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This account is dedicated to stories of Love, Healing, Kindness and Hope. I know a lot of you out there are suffering, and I hope you can find a safe-haven in my writing.


This story takes place right after Princess Luna returns from the moon. This story shows her struggles on her path to redemption and affection from those she ruled. She also struggles with her personal demons. Luna will learn that in order to be loved, one must open their heart, no matter how scary that seems.

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This is really interesting and relatable. I don't protest relating to ancients. I hope you continue this.

I enjoyed it, just one little mistake:

She was 300 years old; I was only 150 years.

If this is true than this:

I was now 300 years old and Celestia was 600.

should be 300 and 450, and this:

I was now 400 and Celestia was 600.

should be 400 and 550.

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