• Published 9th May 2014
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Sisters Reunited - SuperPinkBrony12

(Originally written by Matt11, transferred and rewritten with permission.) Pinkie discovers that Scootaloo is related to the Pies, thus making the filly Pinkie's fourth sister. She then sets out to make things right for the both of them.

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The Adoption?

Scootaloo was most surprised to be greeted by Pinkie Pie for the third time in less than three days. Yes, she now knew that they were related, but the filly didn't see why that warranted such an intense interest in her. Still, the little pegasus kept a straight face as she was tackled into a hug. "Hey, Pinkie Pie, or I guess I'm supposed to call you big sister now." She greeted enthusiastically.

"Oh Scootaloo, you can just keep calling me Pinkie Pie if you like," Pinkie happily declared as she ended the hug. "But I've got great news! Much better than the news I broke to you yesterday!"

"Are you adopting me now?" Scootaloo immediately guessed. "I mean, if you are that's totally okay... but I'm fine with being an orphan too you know. Living in an orphanage isn't so bad, it's kind of like having a big family of my own."

Pinkie shook her head, frowning a bit. "I tried to adopt you, Scootaloo, but Caring Heart said no. I don't have the means by which I can take care of a filly, even my own little sister," Her frown, however, quickly faded, to be replaced by a broad smile. And the party pony happily declared. "But the Cakes are planning to adopt you, if you want it that is."

Scootaloo was quite taken aback at the sudden statement. "They wanna adopt me? But don't they already have their own kids to take care of? I wouldn't want to be a burden, and I don't want them doing this just because you and I are sisters now. Like I said, I'm fine with just being an orphan, though being adopted would be kind of nice I suppose."

"So, do you wanna be adopted or not?" Pinkie asked her little sister. "The Cakes are thinking about it right now, but they're not gonna sit down for a meeting with Caring Heart unless you want to be part of the family," Then she pleaded. "Please say yes, please say yes, please say yes."

The pegasus filly with a coat of orange put a hoof to her chin, pondering deeply. The Cakes seemed like nice ponies, quite often she'd seen them playing with or taking care of their children. And yet they always seemed to have time for their customers, if the numerous occasions they'd provided milkshakes to the Cutie Mark Crusaders were any indication. Though they weren't high on the list of ponies Scootaloo would want to be adopted by (a part of her still held out hope for Rainbow Dash to fill that part). On the other hoof, there were worse ponies Scootaloo could think of being adopted by (Diamond Tiara's father came to mind, despite all the money on offer).

Pinkie grew steadily more impatient as the moments dragged on without a response. She hated being kept in suspense like this. It took everything she had not to scream out loudly. "Come on, make a decision already!"

At last, Scootaloo gazed into the eager blue eyes of her sister (it still felt weird to consider Pinkie Pie that) and told her. "I... guess my answer is yes, if they really want to adopt me. But don't they have to go through a process first?"

"They do," Pinkie nodded, smiling happily. "But I'm sure they'll pass with flying colors! Ooh, I can't wait to start planning your adoption party!" Then she let out a gasp! "And that means Pound and Pumpkin Cake are gonna have another big sister! Ooh, this is so superdy duper awesome! I can't wait to tell everypony the news!" And she hopped away, her excited bounces echoing long after she'd disappeared from sight.

Scootaloo, for her part, just stood there. "This better not be a cruel prank or something." She thought to herself. The rational part of her mind told her there was no way that was possible, but a small part of her still suspected that this was all too good to be true. Maybe she was still dreaming this whole thing somehow, despite all evidence to the contrary?

That very evening though, who should show up at the steps of the orphanage but Mr. and Mrs. Cake themselves? Scootaloo didn't doubt for one second what they were here for. They really were going to adopt her, and the funny thing was, she didn't quite know how to feel about that.

Caring Heart greeted the earth pony couple, seemingly unaware of the reason for their visit. "Mr. and Mrs. Cake, what a pleasant surprise." She spoke in a warm and friendly tone.

Mrs. Cake shook Caring Heart's hoof, speaking up first. "Hello, Caring Heart, it's nice to see you again," Then clearing her throat, the plump mare asked. "I assume Pinkie Pie filled you in on the reason for our visit?"

Caring Heart nodded, confirming she was expecting them after all. "I was more than a little surprised to hear you would be willing to adopt, but I'm still absolutely certain the two of you will make fine parents for Scootaloo."

Mr. Cake nodded back. "We're more than ready to take on the responsibilities that come with raising such a lively filly. Cup and I always did talk about having more kids someday," With a chuckle, he added. "Though I thought we were gonna hold off until Pound and Pumpkin were all grown up. Funny how life works out."

Caring chuckled too, and smiled. "Well, regardless of the circumstances, I still need to fill out the paperwork and arrange for scouting visits before I can properly release Scootaloo into your custody," She then instructed. "If you'll kindly follow me to my office, we can start making arrangements."

And that was just the trio of earth ponies did, once Caring was seated at her desk. Just like with Pinkie Pie earlier on in the day, she went through all of the procedures the hopeful parents were expected to be responsible for, and all the things she needed to check for in order to determine if they had the means to care for their adopted child.

"I know housing isn't a problem, you two live and work at Sugarcube Corner and have kept it in business for many years," Caring spoke at length to the elderly couple. "What about income? You already have two little ponies that need a lot of supplies. How much money do you usually spend on them, and how much do you have left over?"

