• Published 6th Jun 2014
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Wakfu: A Pony's Tale - steel soul

When a mysterious pony appears in Rarity's shop, she and the others are thrown into a century old war.

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Chapter One

The door opened to the once beautiful Carousal Boutique, the dinted bell that would once signal the arrival of a potential customer, fell to the floor with a muted ‘clump’. A lavender unicorn mare peaked inside her eyes widening at the sight of the ruined dresses and destroyed ponikins. Pushing the door a bit more she made her way deeper into the disaster zone, her purple and pink mane bouncing to and fro as she surveyed the damage within.

Despite having had cleared up most of what was scatted, she was told that they still had a long way to go before Carousal Boutique was up and running normally again. With the broken windows and the destroyed floors, she was sure what she was told was true.

“Spike wasn’t kidding,” Twilight whispered softly to herself. “It really does look like a tornado ran rapid though here." She gently stepped over a puddle of leaking water form a hanging pipe in the ceiling. "It had to have been some serious magic for it to do all this in less than a few moments.”

Twilight pushed her way past a few tattered cloth, making her way to the door opposite of the room. Carefully, the lavender mare pushed the door open with a nudge from her muzzle and looked within. Somehow, only the main store and was in shambles leaving the rest of the house untouched. Twilight took note on to study the left over magic residue that was still within the room when she had the time to do so. For now, she had another reason to visit and that took priority above all else. “Rarity? Are you in here?”

“Over here, Twilight darling.” Said a most eloquent, yet tired sounding voice. Twilight looked over to her left, finding the pony she was looking for. An alabaster mare with curly purple locks turned to face her. She was a unicorn like she was, and her white horn was aglow with her magic, holding up a cup of dark brown liquid in a ceramic mug. “Sorry if I am a mess Twilight.” She said shaking her head. “As you well noticed I had been a little bit busy with the mess our little, um, guest made when he appeared.” She paused before looking back towards he fellow unicorn. “Um, how is he by the way, he was absolute dreadful when I saw him.”

Twilight shook her head. “I’ve been by to check on him at the hospital just this morning. Doctor Stable says that with the magic that’s being used on him to heal his injures, and the rest he is receiving, he should be up and at ‘em in no time at all.” She grew a saddened expression before speaking again. “Who could do such a thing to such a small colt. His body, covered and bruises and cuts as they were. Even some major blood loss and a few broken ribs. The doctor says that it’s a miracle that he endured whatever magic brought him here let alone whatever did that to him in the first place.”

Rarity eyes widened slightly before her expression turned to that of a saddened one, mirroring that of Twilight's. Her mind instantly drew back to three days ago. The day that she had in unexpected visitor grace her home.


Late Last Night...

The tell, tell crack of thunder pulled the slumbering Rarity from a rather vivid dream about a rather handsome stallion showering her with gifts and trinkets. In fact, it shook her up so much that the mare fell from off her bed, her limps flailing wildly to catch herself in a rather unlady like fashion. It was to no avail however, as she hit the floor with a loud thump; landing with her head on the floor and her hind legs in the air in a way she was thankful that nopony saw her in.

Rarity growled softly as she began to speak under her breath. “Humph…They said that the thunderstorm wasn’t seclude until tomorrow afternoon. Just what are they thinking, ruining my beauty sleep like that?” She slowly rose to her hooves, and took the blindfold off her eyes, letting them adjust to the change in lighting coming from her hallway.

The white mare blinked once before widening her eyes. “Wait a moment…I didn’t leave the light on out there…”


“What!? Sweetie!?” She dashed out her bedroom door and made her way to where she heard the voice. The loud crack of thunder once again filling her ears. “Sweetie! What’s going on!? What’s happening!?” She stopped where a little unicorn filly was standing, peering through a cracked door. She turned before running towards Rarity, running behind her and pushing her towards the door.

“Rarity! Something weird is going on in the boutique!” the little filly said in a squeaky voice. “It’s like a pegasus let a storm loose in there! It’s running wild and everything.”

Rarity quickly made her way to the door and peeked inside, only to close it again just as one of her machines slammed into the doorway. She pushed her back against the door, it feeling like the wind suddenly had a great interest in the door where it had left it alone before. It buckeld from the pressure, threating to be blasted off its hinges.

And then nothing.

Rarity and Sweetie both looked at each other before looking towards the door handle. The white mare gripped it within her magic and, as slowly as she could, opened the door wide.

“Oh dear goodness…” Was all that she could say as she entered into the room. Her boutique was in shambles, her dress and materials either scattered everywhere or torn to an unusable rate.

“Oh…Wow sis, this place is totally destroyed,” Sweetie seemed to agree and then said. “But…why only here and not the rest of the house? Seems kind of-” The little filly gapsed loudly. “Hey! Isn’t that the dress for Sapphire Shores you worked so hard on?” Sweetie called out, pointing to a particully destroyed dress of different interchangeable hews. Rarity gasped as she ran towards the scattered remains.

“Oh no! It took me forever to get that spell right!” She slumped her shoulders before raising her hooves into the sky yelling, “IS THIS SOMEPONY’S IDEAL OF A SICK JOKE!? DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO MAKE THIS DAMNED THING!? DO YOU?!”

