• Published 23rd Apr 2014
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Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara: The Reason For The Feud - Never2muchpinkie

The Apples and the Riches have had a good relationship for a few generations, up until Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara. What is it about Apple Bloom that makes Diamond Tiara so mad, and can they ever reconcile their differences?

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Chapter 5: Changes and responsibility

Diamond Tiara went straight home, her heart pounding in her chest. Her mind was awash with a whole bunch of strange feelings she had not experienced for quite a while; she felt fear, indecision, nervousness, uncertainty… the things that practically defined weakness. The void in her heart was so prominent it felt real, like there was an actual missing piece of her. A piece that would only be complete with them. But wasn’t love… wasn’t friendship… all an illusion?

Could any pony truly just want to be friends, wanting nothing but the pleasure of another’s company? She could vaguely remember good times with her parents, of the sort that she was secretly looking for now. She could remember her mom reading her a story with a bunch of wacky voices for each character. She could remember riding on her dad’s back as they walked through town checking out the sights. Could she possibly make those kinds of memories again?

She thought back to what Apple Bloom had reminded her of. Her mom had tried to spend time with her, and she had even said she realized she was working too much and wanted to spend more time with her daughter. Her reaction had been to respond sarcastically, and during the whole day they spent together she had been a brat, asking when it was going to be over. She believed she couldn’t allow herself to love, or things would go wrong.

When she went into her mansion she looked up at the high ceiling, the height feeling imposing to her, reminding her of how small she really was. There was so much unoccupied space. She felt an odd sensation and a quick half smile came to her lips as she thought about how much fun it would be to play hide and seek in a place like this. The feeling quickly passed, leaving her confused at her thoughts. “What’s the matter with me?” she said aloud, her voice echoing a bit. “This isn’t like me at all.”

Walking down one of the long hallways she spotted her butler Randall, cleaning a statue her father had bought a while back. When he noticed her he gasped a bit and snapped to attention. In the past she had enjoyed that reaction. She had trained it into him by threatening his job repeatedly. Before she had felt thoroughly superior because of it, that a filly could bring a full grown stallion to a meek little toy. Now, though, she felt a bit… guilty over it. “Hello, Randall.”

“Good day, Miss,” he said in a servile tone. “How was school? Your eye appears to have a bruise. Did someone hit you today?”

“…Yes. I got into a fight over something. I… um… it’s not important.

“Randall… I… well… that is… you see…” Her eyes were looking everywhere but on him. Finally she gave him a quick hug and said politely, “Thank you for all of your hard work. And for taking care of me all these years when my parents were busy.”

He looked nonplussed and at a loss for words. She was talking like she used to. She had taken to being very bossy and demanding of him for the last few years, demanding perfection and using the threat of “I’ll tell daddy” every time he tried to protest anything. He wasn’t sure what exactly had happened, but he thought it was something positive. “Well, you’re very welcome, Miss. It is an honor to serve your father and to give aid to you.”

“Are… are my parents here?” A reserved frown came to her lips, but it faded when he told her that they were.

“They were in their room the last I saw of them.”

Diamond Tiara sighed, gulping back her apprehension as she continued down the hall to the master bedroom. The door was half open already so she knocked on it and entered.

Both her parents turned to her. “Well, hello there…” Filthy Rich stopped, noticing her condition. “What happened to your eye?”

‘Concern,’ Diamond Tiara thought, taking note of it. ‘He’s worried about me.’

“It’s… it’s nothing. I… I did something stupid and I paid for it.” A nervous grin came to her face. “So… um… do you have any plans today?”

“I need to go into the office and finish some papers for a merger we’re doing with another chain. After that I figured we’d take your mother out to dinner.”

“Well, that sounds nice,” answered Nurse Sweetheart.

“Dad… do you think you could… not go to work today?”

“What?” he asked, startled. “This is a golden opportunity for Rich’s Barnyard Bargains. We could grow beyond compare. The revenue would be incredible. Heck, I could even buy you your own mansion.”

