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Ever had sex with a broken nose?

It's awful.

And getting dripped on...

Not something I'd do more than twice.

Still, we all know why; correct use of a semicolon is a massive turn-on.

I found this to be far more enjoyable than I should have.

Had sex while my collarbone was broken once.
0/10; do not recommend, :applejackconfused:


I'd imagine that having sex with any nose, broken or not, is fairly disturbing.

I don't often read stories about Twilight punching Flash Sentry in the face, but if I were to recommend any story about Twilight punching Flash Sentry in the face, this would be the one I would suggest.

Before: This should be interesting.

Welcome to my "favorite" list.

I honestly thought this would be a reference to episode one of Californication, in which David Duchovny has his face repeatedly punched while copulating with his 16yo lover.
"Fucking and Punching" I believe his book was going to be called.
Anyway, entertaining enough for me. A quick distraction, but now I must return to Asylum.

Edit: a feature looks promising...

im speechless at that ending

I am disappointed that you did not use any semicolons in this story.

Holy cats. This is amazing.

Reminds me of myself, actually...:twilightoops:

Words can't describe how much I hate FlashLight, especially as a TwiDash shipper.
But this was too hilarious to butthurt. At least they didn't really get together. Stupid sleazy Flash...

If that is so, and semicolons are sexy, then how sexy am I; I have many semicolons; each is properly used; while it may look odd, this is a correct usage; I wonder what Twilight will think of me; I must be too sexy for her little brain to handle; Flash must be so jelly; he gets to pay for child support while I get Twilight; do you think I've written enough yet?

I didn't really like it... sorry.
4315695 I've always wanted to see some art where Rainbow flies in at rainboom speeds and punches flash in the face while yelling, "She's mine!"

Eh, I can relate


Flash much be so jelly;



Which side do you relate to? Flash? :trollestia:

Mood swing much, Twilight.

The lavender unicorn? Seriously? Just say her celestia-forsaken name, for crying out loud! What, are you scared you'll wear it out if you say too much? Huh? Huh?!

I used that term way too much.

This should clearly be an em-dash, not an en-dash!

Not even joking, I was rejected from Equestria Daily for this exact reason one time...

I liked it. Except for the use of the F-word at the end. That could have been avoided :/

4309977 Then again, Twilight wanted it. She could have possibly been on top at the end. Therefore, she wouldn't get dripped on.

And then they fucked.


My fists actually clenched when I read about the comma splices. Like, seriously. And I think I grimaced. Hope nobody else in the office noticed. :facehoof:

So... A xanauzumaki fan are we?

"The stallion never really had a chance to figure that out, because Twilight threw his terrible romance story aside and immediately pounced on him with the ferocity of an enraged toaster."

"the ferocity of an enraged toaster."

"enraged toaster"


Oh no, not meeces. I hate meeces to pieces!

Also I don't know if I even right now but I think I might.

From now on whenever I'm angry, I'll shout,
"I AM AN ENRAGED TOASTER!":pinkiecrazy:

Holly fak, sum ppl dnt no who 2 uze praper grammer.

The ending killed me! A like and fav for you!

Note to self: Don't send Twilight my fanfiction.

Also, she kinda sounds like my editor when he sees my first drafts.

Real violent, but its the good type of violence.

I, too, draw a frighteningly similar parallel...

Totally called that this would be featured, btw.

Dear Princess Twilight,

The passive voice is not inherently bad for writing; you just have to know when to use it properly. For instance, "The tree was bucked by Applejack," is bad. But "Celestia crossed the road and got hit by a carriage," is actually correct passive usage.

Tux n Tails, linguist and passive voice apologist

P.S. Other than that, it was really hilarious. Especially when you punched Trash Sentry in the face. But then at the end.... I had feelings for you. And you punched them in the face.

There's a correct usage for semicolons? :applejackconfused:

Still counts!


Random reply, but yeah there is. Basically it acts the same way as a period, but with the properties of a comma in that it separates two complete statements without the pause a period provides. For instance:

I once saw a gorilla dressed as a lucha wrestler; it was very silly looking.

Would be a way it would work.

I've gone on rants like this with some of my authors, though they're slightly less aggressive... slightly. I feel for you, Twilight.

This. This was just...awesome.

Sorry, while well written, I don't actually gave it neither like nor dislike... while I dislike Flash in general, putting that aside, this was supposed to be comedy but it didn't make me laugh, guess that's just not my cup of the tea.

This is my motto :moustache:

Well ... that was refreshing :twilightsmile:
It's funny once in a while to read a story that doesn't aspire to do anything except being silly.
And I learned that Twilight would probably kill me in the most brutal way if she ever got her hooves on anything I've ever written (which are basically only comments:derpyderp1:)

and all the haters rejoiced





Author Interviewer

This was the perfect combination of fun and dumb to cheer up a morning of disappointment and dreariness.


This was written at 2 AM while sleep deprived. Reading it over now that I've woken up, I'm not entirely sure where half the story came from.

4316754 *CRUNCH* ...I-I think I broke my teeth...and my shoulder.

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