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We’ve got dents and we’ve got quirks, but it’s our flaws that make us work.


This story is a sequel to Fluttershy and Trixie, Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives

A new chemical comes down Transpicuous Pharmaceutical's pipeline guaranteeing instant love and friendship. Can it deliver on that promise?

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oh god....now they are druggies? nuh uh. not cool.

Majin Syeekoh

4313404 at what point did I say that the mane six would be taking the drugs? The only druggie I see is Vinyl.

but the-ya know what?let's just drop it. forget I ever said that.


I started this thinking it would be about Twilight dealing with the repercussions of actually having a diagnosis (because yes, she is an obvious Aspie.. Twilight is so close to being a self insert of myself, I will actually never need to have a self insert in the MLP universe. :-)) And... then the drugs came in.

I'm kind of surprised no one suggested Discord take the drug... maybe because nopony wants to deal with a huggy draconequus. He's annoying enough when he's affectionate in order to annoy you; if he was doing it because he was genuinely being affectionate, that would probably be vastly more annoying. :-)

Personally I think that giving someone like Twilight a drug that makes them more open and friendly is a terrible, terrible idea... I've suffered through far too many bizarro incidents caused by my brain chemistry shifting to tell me that I desperately want to be someone's friend to think it is ever a good idea to make an Aspie want emotional connections more than they are getting. But having it wind up with the decision to have a giant party and drug everyone in Ponyville makes it clear that this is more or less entirely comedic, so I can roll with it.

4314117 I haven't read this story yet, but you sir have sold me to read it with your epic comment. :)

OK I lied, I can't read this... -_-

I see you're going for longer chapters this time around. Good! The last story was kind of choppy with the chapter breaks, but this flows much better.

Majin Syeekoh

4397820 Yeah, I'm trying something new. Here's to hoping it works out!

When I showed it to him, he froze, then fell to the floor rolling around in laughter wheezing out, and I quote, ‘Oh my god she did it I can’t believe she actually did it

I love Discord so much right now

Wouldn't twilight know about Hands.oh w wait she's drunk:rainbowhuh:

Twilight being autistic makes it explains why she freaked out in Lesson Zero and who knew that Fluttershy is smarter than Twilight infact Fluttershy is almost as smart as Dr. Eggman

Nice. The ending is kind of a...


As soon as Quill said, "this day has just been perfect," I stared at the screen for a minute and muttered many Flat Whats. So let me get this straight, either my mind is incredibly insane in such ways that yours isn't or:

Twilight just did it with Chrysalis disguised as a guy?!? :derpyderp1:

I need to know if this is what you implied or if I'm just twisted... :unsuresweetie:

This was a fun read. A toast, to drugs in Equestria. Huzzah! :yay:

Good fic, just something about the chapter 1, for the reasons about Twilight need to take pills...

If Twilight have autism, the others also have problems...

Fluttershy is too shy, her only friends are the animals, she only can talk with the animals and even when talking with the bearers is too shy to talk with them.

Rainbow Dash is lazy and almost all day is in a cloud sleeping or doing nothing, not to say her ego is almost as big as Trixie ego. He like too much pranks and her only friends are a filly pegasus that can't fly and a griffon, outside of the Bearers. She could use the pills.

Rarity is a obsessed fashionista that need everything to be perfect, she look more to the dresses that her own sister.

Applejack is obsessed with the trees, think they talk with her. Not to say that outside of her family is not like she have friends, she also does not like to ask for help when she need.

Pinkie take too many sugar and is obsessed with Parties. Also is a little too hyperactive and need to calm down.

Discord only friend is Fluttershy and he also love chaos, need to be reminded everytime to stop doing chaos, so maybe he also needs drugs

Spike have a crush with Rarity even after he knows that Rarity does not love him

Trixie call herself everytime THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE, that ego is not very sane.

Big Mac seems to have a problem with talking, so we can aslo give pills

And how we can forget about Princess Celestia and Princess Luna... Celestia loves her subjects but she send all the problems to Twilight, and both of them could not look each other without remembering the incident of Nightmare Moon, so pills for them also

What I want to say is if Twilight needs drugs, half ponyville need it also... And well, sorry if you think I exaggerate

Majin Syeekoh

4583773 Well, well, well, very interesting analysis you have there... however, I would like to point out a few things of my own.

Fluttershy did in fact take the drug, not to mention she's found success as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative in the previous story, so she's not quite the wallflower anymore.:yay:

Rainbow Dash knows every pegasus in town and would be amused by your idea that she has no friends outside of the ones you mentioned.:rainbowlaugh:

Rarity is horrified by your suggestion that she loves dresses more than her own sister, and—oooh, is that SILK!?:raritystarry:

Applejack has seen the effects that drugs have had on her friends and wouldn't care to take any part of that nonsense, thank you.:ajsmug:

...drugs don't really work on Pinkie. We have no idea why at this time.:pinkiecrazy:

It would be very difficult to convince a draconequus to take any medication, not to mention keeping him on a scheduled regimen.:facehoof:

And Spike's a kid. Kids have crazy ideas. Like this mustache(which he is convinced will win him the heart of fair Rarity one day!).:moustache:

And Trixie has no idea when you saw her call herself Great and Powerful anytime in this work of fiction. :trixieshiftleft: Trixie is not amused by you perjuring her good name like that.:trixieshiftright:

And Big Mac don't need any of that. He's fine just the way he is. Just quiet, is all. :ajbemused:

Eeyup. :eeyup:

You might have a case for Princesses Celestia and Luna...once we figure out the proper dosage for beings of their power.:trollestia:

And all the kids in Ponyville are already on Desoxyn, plus Celestia knows how many others with the way Doctor Stable is handing out prescriptions.