Mrs. Cake put a hoof to her chin as she racked her brain. "I tend to go shopping for foal supplies at either Barnyard Bargains or the local foalstore. I would say that I go shopping every other week for either diapers or foal food, but it never gets beyond two hundred bits."

Mr. Cake added. "We keep a close eye on our bank accounts, last time I checked we still had over two thousand bits to our names," The lanky stallion was quick to mention. "We'd probably have to be start being more conservative with our spending and stretch the buying sessions a little, but we should have more than enough money to provide for all of Scootaloo's needs."

Caring jotted down the information, maintaining a relatively neutral expression the whole time. "And you would attest that one or both of you are around at any given time of day?" She questioned. "You know, in case of emergencies."

"Yup," Mr. Cake firmly answered. "And on the rare occasions we aren't around, Pinkie Pie is always available to watch over Sugarcube Corner and foalsit the twins."

Mrs. Cake fondly sighed. "In a way, Pinkie is like family to us. And it's clear the twins see her the same way. So I suppose it's not too much of a stretch to adopt Scootaloo too, her new little sister."

After writing down all of that information, Caring Heart stood up, looked at the Cakes, and smiled. "Everything seems to be in order," She told them. "I'll have to conduct a few inspections of Sugarcube Corner from top to bottom before I can decide if Scootaloo can be released into your custody. But everything else checks out so far."

The next few days passed agonizingly slow, at least as far as Pinkie Pie was concerned. Caring Heart stopped by frequently to inspect various parts of Sugarcube Corner, particularly the living quarters upstairs.

Naturally, the anxiety over whether or not custody of Scootaloo would be granted to the Cakes frustrated Pinkie to no end. To say nothing of how difficult it was to plan a party for something that might not even happen.

At last the big announcement came. Caring Heart called Mr. and Mrs. Cake back to her office about two weeks after they'd first shown up. And when they arrived, Scootaloo was there with her, eagerly buzzing her stubby wings in excitement. For in Caring Heart's hooves, she held out a rather elegant form. It didn't take a genius to figure out what that form meant. "Simply sign your names here, and you will be granted custody of Scootaloo," She instructed. "That means you'll be her legal guardians, and will be entered in record as her adoptive parents."

Both Mr. and Mrs. Cake applied their signatures without hesitation, Scootaloo was now officially their daughter.

Scootaloo rushed over to her new parents, hugging them both tightly. "It's totally okay if I call you Mom and Dad from now on, right?" She asked the Cakes. "I mean, you adopted me and you're my parents, so it's not like I can just keep calling you Mrs. Cake and Mr. Cake."

Mr. Cake replied to Scootaloo. "You don't have to call us Mom and Dad if you don't want to. We want you to be comfortable, and we want you to call us by whatever you want whenever you feel ready."

"I know, I know, but it just feels right," Scootaloo commented happily. "Though it feels a little bit weird to consider you my parents. I'm sure I'll get used to it in time though," Then a thought came to her. "Does that mean the twins are my little brother and sister respectively?"

Mrs. Cake smiled back at her new filly. "Of course it is, and I'm sure they're going to love having another big sister to play with and interact with!"

Scootaloo buzzed her wings in excitement all over again! "Cool! Now I get to be a big sister! Man, just wait til I tell Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, they're gonna be so jealous of me!"

Mr. Cake and Mrs. Cake just giggled at their adopted daughter's eager attitude, it was like she was Celestia's sun in pony form, radiating warmth and happiness all around her.

Of course, the couple knew from their own experiences that it was not going to be all sunshine and rainbows from here on. There would be many ups and downs, a lot of arguments, scares, and more than a few injuries and nightmares. Though Scootaloo was more mature and independent than their twin toddlers, they knew that raising a filly was not going to be easier by comparison. Especially not one with such emotional baggage (even if she currently seemed to be unaffected by it).

But for right now, seeing their new filly smile and happily talk to them openly, all those concerns were far from their minds.

"Come on, Scootaloo," Mr. Cake called to his new daughter. "Let's get you home. Your big sister has quite a surprise in store for you."

"Big sister?" Scootaloo shot a confused look at her adopted parents. That is, until she realized what they were most likely referring to. "Oh, you mean Pinkie Pie."

Mrs. Cake nodded happily. "Regardless of your Pie family lineage, Pinkie Pie is like family to Carrot Cake and I. And since you're now officially part of the Cake family, that makes Pinkie Pie your big sister in our eyes."

"Pound and Pumpkin Cake already see her as a big sister," Mr. Cake added, as he, his wife, and Scootaloo all left the orphanage together. "And besides, don't you consider Rainbow Dash your big sister even though you're not related?"

Scootaloo blushed a bit. It was no secret how much she admired and worshipped Rainbow Dash. "Yeah, I guess I see your point," She conceded. "I wonder what Pinkie Pie will have in store for me, now that I'm part of your family?"

"Well, there's only one way to find out," Mrs. Cake happily declared. "Let's hightail it back to Sugarcube Corner." And then the two earth ponies and their adopted pegasus filly all took off together.

Author's Note:

Hopefully now you see why the Cakes were tagged in this fic. Like I said in the previous chapter, I don't think there's ever been a Scootadopt featuring the Cakes. They're among the ponies I think there haven't been any Scootadopts written for yet (Scootadopts in general seem to have quietly died off as secondary material suggested that Scootaloo does have a family).