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Prince Ecosis

My OC is Prince Ecosis, a troubled human reincarnated as Equestria's first-ever male Alicorn, and after 200 years of being evil, lives happily as Princess Celestia's son and nature-controller.

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Oh god I can not even imagine how embarising this is to the guy and another question is there a prolog or a prequel to this I want know how this all hapend what did celestial do when he made the deal with him , swallow him whole and pop him out a foal? Seriously I'd like to know the events taking up before this.

Nice story, I can't wait to see what happen next, oh maybe he could start his magic lessons, or be announce as a official prince, or we could get the introduction of Blueblood

There used to be, but the author had to change it, maybe he can put it later on like flash backs of how his life used to be before going to Equestria

Ah…not to be picky but if he is 10 shouldn't he be on school? or the learning system works different on your universe?

He is being homeschooled by Celestia. This will be mentioned in the next chapter.

Ok…also? Shining is now 10? what? I'm confused

wow i like it but I'm confused. jaja:rainbowlaugh:, I still really like your story

The story is called My New Life in Equestria (Continued) So... where's the first part? I agree with Therisinghero. :unsuresweetie:

It will be near the end in a "flashback" chapter

I don't think his special talent is just super strength I mean he is Celestia son, wouldn't it make more sense that his talent are like earth related? Then again its just to soon to say, and he is still learning.

Also that is not how cutie marks works, a cutie mark appear when you find what you are good at, he rescue a princess and lift a rock…so what he is good at is lifting heavy things and rescue damsels in distress? Maybe I'm over thinking I mean Celestia mark means she control the sun…maybe his mark means he control…the earth or something, and can make dessert becomes forest if he so wish…I don't know is still to soon to tell

I'm changing a few things up. Sure, he is the son of the Sun Princess, but he is his own pony, so I decided for him to have the power of Super Strength. Plus, would a "Prince of rocks" or "Prince of the forest" get much fame as Princess of Sun or Princess of Moon? I don't think so. Just trust me, it'll get better, and seem more sense.

Yes. Sombra is not in this fic and neither is Nightmare Moon, unless as a costume. A few things are being changed, but once I get to the "Ponyville" chapters, he will be introduced to the Mane Six the same way Twilight was. Enjoy the story.

Keep writing this it is good but kind of jumps ahead To fast

glittersparkle413 i got a question when will the next chapter come out for this story

Probably around August. I'm in my hometown and have no Wifi for my laptop.

ok the only problem i hade whas why dident that b**** celestia give twilight a f*** guest room or some s**

Men that was just…just beautiful kind of weird Luna reaction at her own nephew heart broken is 'ah…ok' but I suppose she was still inexperience, to bad there was no birthday maybe he and Luna can do something the next morning to make it up.

Also, a 10 years old colt proceeding court? I don't know if laugh or aww at the image, although I must say for a 10 years old he is a DAMN good judge and prince, specially with the fan letter…one must wonder how many of those were fillies or cougar mares asking if he is interest on a little filly (hey if death penalty exist as well as rape those could exist too)
Also I'm curious about how Celestia hasn't told him or in some royal meeting with other ambassadors some of them ask or suggest an arrange marriage between him and some princess…ah maybe next time

Also…if Nightmare Moon never happen…why are they going to Ponyville? oh this is getting interesting

i for one am enjoying this. i especially like the fact the timeline is all messed up. shouldn't there be alternate universe tag?.

anyway i cant complain, i love it screw anyone who says otherwise.

another very good chapter I see, and I can't wait to read the next. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

ps. xbox all the way. :scootangel:

Excuse me im a playstation fan.Though i am a little mad about Halo not being made for PS.

4799422 Three reasons why i should buy an Xbox One minus Halo:ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug::ajsmug:Thats ma challenge

Good for you m8.I challenged ya because my friends all try to change me to Xbox:twilightsmile:

should of donate the candy to less fountain I did ever year 5-25 age.

nice chapter:moustache: looking forward to the next one

I kind of surprise Rarity had her eyes on royalty why hasn't she flirt with him yet? hell how does she didn't notices the wings yet? I was kind of wanting to see how she does her move

I recall shining was 8 when Glitter was 10 does that mean Shining Armour is 14 how old are the Mane 6?

to be honest. I do not like the idea that no matter what happened to it twilight, it makes no sense part number. even so this great :twilightsmile:

Well consider Twilight its say its younger, and he say he is 16 I will say that Twilight must be maybe 12, and the other are from 13 to 16, most probably

I just hope rarity is like 14 or 15, because it will make sense for her to had her flirty personality, at that age


Yes, Twilight is 12. Fluttershy is 16, Rarity and Pinkie Pie are both 17, and Applejack and Rainbow Dash are both 15. If you would like me to change this, let me know. :pinkiehappy::raritywink::ajsmug::twilightsmile::rainbowdetermined2::yay:

Not that its perfect that way keep that age that way

Understood. Of course, they will get older to the age where they can get married. (Hint hint)

Dis gon be gud.

Quick question.
Why does he remember nothing from the show?

And I'm sorry but.


I still like the Xbox 360 for Halo 4, Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WW2.:derpytongue2:

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