• Published 26th Apr 2014
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Just Like Mommy - Pteri

Little Sparkler always loved her father. He cheered her up, played games, and even helped mommy smile. Life was never boring, thanks to Daddy. Sparkler was always proud to call herself his daughter... Until the first day of school.

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Chapter One - Somewhat Normal Day

Canterlot was a beautiful city. Ponies trotted around the different shops, going about their regular routine of shopping for the finest snacks and dresses. Everypony had their noses high in the air, presenting themselves as the truest and most formal ponies around. However, every once in a great while, everypony will drop their noses, stop in their tracks, and stare at whatever would break their system that makes their fancy and beautiful town what it is.

Little Sparkler hopped about the streets of the town, laughing loudly with her adorable high-pitched screeches. Other ponies her age simply turned their heads in shock, then turned away, trying to ignore the outlier. The young filly didn't notice the way others stared at her with disapproval. She was always to busy with her own games, after all. The red scaly tail streamed behind her, the colorful and shimmery patch of fur at the tip waved continuously. Suddenly, she stopped, looking around the crowd of ponies. Her long orange tongue lolled out as she panted, still smiling.

Sweat dripped from the informal filly's black mane, and her racing heart threatened to leap from her chest. Her two eyes searched the hooves of the crowd, and then, she spotted her target once again. A long, yet tiny tail leading up to a little ball of fur sat under a table, unnoticed by the other ponies. Sparkler wriggled her shoulder blades, shifting her hind legs slightly. Her tail flicked slightly like a cat's, along with her ear.

Suddenly, the filly blasted off, not paying attention to the ponies she knocked over as she made her way towards the mouse. Her hooves quickly scooped it up, acting quickly as the loud squeaking mouse tried to leap from her hooves. Sparkler was unaware of the screams of mares and curses of stallions coming from the ponies who were sitting at the table. One mare fell backwards, scrambling back desperately as if the revolting rodent could kill her in the most brutal way possible.

Still unaware of what was happening around her, Sparkler scooped of the squeaky mouse and ran home. Her mother would be lowering the sun soon, and she was well aware it was dinner time. Her blue wings flapped helplessly, giving her little flight but helping her pick up speed as she mostly ran with her hind hooves. She wasn't far from her home, and she squeaked with excitement as the mouse squeaked in terror. The front castle doors came into view, and one of the guards opened the door as the young filly ran through giggling.

She ran up the first flight of stairs, sliding down the long hallways and making sharp turns. After living here for so long, Little Sparkler had learned every corner. Finally, the dinner table came into view, and she giggled again as she realized both her parents were seated, staring at their daughter. She climbed up two-steps that were built to assist the young filly in chair climbing. Sparkler plopped the mouse on her plate, splattering peas across the table and brown sauce across her face, only adding to the millions of things to giggle at.

"Mommy! Daddy! Look what I caught!" She laughed out loud again, blocking every turn the mouse tried to move to attempt escape. Celestia gasped, dropping a fork quietly on the table. Discord, however, simply laughed with his daughter.

"S-Sparkler!" Celestia gasped, picking up the mouse with her magic, pulling it away from the filly. "You have no idea where its been, and you know very well not to leave the castle without permission." Her voice sounded as if she was addressing her subjects, but with a much softer tone.

"Oh, come on Tia, let her keep it." Her daddy argued.

"Yeah! Yeah! Pleeease mommy! I will never ever ever in forever leave the castle without permission in trillibillimillions of years if you let me keep him!" Sparkler begged desperately. She knew at first sight that the mouse would be her best friend. She shall name him Comet.

Celestia gave a stern look at Discord, still holding the mouse in her yellow aura of magic. They shared a moment of staring. Sparkler saw her daddy shrug, and then her mommy gave out a long sigh. She then used her magic to pass the mouse back to her daughter. "Fine. However, you must get one of the guards to help you bathe it while I have a word with daddy, okay? For now..."

Celestia was interrupted by a snap coming from Discord's eagle claw. A barred cage appeared in front of the filly. Her mommy sighed again. "You may put it in here until after dinner. Then, go wash it." She said flatly. Obviously mommy wasn't too happy about Comet, but Sparkler was ecstatic, and she smiled, showing off her fang to her father as a thank you. Then, mommy gave daddy a stern look, and he looked back to his filly.

"Uhh... Sparkler. For now, please keep him off the table."

Sparkler nodded, picking up the handle with her mouth and happily skipped him over to the corner of the room. Finally, she climbed back up, staring down at her meal. Mommy must've been looking too, because she just let out a frustrated sigh. "Discord will you..."

"But of course, Tia."

Sparkler watched in amazement as her daddy snapped once again, and her plate was changed with a brand new one. Candy replaced her meal, and she wagged her long serpent tail in excitement. "Yaay! Thank you so so much Daddy!" She cheered. Celestia looked at Discord sternly, then stepped off of her chair. "Discord, turn her plate back, please. Then, meet me in the main hallway."

Discord sighed, snapping again, returning Sparkler's plate back to normal. She let out a loud "Aaaw pony feathers!", making sure mommy could hear. Soon, they were gone, and Sparkler stared down at the meal. She ate a pea, then considered that was enough hard work. She carried the plate over to Comet, dumping it in the pen. Suddenly, she remembered what mommy had told her. Comet needed a bath. He was kinda stinky, after all. And if daddy listened to mommy, she would too.

