• Published 23rd Apr 2014
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Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara: The Reason For The Feud - Never2muchpinkie

The Apples and the Riches have had a good relationship for a few generations, up until Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara. What is it about Apple Bloom that makes Diamond Tiara so mad, and can they ever reconcile their differences?

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Chapter 2: Mother-less day

Apple Bloom woke up to a sunny day. She let out a small sigh as she grabbed her saddlebag for school. She knew what day it was. To her it was mostly just another ordinary day. Walking over to her dresser she smiled wistfully at the picture frame of her parents. She looked at her mother, the loving smile on her face.

It was an odd sensation to her. Her family never had an abundance of money. They weren’t dirt poor and just barely scraping by, but they always had just enough for complete comfort. More importantly than an abundance of possessions was the abundance of love they all shared.

Applejack had told her that her mother was oh so very loving, and that was why her two siblings had turned out so nice. Her feeling of loss on these days wasn’t missing their mom. How could she miss her mom? She didn’t even remember her.

Applejack had always been evasive on the details for some reason, but her sister told her that their mom died very early in her life, before she would remember anything. Their father had had an accident shortly into her life, so she hadn’t gotten the chance to know either of them.

`The dull ache inside her was mostly because she had never gotten the chance to make a bond with her mother. The one thing she knew for sure was that her mother had loved her, because she was the one who had given her her name. Her mother wanted this Apple to bloom. Her mother had believed she would be the best Apple of them all. That made her feel proud of herself. It was one of the things that kept her going when she would feel down about her lack of a cutie mark.

Going downstairs she greeted the family. Today was one of the days for a family outing. This was her first year of school, so it would have to be late in the afternoon, but in all the years past they would always go to visit their parents' graves on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, as well as on birthdays. They never stayed too long, only about an hour or so, but they would share stories of what had been happening since they last visited, and they would tell her stories about their parents and memories with them. She always enjoyed it, but a small part of her would also start feeling jealous too, because she hadn’t had that same opportunity.

She pushed it out of her mind. All of them were in the same boat today, as her older siblings didn’t have a mother either. But they did have each other, which was the most important thing to her. Their bond of love for each other outshined everything else, even the pain of not getting to know her parents.

Following her breakfast they agreed to go visit the graves together like usual after school, then she headed out.

During class Apple Bloom felt strangely okay as Miss Cheerilee gave all of them time to make a card for their mothers. She wasn’t sure what to do, or if she should make one. So she just sat there, looking around. She noticed someone else who wasn’t doing anything either: Diamond Tiara. She was just doodling on a piece of paper, seemingly oblivious to everything else. The two of them were right next to each other, so it was hard to escape from her. She had Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle as friends now, so she didn’t feel quite so overwhelmed by her lack of a cutie mark.

Cheerilee was busy giving supplies like glue and glitter to students and helping them out with patterns. Eventually, though, she did notice the lack of action from the two of them. Walking over to the pair she asked, “Is something wrong, you two? I noticed that neither of you are making a card. Did you already make one at home?”

Diamond Tiara huffed, barely glancing up before going back to her doodle. “I haff no intrist in ma-kin a car,” she muttered out through the pencil in her mouth. “Itth not like she’s even goin' t' be aroun’ t' read it.”

Apple Bloom looked over at Diamond Tiara, wondering if something had happened to her mother too. Looking back up to Cheerilee she said, “I don't want to do one either. I don’t have a mother to give it to.”

Diamond Tiara took the pencil out of her mouth before giving out a derisive laugh. “Why not? Did she leave you because you’re such a loser? No big surprise there.”

“Diamond Tiara!” said Cheerilee sternly, but she didn’t get to get anything more out before there was a flurry of activity.

Apple Bloom had had enough of Diamond Tiara’s insults. It was one thing to insult her, but she wouldn’t stand for anyone insulting her mother and her love. She was beyond thought, her anger exploding like she’d never felt before, tackling Diamond Tiara out of her seat and knocking her to the ground before smashing her in the face repeatedly.

Diamond Tiara flipped her back half up, launching Apple Bloom in the air. When she landed she jumped on top of her, their positions now reversed. Apple Bloom managed to flip her over, the two of them both vying for the top spot to continue their attack, both of them heedless of the cries of excitement from their classmates and the order to stop from their teacher.

“That’s ENOUGH! Break it up!” Cheerilee said angrily, using her considerable strength to pull the two of them apart. Each of them struggled to get out of her grip and continue their battle, but neither of them could manage it. Diamond Tiara had the look of a black eye starting, while Apple Bloom had a split lip.

“WHY?” yelled Apple Bloom, rage still flooding her mind. “WHY do you hate me so much? I never did ANYTHING to you!”

“Because you’re stupid!” snapped Diamond Tiara. “You think you’re so special because you have your oh so perfect family. I’m the superior one here. Why should you have something so special while I don’t? My parents never have any time for me. They’re always too busy working.”

Apple Bloom’s ears were ringing, her vision going red. Her whole body was tense. She was glad Cheerilee was holding her, or she didn’t think there would be anything left of her classmate when she was done. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You are so incredibly selfish! Both of my parents are dead! I didn’t get the chance to know EITHER of them. They died when I was still just a baby. And you want to complain about your parents when you can still have that chance?”

Apple Bloom felt like she couldn’t breathe. The room was spinning. She had to get out. She had to leave. She couldn’t stay here, or else she would snap completely. Turning away and twisting out of her teachers grip she ran towards the door of the room, ignoring her friends and her teacher as they called her name.

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle ran after her as she left, unsure of where she was going or what she might do in her state.

“Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle!” Cheerilee called out after them.

“We’ll be back!” Scootaloo called out behind her. “We promise.”

Apple Bloom ran and ran and ran, adrenaline flowing through her. She had to keep running. She couldn’t stop until she got there. If she stopped she would break.

Panting and sweating and feeling on the brink of her stamina she finally made it back to Sweet Apple Acres.

Going to the field she felt relieved when she saw Applejack there. She slowed down, trying to get her breathing under control so she could call out to her sister.

“A-A-Apple-j-jack,” she sputtered out through her pants.

“Apple Bloom!” said Applejack. “What are you girls doing out of school?”

She took a minute to get her breath back before she responded, “Applejack, I need you to come with me. Right now.”

“Applejack, we just came along to make sure she was okay. Take care of her for us, alright?” said Scootaloo.

“O’ course,” responded Applejack.

“Okay, then we’re going to go back to school,” said Sweetie Belle. “Feel better, Apple Bloom. We’ll come see you later.”

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