A low groan came from her side, causing her to jump in fright in response. She peered through the darkness of the night, finding that not too far away from her, in a circled clearing, was a small foal of a colt, barely looking older than her sister. She growled before storming over to the groaning little one, prepared to believe that he was the culprit that had messed up her boutique. It wasn’t until she she had gotten close to better see him that she immediately retracted any harsh words she was about the spew from her mouth.

“Oh...Oh Dear! This colt! He looks dreadful!” Rarity cried out, gaining Sweetie’s attention. The alabaster mare gently turned the little one over, getting a better look at him, her heart nearly stopping upon the sight. Even with only the moon to illuminate the room, her eye for detail didn’t miss its mark, not that it had to look that hard to see the damaged done to the colt.

Blood covered the majority of the little colts rust colored fur as, as well as the tattered yellow and blue clothes that he wore around his torso and legs. Bruises, blight and swollen even in the moon light, seemed to liter just as much around his little body. Even his hooves seemed to be raw as if they had been over used somehow. Rarity could see his chest rise and fall slowly, his breath shallow as if fighting for every drop of the life giving oxygen. The colt seemed to be clutching his chest in a tight grip as he lay there, unwilling to lot go of whatever it was he had. Without thinking she instantly began to use what little of the healing magic she knew to sooth the suffering colt.

“What’s going on?” Sweetie called out, stopping beside her sister. Her eyes instantly picked up on the colt. “Oh geez! What happened to him? Where did he come from?”

Rarity shook her head before turning towards her sister, a frantic look in her eyes. “Sweetie belle! I need to go get Twilight on the double! I can’t leave him here without somepony to look after him!”

“B-But Rarity…It’s like twelve in the morning…And you told me…”

“I know what I told you and now you will do is I’m telling you now!” The white mare yelled. “Go get Twilight!”

Sweetie Belle “Epped!” as she dashed for the doorway leaving Rarity and the colt alone. Rarity turned to looked down at the foal, watching his face twist in pain.

“Don’t worry…I got you” She whispered, her horn glowing dimly as she tried to ease his pain as much as she could muster. “Oh you poor thing…you poor, poor thing you…” The mare noticed something slipping from the colt’s hooves, and instily saw a little yellow bird like creature. It seemed unsteady for only a while before looking over towards the little stallion, a chirp of alarm, followed by the bird pushing itself into the colts neck.

Rarity didn’t make to push the bird away, as it tried to comfort the foal as best it could.


Back to the present...

“Rarity? Are you ok?” Twilight asked as she approached her fellow unicorn friend.

The alabaster unicorn shook her head, ridding herself of the terrible night before looking over towards her lavender friend with a gentle smile. “Oh! I’m so sorry dear Twilight.” Rarity apologized. “I was just lost in thought as one would put it.”

Twilight shook her head and smiled warmly. “No its fine, I can tell your still worried about the little colt, am I correct?”

Rarity nodded before setting her cup of coffee down. “How can I not be darling? He was in so much pain and…I couldn’t do anything for him.” She lowered her head. “No amount of generosity could have helped him the way you and the Emergency Ponies helped.” She sat at her table and folded her forelegs under her chin so she could rest comfortably. “I was useless…”

“Don’t say that Rarity,” Twilight replied, placing a hoof upon her friends shoulder. “Even with you limited knowledge in magic you helped him, I could tell that as soon as the doctors told you to stop with you magic that he was in pure pain. If you hadn’t had did that to him, I’m sure that he would have succumbed to his injures before we could ever have made it.”

Rarity nodded before looking towards the lavender unicorn. “Thank you Twilight.”

“Anytime Rarity. You know I never leave a friend in need.” She sighed before looking towards the door that led to the destroyed room. “Still, I have a lot of questions, and I don’t think anyone can answer them but the colt.”

“Twilight” Rarity warned. “He’s still hurt and he’s still a foal. He needs his rest.”

“I know I know!” Twilight said with a huff. “I’ll wait till he better, but…” She smiled widely at Rarity. “You don’t mind if I…um…scan the room do you?”

Rarity rolled her eyes but nodded all the same. “Right…not like anypony can ruin anything in it. Knock yourself out.” She agreed. She watched as Twilight bolted for the door, her magic making one of her magical scanners appear in front of her.


Within the hospital, as the little colt slept, his hoof began to glow in a strange light before fadeing away. The plump little yellow bird, barely takeing notice of the light, nuzzled into the colts chest, pepared to rest the day away.

The colt shifted to and fro as he slept, his voice carrying out though out the room.


Miles away and deep within the ruins of a badlands castle, the ground would trimmer slightly as if anouncing the pressence of a god. If one would listen carefully, a voice could be heard in the wind a voice that seem to speak in a forgotten tonuge. A voice that seemed to be as old as time itself.

A cloaked figure stood before a gate within the castle, a smile playing across its face as it did so. "So...It has begun. The Wakfu have returned...and along with it, their destruction." the figured laughed lowly at first, but as he continued, it became more and more wild, its tone echoing throughout the darkness.

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