• Published 6th Jun 2014
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Wakfu: A Pony's Tale - steel soul

When a mysterious pony appears in Rarity's shop, she and the others are thrown into a century old war.

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Chapter Two


That was all he could see.


That was all he could hear.

It was like this ever since…ever since…He couldn’t even remember when.

He did remembered the pain though.

Such excruciating pain.

A voice in his haze telling him to run.

His body refusing to respond.

And then a bright light descending upon him.

But that was just a memory to him. He didn’t feel such pain now.

Was he dead? He did not know the answer, but the pain he remembered caused him to believe that he was. He didn’t feel the pain now though, so it did not matter to him either way.

And so he sat in the darkness, his mind blank with nothing but the silence he herd and the darkness he saw.

And then he heard a voice.

It was faint at first, but then steadily grew in volume. With the voice came a light, and with the light came something within his being.

A need.

A drive.

He followed the light until it was all he could see.

And then he awoke.



His consciousness stirred. With it came a sensation of pain, but the pain he had remembered was much better then before. This pain, he felt right now, was more manageable.

The colt felt that he had not moved for a very long time, immediately aware of how stiff his body was. Something else was there as well. A since of calmness. A calmness he felt he hadn’t felt for quite some time.

The colt opened his eyes and felt a sharp pain blast into them immediately after. The light of the sun shining into them after a long time of being in the dark he had believed. Several seconds of adjustment later and the sunlight was no longer his current bane of existence, rather it made him slightly smile as a brand new morning greeted him. Shifting in his bed, the colt raised himself up, getting a better view of his surroundings as he did so. He found himself in some sort of room, one he had never seen before, sleeping in a bed he had never slept in before. An odd smell hit his nostrils, causing him to wrinkle his nose a bit in protest. It wasn’t a bad smell, though it was something he was not use to in the slightest. It felt almost clean in its scent.

After a moment of silent acceptance, he slowly began to move his body. Upon raising one of his limbs he found, to his surprise, his arm was covered completely in rust colored fur, ending in what he could only classify as a hard stump. Somewhere in the back of his mind he felt that it lacked something he should know about, but what that was he could not recall. The colt ran his other limb though the fur, watching it buckle and fold before bouncing back into place. It felt funny.

The colt's eyes drifted towards the bandages that was bound around his chest, causing him to tilt his head to the side. As gentle as he could, he poked at his chest with one his limbs, causing him to cringe slightly at the jolt of pain that erupted throughout his body. After a while the pain subsided and he gave a tired sigh.

The turn of a knob nearby caused him to lock up and throw his gaze to the only door in the room. Upon fully opening, it revealed an white creature, one he had never seen before, entering the room as quietly as it could. He looked at his own body noticing the similarities between his own and the others, though he had to guess that he was quite smaller then it. His gaze shifted back to the creature just as its eyes met his own, gaining him a good look at the creatures face.

He could honestly say that he had never seen a creature quite like the one he was looking upon. The alabaster creature with the bouncy purple hair and tail threw its ocean blue eyes his way. Both orbs seemed to widen by degrees as it looked upon him with surprise before quickly rushing towards him. The sudden action caused him to try to edge away from the creature. It paused before growing a sad smile and back up slightly. It opened its mouth to speak but when it did all he heard was a bunch of nonsense he couldn't hope to decipher. He raised an eyebrow before responding with a cracked, “W-What did you say?”


Rarity prided herself on being well educated in many subjects, though sadly most of them did not cover the basics of other languages. Sure she did know a few and she was proud of that fact. So when the little foal before her spoke “Q-Qu'avez-vous dit?” She had to do a double take.

“Oh dear…” She said in a gentle voice, making sure not to upset him. “Do you understand me Darling?”

The colt just titled his head and raised an eyebrow as he said. “Je-ne comprenais pas. Qu’avex-vous dit?”

She shook her head and pointed to her mouth, causing the colt to tilt his head in confusion once again. She sighed gently before making her way to the foal. She could see the colt going ridged as she approached and she tired to gave him a gentle and disarming smile before raising a hoof and pointing to him before pointing to the bed. The colt blinked once before pointing to the bed and then to himself. She smiled and nodded before making a mention for him to not move. He scrunched up his nose a bit before a look of realization hit him and he shook his head wildly, blushing brightly all the while.

“Je ne vous connais pas! Je suis juste un enfant!” He began to say with a frail of his limbs before looking away, his blush still quite heavy.

“Oh dear…Um…I think I made it worse didn’t I?” She gave an awkward smile before backing away. “Just…Don’t move ok. I’ll be right back.” She said before exiting the room, locking it soon after so that he would not escape. “Ok…I have to get Twilight on this one…”


He never really understood why he was left alone after she had left, still, it made him just a little bit more comfortable knowing that she did not get in bed with him. Whatever she was, she seemed like a reasonable creature and would understand how he felt. He wasn’t even sure of what he was, plus he was still young (at least he believed he still was), compared to her in any case. If he really had to guess he would have to say that she looked like an adult, and by what he saw when she turned around with a flick of her tail, he could tell that she was a she. He blushed deeply, burying his nose slightly under the covers that held him. “She doesn’t ware any clothes…” He said in a low tone. His eyes widened before he looked under the covers and sighed with relief. “And I’m still a boy...”

Still, her being the only one he had seen thus far made him a little lonely, even if she wanted to jump into the bed with him. Laid his head back on the pillow sighing gently. He stared at the ceiling, watching the fan above him, watching it spin slowly as his mind began to wonder.

