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At BABSCon 2014, Meghan McCarthy said in a discussion panel that the relationship between Spike and Rarity would never progress beyond a childhood crush because the age difference between them meant a serious relationship would be inappropriate

she has a history of trolling the fans.
don't take it seriously.
twi was OOC
celestia wouldn't care.


So it seems you got some partially bad information or you just worded it badly. Someone asked if there'd be any romantic Sparity moments and she answered that there wouldn't be because Spike was still seen as a child, and then went on to say there were still other really great Sparity moments coming up. Realistically, there's never going to be any particularly romantic moments with any of the mane six with any other pony, it would change the status quo which in tv tropes is considered a bad idea usually as it, "upsets the fans."

That being said, I did find it a delightfully, bittersweet story.

GAH! YOU B :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: TWILIGHT!!!!!! F :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: YOU TWILIGHT!!! YOU LITTLE F :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: ER TWILIGHT!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU F :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: ING BREAK UP MY F :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: :derpytongue2: ING FAVORITE SHIPPING!!!!!!!!

Sequel - Spike gets home and Twilight makes him tell her everything he and Rarity said and did. Then Twilight says "Good." and then explains how sick she was of the holding pattern the two were in. Spike is sent back to Rarity and the rest of the story is about the fight for the relationship in the face of societal backlash against the odd pairing.

I get what you were trying to do with this story, and could even see myself liking it. However, using Twilight as the catalyst in that way just seemed... wrong somehow.

Knowing these two, they might just find someplace and um... you know. Twilight is smart but not omnipotent. Eventually, they will be found and Spike will inevitably butt heads with Twilight and decide to leave with Rarity to someplace unknown. Twilight will vehemently to track them down, slowly giving into her dark powers while the remaining Bearers of Harmony are divided in whether what Twilight is doing is just or not. Inevitably, unrest leads to war and chaos, one that even Discord doesn't enjoy.

Well, that got dark,

Back in the treehouse...
Twilight: Oh why do you care?
Cadence: Twilight, I am the Princess of Love. YOU DO NOT INTERFERE WITH MY DOMAIN!

Spike entered the Library as he saw Twi he belched a flame & a Scroll floated to the floor. Twi said "It's for me" Her face beaming "I must be right" She read the words out loud.:twilightsheepish:
"Dear Twilight" Twi thought ,strange it's different no My fateful student,
"Dear Twilight Sparkle ,Have you lost your mind? Do you know how much work Luna & Cancance have done to get these two love birds togeather? "
Spikes ears perked up, "As of today your Royal orders are to leave them alone"
"As you know YOU ARE THE Princess of Friendship" scolded Celestia " I expect you to carry out your Royal duties & find a colt for your self":facehoof:

"Yours truely (in matters of love)Princess Celestia, Luna & Candice"
"Great !" Spike beamed "If you want me I'll be sharing a bowl of Vinnila oat swirl icecream over at Raraitys" :heart:

My OTP (right after LunaSqueak)! Y U break it up? :(

Wow, Meagan and Twilight are both colossal bitches

Biologically, disregarding the way dragons and ponies age differently, wouldn't Rarity only be about 7 years older than Spike, at most? Twilight was very young when she hatched him. A 7 year age difference is not that much at all. My grandmother fell in love with my grandfather when she was 10 and he was 20! He even promised he would wait until she was 16 to date her, and he did. And they got married two years later! A childhood crush can easily turn into a true love that lasts fifty+ years, like it did for my grandparents. Age be darned, love is love, as long as you're willing to wait until it's legal.

This is why in my WIP fimfics, I put forth that Spike looks 12-ish, but in dragon years, he's legally 16 to 18 over the course of my stories. THEN he'll get a proper growth spurt so he looks more like his proper age and him and Rarity can go on proper dates!

My reaction to Twilight first dialogue:

And then I gave this answer:

And then finally:

6741911 Damn am I really that violent, oh well I will still favorite it, but not for the ending, it should of ended with them running away together if that was the true ending then I would put this in my top five.

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