• Published 6th Jun 2014
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Wakfu: A Pony's Tale - steel soul

When a mysterious pony appears in Rarity's shop, she and the others are thrown into a century old war.

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Chapter Three

Ponyville General
12: 30 pm


The colt named Yugo held his legs out as the little puff ball of a bird flew straight into him, both embracing each other as best as they could. Rarity, Twilight, and the pony that had been taking care of the little puff ball of a bird, a yellow furred, pink maned pegasus named Fluttershy, all cooed at the sight of both friends displaying their affection for one another. After the happy reunion, the bird soon flew to the top of his head, nesting happily within his mane as he looked up towards the yellow mare, a bright smile upon his face.

“Thanks for taking care of Az for me Fluttershy.” The colt said happily. “He looks as good-No wait...Better then new. Never seen his feathers so bright and shiny.” He chuckled as the little bird nuzzled into his cheek. “Hope he didn’t give you any trouble.”

Fluttershy blushed brightly before looking away from the little colt, clearly not taking the complement well. “Oh, he was no trouble at all. He was such a good little bird and very well mannered. Yes he was a little on edge with you being in the hospital I think, but I was able to calm him down.” She looked at the colt from behind her mane. “And I really didn’t clean him up that much. He already looked very well taken care of by the time I got him.”

“All the same, thanks a bunch!” Yugo said before looking up at the bird.

His eye caught the attention of the purple unicorn as she sat next to his bed, a quill and parchment puffing into existence not too long afterwards, being held within the confines of a purple aura. The colt looked between her and her magically held items, his head tilting to the side slightly as he did so.

“Now, Yugo was it?” At his nod she continued. “Tell me, you called that little bird a Tofu, am I right? I have never seen that species of bird within the confines of Equestria. Where did it come from? How did you acquire it? For that matter, where did you come from? Clearly you’re not from around here, not being able to speak Ponglish at all when you woke up.”

The colt eye’s blinked long and hard before he tilted his head and asked, “Equestria?”

Before she could say anything a light blue aura caught hold of Twilight’s supplies, snatching them from her grasp. The lavender mare turned to see the white one glaring at her with disappointment, “Twilight Sparkle! He is still recovering! At least allow him some time to get his bearings before you start playing ‘Twenty Questions’ with the poor thing.”

Yugo shook his head before looking down. “Well, I’m Ok...I think...But I really don’t know much of what’s going on.” He looked down to his hooves, bringing them up in front of his face as he did so. “Before your...ah...spell, I didn’t even know what I was.”

Twilight raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t know you were a pony?” She looked off to the side saying. “Could it be a case of retrograde amnesia?”

Yugo tilted his head, inadvertently causing the odd little bird to spill onto the bed. “Retro-who-what now?”

Twilight did not look up as she explained, “Retrograde amnesia. It is a loss inner subconscious of recently attained data and block of access to events that had occurred in your life, or information that was learned, before an injury or the onset of a disease.”

The colt blinked more than a few times before looking over towards Rarity and Fluttershy, the former coughing within her hooves before saying. “She means that you have might have memory loss dear.”

He tapped a hoof to his chin before saying. “Well…some things are really fuzzy, I remember…fighting. And then a big flash of light and then…nothing.”

“Fighting?” Rarity asked, with a bit of worry. “Do you remember what you were fighting dear?”

“No…I…I don’t.” He said before lowering his head.

The girls all looked at him for a second before Twilight excused her and her friends from the room. When on the other side of the door Twilight shook her head before looking back to the door. “What do you make of it girls?”

Rarity looked down as she said. “Whatever it was that he went through, I must have shook him up pretty badly. For him to forget that he was even a pony.”

“And all those bandages,” Fluttershy said covering a hoof with her mouth. “He didn’t look any older than your sister Rarity. Who would do such a thing to a foal?”

Rarity shook her head. “Until he regains his memories there’s no way to get a complete answer from him, I’m afraid to say.”

“And I don’t want to try my memory spell again,” Twilight added. “The magical backlash he gave me was intense. Whoever he is he has an amazing amount of magical energy in him. Not only is he a foal but he is an earth pony as well. If the magic I sensed from your store and the magical energy that I felt when I used my Ponglish spell on him is any indication, he has more than an unprecedented amount of energy within him.” She paused before saying. “But…It seems to have locked inside of him.”

“Locked inside of him?” Fluttershy asked. “What do you mean Twilight?”

“What I mean, Fluttershy, is that his energy is being held back by something.” She shook her head. “If it wasn’t then…I’m not sure what effect it would have on his body, especially in the state that it’s in.” She looked towards the door. “I’ve told Celestia about him already and she is rather eager to meet the little colt. I’ll have to tell her about the magical backlash when she comes earlier today though?”

“Um…” Fluttershy timidly said. “You don’t think that he’s…well…Dangerous do you?”

“I’m…not sure…” Twilight admitted. “It’s hard to say right now but, he seems like a nice colt.”

“Hello? Miss Sparkle?” The three mares turned to face the same doctor stallion that was examining Yugo not too long ago, a clipboard held within his magic. “Sorry if I am interrupting anything, but I am here to give you the release papers.”

The lavender mare quickly nodded before enveloping the clipboard within her own magic and bringing it to her to read over. “Um…Doctor Stable.” She said after a few moments. “It says here that he is to be released under the care of a parent or guardian. If he has neither then what will happen to him?”

“Well, seeing how old he appears to be,” The Doctor said. “Foster care is the closest thing I can think of that will take him. If not then…well…” He looked away.

“Oh my goodness.” Fluttershy gasped. “If they can’t take him then he will be…he’ll be…”

“Put out onto the street…” Rarity said with disgust.

“I am sorry.” The doctor apologized. “This is a delicate matter for most, if not all, ponies. His injures were taken care of by the hospital itself due to that reason but after that…” He sighed. “I am sorry to say he might not have anyplace to go.”

“He does have a place to go.”

Twilight and Fluttershy both looked towards Rarity as she spoke, the former’s eyes widening by degrees. “Wait! Rarity! I think that I should-“

“I darling,” The white unicorn said interrupting her, “believe that an environment where he is not studied will do him some good. He needs to rest before meeting the princess and for him to do that he needs someplace he can do so. My home is more than enough since Sweetie is with her parents this weekend.”

Twilight pouted slightly. “Rarity I think-“ There was a loud yell that erupted from behind the door, causing all four ponies to jump in fright.

“What the hey was that?!?!” Twilight yelled before looking back to the door. “Yugo!?” Twilight frowned before busting down the door; her magic alit with a readied spell. What she saw caused the mare to nearly face plant onto the floor.

Rarity and Fluttershy both peeked around the door, the two mares staring at the sight within the room; one with a worried look and the other with an irate one. A pink mare sat upon the colts lap, smiling brightly as Yugo tried to calm his beating heart.

“Yugo, huh?” The pink mare mused. “Hehehe! Thats a funny name! Its nice to meet you Yugo! My names Pinkie pie, and were gonna be super special awesome friends!!”

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