Sparkler took the handle of the cage in her mouth, and she carried it down to where she could find a guard to help her. While on her way, she saw Auntie Luna walking by, who then stopped Sparkler in her tracks. "Feeding your friend your dinner, I see." She said, looking down at the mouse. "We are surprised our sister let a creature such as that into our castle. No matter. What do you plan to do with it?" Auntie Luna asked.

Sparkler smiled, dropping the cage to speak. "Mommy says that Comet needs a bath, and I should find a guard to help bathe him!" She cheered excitedly. Her tail swished back and fourth. Luna looked down at the creature and smiled. "We shall help, if thou want." Sparkler grinned again, picking up the cage again before nodding, following Luna to one of the many bathrooms. Auntie Luna spoke a lot differently then most ponies, but Sparkler didn't mind. She thought it was fun!

As they walked down the flight of stairs, Sparkler lifted her gray ear slightly towards the doors to the main hallway. She stopped walking, letting Luna gain some distance. Mommy was speaking, probably to daddy.

"Discord, I need some support. I feel like you two are always going up against me, and I can't go with what I think is right."

"Oh, come on Tia, its just a mouse. You were given a phoenix at her age."

"Well, what about all the candy? Even if she does have the same stomach as you, we should feed her regularly until we know for sure."

Auntie Luna stopped and turned, coming towards Little Sparkler. She trotted up slowly, then leaned closer to the door. She sighed and shook her head. "Discord...."

Sparkler didn't think auntie Luna liked daddy, but it didn't matter because she'd never tell him. Daddy was perfect in everyway. It was auntie Luna's fault she didn't like him. Luna then looked up, using her large wings to push Sparkler forward, away from the door. This wasn't the first time Mommy and Daddy fought, but that was okay. They always made up in the end. Knowing this, Sparkler lead the way towards the bathroom.


Sparkler wriggled on her pink silk pajamas. She loved them. Mommy had had them made for her, and now she wore them every night. She hopped around her room when done, being chased by both her parents. She hopped over toys, ran outside on her balcony, and climbed her bed just to jump off again. It wasn't long before she had ran out of breath, and daddy had caught her, snuggling her in his big warm paw. He then tickled her slightly with his eagle claw, and Sparkler cuddled closer to him. Mommy laughed, kissing first daddy and then her.

Celestia then took her filly from Discord's arms using her magic, cuddling her against her chest. Sparkler wrapped her arms around her, holding her in a hug before being set in bed. While mommy fluffed her pillow, daddy pulled the covers over her. She loved being tucked in, so they made sure she was every night. Sparkler looked over at her mouse, who was now in a cage on the side of her bed. He was licking himself clean, which was quite a shame considering her and auntie Luna had washed him up. "Goodnight, Comet!" She said.

At that, Sparkler attempted to crawl out of bed, but failed as daddy held her down. He touched her hind toes, which she had got from him, and tickled slightly. That's where she was the most ticklish. She laughed, waving her long red serpent tail wildly. He then pushed in back into the covers. "Get back in there, you!"

Mommy laughed along with Sparkler as she crawled under the covers. Her parents watched as the moving lump under the blanket moved towards the foot of the bed. Her high pitched childish laugh was contagious. Mommy pressed her hoof against the covers, tickling her daughter as she tried to escape the bed.

Finally, Sparkler gave up, crawling back up to her pillow. Her black fuzzy mane was now a mess, and she was panting, but somehow managing to sneak a giggle between every few breaths. "Sweetie, we have something to tell you," Mommy said.

"After talking with daddy, we have decided its best for you to start school tomorrow. We know you've been homeschooled for two years, but... It's good to try something new."

Sparkler was instantly excited. School! School would be great! She could meet new friends, play games, and learn all sorts of stuff!


Discord looked a bit concerned, but he smiled anyway and kissed his daughter goodnight for the final time, and stepped out into the hallway. Soon followed was Celestia. For a few moments they walked together silently down the hallway to their own bedroom.

"Are you okay, Discord?" Celestia asked.

He looked at her, sighing before replying, shaking his head slightly.

"Only a bit concerned... I know its a bit hard to be... Different. I just worry a bit, is all." He said, opening the door for Celestia as she nodded in agreement. They walked into their bedroom, and Tia turned to look at him.

"I can understand... However, I have faith our daughter can make friends if she tries... I mean, you earned yourself a family who loves you, so perhaps it won't be hard to find friends for her."

Discord gave a out a chuckle. "Celestia. It took me thousands of years to even get you to like me."

She kissed him on the cheek while using her magic to tie her mane back in a ponytail.

"Well, that was my fault. I was clearly missing out." She said, walking towards her dresser.

When she wasn't looking, Discord wiped the wetness off of his cheek. He was touched by her words, but the worry for his daughter still lingered in his mind. Celestia slipped on a blue silk nightgown before turning to face him again.

"Well, your fault or not, it was hard for me. I'm just... worried it'll be hard for her too. I mean, she has a lizard foot and one of her eyes look like mine..."

Celestia interrupted him. "So that leaves her with three hooves and one of my eyes." She sighed, crawling into her bed. "Discord, I can understand why you worry, but you have to remember she's my daughter, as well. She was born royalty, which will certainly help her get some friends. I think she's beautiful, sweet, and her laugh is the best song in the world. I believe she can go through it. We can't keep her stuck in the castle forever."

Discord sighed, snapping to form a cotton candy cloud in which he climbed on to. "I suppose." The cloud then flipped upside down, still holding the Draconequus. He curled up, flying the cloud next to Celestia's bed. He preferred to sleep this way, after all. He closed his eyes, thinking of Sparkler's adorable laughter as he drifted to sleep.