told you before Yugo dear; it is all taken care of. My store will be back on his hooves and no time. Besides, it gives me a chance to make some improvements.”

Yugo only nodded in response, not sure what to contribute. He didn't think he was big on fashion.

“In any case," Rarity continued, "let’s get you home and cleaned up, hmm? You have a big day tomorrow, what with meeting the royalty and all.”

Yugo nodded. He as told that they might just be able to help him fill the missing gabs in his memory. His gaze shifted to a little mare walking beside two older ponies. The stallion smiled down at her as the mare gently nuzzled the little filly. Yugo couldn't help but smile brightly at the sweet moment. Maybe he could remember his father and his mother again, maybe even find them when this is all over. He smiled at the thought. “That…Would be nice…"

Author's Note:

Ok so I am working on my stories and whatnot, this one being the last one I post before I go simi-off the gird and force myself to writing. I promise the next thing I write will at least be a lot longer.

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