Diamond Tiara looked down at the ground. “Dad… Mom… I… um… well…” She let out a small groan. Looking back up tears were running down her eyes, though she did her best to hold them back. “I don’t care about this mansion and having a bunch of servants and a bunch of stuff. What I really want is YOU. Both of you spend so much time working I almost never get to see you. And most of the time when you are home you’re either still busy or too tired.

"I’m your daughter. Can’t we just spend the day together for once? Please?” She sniffed, wiping her eyes as she quietly wept.

“Diamond Tiara…,” said her mother quietly, before the two of them looked at each other.


Apple Bloom sighed as she walked into the barn, hopping onto a bale of hay and just looking up at the ceiling. A few minutes went by when she heard Applejack calling her name. She lazily glanced over for a second, before going back to gazing upward.

Applejack walked forward until she was over her sister’s head. “So… I guess things didn’t go as planned.”

Apple Bloom sighed again. “I don’t know. I apologized, and I told her about how I went ta visit my parents. She brought me ta tears when she started talking about hers. She’s just so bitter that she says she hates them both. HATES them. I can’t even imagine that.

"I told her ta try talking ta her parents about her feelings, and I ever offered ta be her friend if she would accept me. I just feel bad fer her.” Apple Bloom blushed before averting her eyes. “Applejack… could ya… I mean… can you explain her feelings ta me?”


“Yeah… because… ya know… ya said that ya hated me when I was younger.”

Applejack was the one blushing now. “Oh... right.” Visiting her thoughts from the past she tried not to lose herself in them. “I said that I blamed ya fer what happened ta our parents. I was also very bitter. I saw ya as an enemy. Every single thing ya did annoyed me. Up until Big Mac talked ta me I couldn’t see a single positive thing about ya.

"After our argument when he pointed out all the things I was doin’ wrong I had a change o’heart. The things that used ta annoy me about ya stopped bein’ that way. I began ta see yer positive sides, and little by little love began ta replace hate .

"Soon enough hate wasn’t even a part of my feelings about ya. O’course, ya did still get on my nerves sometimes, but it was only a temporary anger. I became determined to do everything that would rise ya up and make ya a better pony.

“Diamond Tiara… I guess I can understand why she feels so strongly the way she does. However, ya’ve done all ya kin do yerself. Now the rest is up ta her.” She tried pulling Apple Bloom up to a sitting position, but her sister resisted, unwilling to move.

A tender smile came to her lips. “Yer really serious about helping her out, aren’t ya? But ya can’t do anything when yer all depressed like this. I know we went there already, but we should go see Mom again so ya kin tell her about yer hard work. And besides, yer birthdays only a week away. Cheer up.”

With yet another sigh she turned on her side. “Just ferget it. We go visit her on my birthday anyway. Why should I go again?”

A frown came to Applejack’s face, but then she grinned, letting out a little giggle. She walked away, before coming back with a feather. “Time ta get up now.”

“Applejack, I said I’m not-” She let out a squeal as she felt a tickly sensation on her side. She jerked away, saying, “Hey!”

Applejack had a playful expression on her face as she continued tickling Apple Bloom.

At first Apple Bloom felt annoyed, sternly telling her to stop, but after a short time her bad mood was passing away and she began to laugh harder. Finally, tears coming down her eyes from laughter, she said, “Okay! Okay! I surrender. You win!” She gasped oxygen into her system as Applejack took away the instrument of her “torture.” Sitting up she gave Applejack a hug. “Thanks, Sis. I needed that.”

“No problem. Now c’mon. Let’s go get Big Mac and Granny Smith.”

“Alright.” The two of them left the barn, heading to the house, getting their last sibling and grandmother before heading to the graveyard. Like usual they shared stories, both of what had been going on in their own lives since their last visit, as well as telling Apple Bloom of some of their own stories about memories of their parents. Apple Bloom told her parents about how she had done her best to make up with Diamond Tiara.

When she went home she felt a whole lot better, and for the rest of the day they stayed near each other.

The following day Apple Bloom got up, wondering what the day would bring. She headed to school after breakfast.

When she got there she saw Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. Not having the chance to properly talk to them the day before, she reassured them that she was okay after what had happened, but she didn’t tell them about her attempt to befriend their adversary. She was still sorting out her own feelings on the matter, and she wasn’t ready for their likely rejection of the idea. She didn’t want to have second thoughts or regret her decision.