And what about Vinyl?

Vinyl does not have any problem (I edit this part, sorry, it was a problem reading)

And all the kids in Ponyville are already on Desoxyn, plus Celestia knows how many others with the way Doctor Stable is handing out prescriptions.

Spike is a Kid, so he could also need the Desoxyn... Except, maybe the Desoxyn does not work in dragons. The bosses of Fluttershy and Trixie tested the effects in other species?

Pinkie maybe is like the sisters, she just need a big dosis *Take a pill half the size of a pony* Maybe one of these could work for Pinkie and the Princess. And if not, maybe taking out the sugar of her diet can help.

About Discord, if Fluttershy ask, maybe he could take the pills.

Rainbow Dash, maybe knows friends, that could be my error, but she is still very lazy, something that the Desoxyn can help.

Also is a surprise that they give drugs to Twilight after the incident of QUEEN TWIWORM

Majin Syeekoh

4584055 You must be mistaking Vinyl for Lyra.

As for the rest, you bring up some rather valid points, although I'm not sure that Pinkie will have enough money for a dose her size, even with her generous insurance package.


Yes i edit that part, and say sorry for that in the post, when i first write i was thinking in LYRA for error.

About Pinkie, she could forge the signature of Fluttershy or Princess Celestia and pay a check

Majin Syeekoh

4584196 I suppose she could forge Fluttershy's signature, but that poor mare doesn't have a bottomless bank account. Besides, she's suffered enough.:fluttershysad:

And Vinyl has a MASSIVE drug problem.

Majin Syeekoh

4584055 I kindly request that you cover up the spoilers in your post.

And most of Ponyville doesn't know about Queen Twiworm. Just the Mane Six, Spike, Celestia, Luna, and Discord. Besides, that was just some chemical Twilight cooked up in her laboratory. This is a medication provided by a pharmaceutical company.


Vinyl is "You-know-what" thanks to Luna, so even if she have too many drugs, is not like it could be bad, and she have Twilight to look for her.

I'm not really sure what could be a spoiler except about Rainbow Dash, but I edited the RD.

If not Fluttershy, like I said, maybe Princess Celestia or Princess Luna signature, after all if Pinkie learn the one from Fluttershy, she could also do from others.

(I try to not make spoilers)

Majin Syeekoh

4584281 I suppose that's true for Vinyl.

And I don't think Pinkie has spent enough time around the Princesses to forge their signatures.


Pinkie can ask Twilight, she could know even the account number and passcode of Celestia

Majin Syeekoh

4584313 I suppose that to be true. I mean, it's not like Twilight would ever give that information to a hyperactive pony whose mind is focused on parties.


Pinkie only needs to ask Twilight after she is drunk... If "that" happened after she was enough drunk,,, It could be easy for Pinkie to ask.

But there are other solutions...

She could ask to Celestia to please give her the money.

She could ask Fluttershy for a discount

She could ask Discord to make gold appear

She could ask Rarity to help her find a couple of Diamonds.

She could sell what Twilight make to Fluttershy bosses


Majin Syeekoh

4584332 Those are all very plausible solutions.

Majin Syeekoh

4626876 I got the line from Red Dead Redemption. It's legit.

We’re going to draw on Rarity’s face while she’s passed out!”

Yessssssssssssssssassssssaaaaa and nooooooooo because Rarity's gonna freak.

That'll teach Rarity to faint instead of vomiting.

Princess Twilight Sparkle is very naughty :pinkiecrazy:

Princess Luna has some serious sister issues :pinkiecrazy:

That was hilarious when Discord burst out of Vinyl Scratch's chest just like those parasites from those Aliens movies and that Princess Luna is one sick mare :pinkiecrazy:

“Well...I was pronounced dead so that I could be switched out and replaced by who was believed to be the next messiah.

Okay, I'll admit, that excuse, is so MIND BLOWINGLY STUPID THERE'S NO WAY--
God damn it Celestia...

Majin Syeekoh

4884903 Rarity having a curved, red, horn was established in the previous two stories of this series, and thank you for catching that error with Discord.

4884903 Rarity's horn was altered in an earlier story in this series...it's been an occasional minor point.


Aww. Incomplete. And it was building up to... something. This series is actually quite amazing. It started pretty in character and in cannon and just deviated little by little until we've arrived at this weird clusterfuck. Amazing story so far, I hope you continue it.

When you uploaded this chapter, did you mean to misspell "Party"?

Majin Syeekoh

5284253 nope!

Thanks for catching that!

I have now finished all of your written works on fim.
Also any plans to finish this?
Rather enjoyed this one.

“I’ll get some weed off of my guy in Cloudsdale—”
Dashie's got the rainbow connections.:rainbowkiss:

I do so hope you continue this. It's awesome.

...as someone who has autism, I'm conflicted

Pinkie then pulled out a large pill bottle from...somewhere. “Why, drugs, of course!” Fluttershy and Trixie both turned their heads as they recognized the pill bottle that Pinkie was carrying.

DRUGS! Did not expect that one.

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