“Where am I? What am I?” He raised his fingerless leg and pouted. “No…Don’t remember being this at all…Though I don't remember what I use to be either.” He allowed his leg to fall back onto the bed and covered both hooves with his eyes. “What in the world is going on?”

The sound of the door opening once again cause him to raise up once again, albeit a bit more slowly than last time. He once again saw the creature that was here before, but it seemed to bring with her another one. This one being lavender purple with dark purple hair with a pink streak. Another difference he could see between them was a cone like horn protruding from on top of her forehead. It didn’t look sharp enough to hurt someone but still, it could do some damage in his state.

He gave the newcomer a wary look, in which she returned in what he believed was a kind smile. She sat down beside the bed before pulling from a bag she had upon her back a large book of some sort. He raised an eyebrow towards it before looking up to see the creature’s horn aglow with an odd purple light. She had something in her strange language before point her horn at him. His eyes widened by degrees and he began to back away from her out of fear for his life.

He released a gasp as the energy shot out of the mare and hit him directly. There was a flood of information. Words, phrases, numbers, all of it flooded into his mind at once without remorse, and his mind seemed to be taking all that it could from her, rather this was what she wanted or not. The lavender mare, yes…she was a mare, a…a pony actually, and he knew it, she fell to her knees as the magic continued. The world spun around him like a top while a migraine drilled into his head. The side effects of what she was doing were beginning to take its toll on the pair. The lavender mare spewed out some type of mush from her mouth before collapsing, the little colt doing so as well, but not before a thought crossed his mind.

‘I’m a…pony?’


Twilight was stirred from her sleep by several ponies congregating together in a dimly lit room. She rose up and then noticed that she was within one of the hospitals beds. She groaned deeply before a headache attacked her with full force. An white hoof with two small white pills shot into her vision, causing her eyes to widen a bit.

“I’m so glade your awake darling. You give us quite the scare.” Twilight looked up, finding the familiar regal face of her friend and fellow Element of Harmony, Rarity, smiling wistfully upon her. “Are you going to be alright dear?”

Twilight gave her a smile before enveloping the two pills in magic and floating them, along with the glass of water she saw beside her bed towards her mouth. After taking both of the pills and swallowing the water she released a breathy sigh and turned to her friend. “I’ll be fine Rarity, just give me a moment, ok? I didn’t think the spell would backfire so much like that, it was like…like…he was intensifying the basis of the spell and…I don’t even know where to begin on how much energy I’ve felt.” She looked towards the white mare. “Is he ok?”

Rarity smiled as she mentioned behind her. Twilight could clearly see the little colt, wide awake and being checked upon by one of the doctors. He still seemed to be wary but she could tell that he was a bit more calm then before.

“So the spell work or…?” Twilight asked, a bit of excitement emanating from her as she did so.

“Well…” Rarity began to say. “He said something before when he woke up.” She shook her head, “but the after that he went quite. He seems to understand us now in any case so I believe your spell really did work, Twilight darling.”

Twilight breathed a sigh of relief before trying to slip out of bed. She was immediately pushed back down by the white mare. “Tut tut tut! Doctor says you need your rest. Can’t have you passing out again.”

“B-But the colt. I have a lot of things I need to ask him.”

“And I’m sure you will, just wait a little while ok?”

Twilight sighed deeply before looking back towards the colt. “Fine…”


“Right then my little pony.” The doctor named Stable said, checking off the paper on his board. “You seem to be in perfect health, despite the bruises you still have. No internal damage,” He looked over the board. “And despite Miss Sparkles unplanned magic use, it seems that we have her to thank for you being able to understand us, if what Miss Rarity said was to be believed.” The doctor put the board back down and looked into the colts eyes. “How do you feel by the way? Noting hurting inside you?”

The colt looked away. Not sure on how to answer the stallion. He looked back up towards the stallion with shake of his head and nothing else.

The doctor nodded before jutting something down onto the paper with the quill he held in his magic. “Right then, I’ll be back soon so just rest up and I’ll have the nurse bring you something to eat. Is that ok?”

The colt’s mood brightened considerably before nodding enthusiastically. Chuckling, the doctor made his way out the door, leaving the colt alone with the two mares on the other side of the room. He looked to his side, finding both mares staring at him in turn, with an unsure look he waved to them lightly with his leg before stopping and looking at it.

“Darling.” Rarity called out to him. “You seem to be doing much better. I’m glad to see that your awake now”

The colt looked up towards Rarity before looking back down to his hoof. His gaze went over every inch of his limb, poking it and running his other hoof along the edge of it.

The colt looked up towards Rarity before looking back down to his hoof. His gaze went over every inch of his limb, poking it and running his other hoof along the edge of it.

Rarity raised an eyebrow towards him before looking back to her friend. “He seems to be a quite type hmm? Does that spell only give him the ability to understand us and nothing more Twilight?”

Twilight shook her head before pouting. “It was suppose to make it where he can not only understand our language, but also be able to speak to us too.” The lavender mare sighed before slumping. “Maybe I missed it up along the way somewhere, I’m not sure. There is a reason why schools are used in stead of a learning spell. Poor colt. Maybe I should-”


Both mares ears picked up at the sound of the new voice, Rarity instantly turning to the little pony in the bed. “What did you say darling?”

“My name...Its Yugo.” He said before growing a determined look. “And where the heck is my piwi?”

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