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Octavia always dreamed of meeting the musical prodigy who inspired her to begin playing the cello. The only problem is the young composer vanished nearly seven years ago. With the help of a fashion tycoon expanding into the music industry and a DJ who rocketed to fame in recent years, Octavia may learn more about her idol than anyone before. Unfortunately secrets seem to have a way of complicating things.

They say you should never meet your heroes after all.

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I enjoyed that immensely, thank you!!
If you do decide to continue I will be sure to follow this story very closely!! As for following you consider it done!
You get moustaches-
I believe the artists name is Chibi-Chiaki

Oh my gosh, that is perfect!

so either the idol was a douche/bitch or it was someone who she knew

also today isnt april 23rd whats up with that?

4557013 What makes you say that about her idol? Also, it probably says April 23 because its been on the site for a long time but I just never submitted it to be available to everyone to read. Like I said, this story has been sitting around for quite a while but I never bothered to publish it.

4557358 im just assuming from the description i havent read the chapter yet

Unfortunately secrets seem to have a way of complicating things.
They say you should never meet your heroes after all.

thats why i said that

4557362 Ah. Well I hope you like it and continue to read the later chapters! You might be surprised.

"Spoilers " ~River Song

This seems like a very promising story so far. It's more than interesting enough to warrent both a favorite and upvote. I'm looking forward to being able to read more of it once additional chapters are finished. :twilightblush:

i really hope to see more of this :)

Why such a lomg wait to post this? It seems to be a promising start, so i'll be watching for more.

Looks really good and promising. I look forward to reading more and it's made me want to get back to my own story. :) Good luck, Fellow Writer! /)

4560389 (\

4559752 I want to say I've been extremely busy, (which is true) but the real reason is that I'm a perfectionist. Most everything I do I always see what could or should be improved on. Because of that, not much is truly finished in my mind.

4559248 Well with the response its gotten I don't have much of a choice! lol

4558458 Thanks! I really do appreciate the feedback. I already know what happens so I'm writing this for all of you readers. Feedback, regardless if its positive or negative, is what motivates me to keep going.

Good enough for me. I'll keep in mind to learn some patience. Can't wait for more.

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4562853 Thanks for the comment and I think I know the story you are talking about. It helped inspire me but I'm going to delete your comment so you don't spoil it for those who haven't noticed. (Though its not that much of a secret)

Lol it's kool haven't figured out how to do that black out thing for spoilers
That and I'm typing on an iPhone

Holy cow guys. 200 views, 30 likes, and 35 favorites in only a couple days... my mind is blown! Thank you all so much. It may not seem like much but to me its just... wow. I promise to keep them coming. Please be somewhat patient though. I'm hoping for a chapter every week or two.

Seriously though, thank you all so so much!

4563764 the spoiler thing is just adding a before and after the part you want blacked, but put a / after the first bracket of the second one.

Oh sweet thanks
Woot did it right

Sweet merciful god, MOAR please! Damn it MOAR!:raritycry:

Definitely enjoying your story! I'm very much looking forward to seeing some updates pop up!

If this story dies so does angel bunny.

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