Diamond Tiara came in late, just when class was starting. She sat down in her seat next to Apple Bloom.

Apple Bloom tried to catch her eye, but her classmate ignored her. Throughout the day, during the little breaks they had, and even during recess, she made attempts to talk to Diamond Tiara, but she was thoroughly ignored. Diamond Tiara acted like she heard and saw nothing at all.

The next day was no better. Diamond Tiara wouldn’t respond to her in any form, whether with annoyance, praise, or condescension. It was very discouraging to her.

Day after day the pattern continued. She could only guess that Diamond Tiara wanted nothing to do with her anymore. She assumed that Diamond Tiara had taken her advice, and it hadn’t gone as planned. It was her fault for getting her classmate’s hopes up, so she felt responsible for crushing those same hopes and dreams.

It was the night before her birthday, and she couldn’t sleep. Too many thoughts were whirling in her head, not the least of which was that she now knew there were three anniversary’s happening the next day. Tears were coming down her eyes as she looked at the picture of her parents on her dresser.

The two of them had both died on the day of her birth. Tomorrow was the day they had both died. Diamond Tiara hated her again, and she felt so lonely and empty inside.

Though she tried to fight it she drifted off unwillingly into sleep, unable to stay awake. Her night was plagued with strange dreams that didn’t make any sense. After a while she had a nightmare jerk her from sleep. Unable to take it anymore she hopped up and went to Applejack’s room. She snuggled in to her sister.

Applejack mumbled sleepily as she woke, feeling something pushing against her. “Whasis?”

“It’s me,” said Apple Bloom. “I can’t sleep.”

“Apple Bloom?” she asked with a yawn. “What’s wrong?”

She told her sister about Diamond Tiara, and her anxiety of what the next day represented.

“Oh, Apple Bloom,” Applejack said soothingly, holding her baby sister tightly as she cried. “It’s okay. Ya did yer best, and that’s all ya kin ever do. Let it go fer now, and let’s sleep. We kin talk about it more in the mornin’, okay?”

Apple Bloom sniffed. “O-okay.” She held her sister back, feeling her comforting hooves around her back and the warmth of her belly. She settled in, feeling more relaxed as she let out a deep breath, releasing the stress in her body.

The next day there was a class party for her near the end of the day, and they spent the last hour of school drinking punch, eating cake and snacks, and having a good time. She kept getting distracted by Diamond Tiara, though. She was basically participating in the party, but keeping her distance. Even so, several times she had that feeling she was being watched. Every time she looked, though, her classmate appeared to be investing her attention in something else.

As the last bell rang the class said their goodbyes and last ‘Happy Birthdays’ before filing out. Apple Bloom went to leave with Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo, until she noticed that Diamond Tiara was the only one who hadn’t moved. “I’ll meet you guys at the barn!” she called out to them, before heading back into the schoolhouse.

As if sensing her gaze Diamond Tiara suddenly stood up, walking over to her, finally looking at her, an uneasy look on her face. “Here!” she said with a sigh, holding out a red envelope. “Happy Birthday.” As Apple Bloom took it Diamond Tiara walked past her, saying, “Don’t think this changes anything between us! I don’t want to be part of your dumb group.” Her tone just didn’t carry its usual snobby attitude, sounding more like when a nice person is trying to sound mean. Her heart clearly wasn’t in it.

Apple Bloom held the envelope, staring at it for a short time, wondering what was in it. After a full week of acting like she had ceased to exist what could possibly be in the card she was just handed?

As she slowly went to open it Diamond Tiara suddenly snapped around, saying, “Don’t open it here! You have a birthday party to go to, right? Do it before you go to bed or something.”

Apple Bloom felt confused. Diamond Tiara actually sounded a bit… afraid. She was probably just embarrassed. So did that mean she had actually said something nice in the card? Apple Bloom saw no point in mortifying her if that was the case, so she slipped the letter into her bag and left to go home.

As light as the envelope felt it seemed so heavy as she ran home, curiosity gnawing away at her. However, she wanted to respect her classmate’s wishes, so she did her best to push it out of her mind.

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