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This account is dedicated to stories of Love, Healing, Kindness and Hope. I know a lot of you out there are suffering, and I hope you can find a safe-haven in my writing.


The " GREAT AND POWERFULL TRrRrRIXIE!" returns to Ponyville after having her caravan destroyed and her ego crushed. Can a certain purple mare help Trixie to get back up on her hooves without becoming the mare she used to be? Twixie sweetness ensues! NOTE: It's only rated T for safety. I could have possibly passed it off as E but oh well!

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This was nice :twilightsmile:
Well written, and it didn't feel rushed.

Comment posted by Diasweetus deleted May 12th, 2014

This is soo cute and give me diabetes! :rainbowkiss: Now, serious that is very well written! Well sir/miss, before this you have my curiosity, but now you have my attention! :trixieshiftright::heart::twilightsmile:

I really like this story! :twilightsmile:
I'm just a little bothered about how they rolled over and kissed so fast. Is Twilight obsessed with Trixie???? :trixieshiftright::twilightblush:

Spike isnt twilights servant besides that its good

Somewhat cookie-cutter with the whole "everypony hates Trixie and Twilight takes her in" plot, and they revealed their feelings for each other extremely quickly (odd given that Twilight would be expected to hide her feelings, with all the homophobia in her life). On the other hoof, still sweet.

The idea that homophobia is a severe complication and their relationship could cause scandals is rather new and could be a very interesting concept to progress on. (Most authors just assume that Equestria is open-minded in general to avoid the complication.) I've only seen it done once before, and I recall that the author started soapboxing by the end. Twilight and Trixie having known each other when they were younger is also an interesting idea.

Just one serious objection: Twilight would never call Spike her 'servant'. He's her friend, #1 assistant, and de facto brother, not a servant.

4379816 Honestly, I think you have some good concerns, but i have thought about these things so allow me to explain. First off, this is a one-shot, and a romantic one-shot has to have a small element of urgency to it or else you might as well divide it up into multiple chapters. Having all the events happen in one chapter without seeming rushed is one of the hardest things in a one-shot to do, so i'm sorry. I do actually have your concerns accounted for though. Both characters are very vulnerable. Trixie has been dealt a pretty crappy hand. When Twilight did the Princessly thing and took her in as a friend she was treated with genuine kindness, a feel she had never really felt in a long time. This could have lead to the possible misinterpretation of emotions when Trixie got all romantic. As far a Trixie being obsessed, no she isn't. It's not like Trixie was stalking Twilight, she just passed through ponyville and heard she was there and decided to try and impress an old figure from childhood, the princess' protoge to be exact. To any magic-loving unicorn that has to be impressive. Twilight was vulnerable because she was experiencing the type of affection she never had in her earlier days, especially with her parents. When Trixie started advancing on her she decided to let her guard down for the first time in forever. As far as Twilight being obsessed? No. Honestly, if your high-school crush started advancing on you (and you were single) it may stir up some emotions and curiosity, especially if this person has been relevant in your life post-school. All of that analysis is for if you really want to analyze it though. I wrote this story to be cute, fantastical, fluff. All I want is for this story to make people smile after a rough day. I want to bring people peace and happiness while they read my stories, even if they are a bit unrealistic. Honestly though, if you want to play that game we can refer to all of the clopfics out there where instead of kissing to quickly they do other things much quicker.

@EVERYONE: I fixed the whole servant thing

K, thanks for the explanation!::twilightsmile:
Sorry for complaining, I still really enjoyed the story. that's why I clicked on it lol :twilightsheepish:

4380609 It's perfectly fine. I don't mind discussing my story with others, that's art of what makes being a writer fun!

It's perfect! Sorry to lack critiques, but I love this to pieces.

this story get's the luneth spark seal of approval:twilightsmile::pinkiesmile::rainbowkiss: and you get a follower

Right. So Twilight seemed a little double faced.

Plus, It know wasn't really you that did all those terrible things, it was the dark magic from the amulet distorting your mind." Twilight smiled reassuringly. Though she thought the townspeople were completely justified in being mad at her

So what was all that about it wasn't really her?

also a few other little nitpicks

But if you keep using your powers only to make yourself look good, at the end of the day you'll end up with no real satisfaction.

Except that it's kind of her job. She needs to impress. She needs to make herself look good.

The speed of everything was REALLY quick.

It would have been nice if we had some sort of hint that Trixie and Twi had a school relationship (of sorts) earlier on. Maybe just a tiny mention earlier.

I'm too tired to think of any others. So...Night. Aside from all this was a good story if rushed.

Oh. Also it was hardly worthy of the sad tag in my opinion and you said "people" quite a few times.

Comment posted by Diasweetus deleted May 13th, 2014

I meant that she understood why the tpwonsponies where mad at her.

It's nice, but it goes a bit fast for me. I understand this is a one shot and things happen rather quickly but it makes the transitions a bit awkward.

Cute and fluffy i like it even tho there is to much possible story to be had here.
It seems more like a prologue to a longer story and i would love to see a fully flashed out story of it at some point.

Very nice

Fyi, there is a 5 in one of our 'thought's

Whoa... the feels. :heart:
lol great... and powerful story. :trixieshiftright:

Twilight thought for a minute before replying, "They had noticed for a long time as I always seemed to talk about fillies like I should talk about colts. It wasn't until I was in my last year of formal school that they confronted me on it. I had found a mare-friend named Lyra Heartstrings. When they found out about it they grounded me, to put it euphemistically."

One. I thought Twilight said earlier this was her first relationship ever. Two. What in the world is that a euphemism for? Was she actually born an alicorn and they chopped her wings off?

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