• Published 23rd Apr 2014
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Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara: The Reason For The Feud - Never2muchpinkie

The Apples and the Riches have had a good relationship for a few generations, up until Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara. What is it about Apple Bloom that makes Diamond Tiara so mad, and can they ever reconcile their differences?

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Chapter 1: A difference in upbrining

Author's Note:

In this story Diamond Tiara's mom is a nurse because I saw a remarkable resemblance between DT and one of the nurses at Ponyville Hospital. See my forum post here if you want to see the resemblance. http://mlpforums.com/topic/73107-diamond-tiaras-mom-is-a-nurse/

“Happy Birthday, Apple Bloom!” said Applejack. “Five years old today.” Around the barn was a mild setup of decorations. A group of her cousins and other relatives were around her as she laughed and giggled and ran around with them, having a great time with all her family around her.

“I know we don’t have many presents fer ya, but we did the best we could.”

“I don’t need no presents,” Apple Bloom said with a big smile. “Just having you here is good enough.”


“Happy Birthday, Diamond Tiara!” said her dad Filthy Rich. “My pumpkin is five years old today. And boy am I celebrating it with all I have.” In her mansion was a group of his employees and their kids. There was a stack of presents going almost up to the ceiling, containing everything a kid would ever want.


Apple Bloom was crying, running over to Applejack. “I got hurt.”

A concerned look came to Applejack’s face. “Aw, c’mere you. Let me see.” She saw the bruise forming on her sisters leg. She put her sister on her back as she went and got some medicine. After applying the ointment and a bandage she gave her sister a comforting kiss and gently rocked her. “I’m here for you, Apple Bloom.”


“DAAAAAAADDD!" cried out Diamond Tiara. "I got hurt!” Tears were running down her eyes as she found Filthy Rich in his room.

He looked down at her tiny wound. “Aw, come on, Diamond Tiara. That’s nothing. You shouldn’t be crying over a tiny thing like that. If you want to be a proper Rich you can’t go crying over every little thing. Just get up and keep going.”


“Applejack!" Apple Bloom said excitedly. "Can we play today?”

“I have to go Applebucking today, squirt," she replied. "Maybe later.”

“Can I help?”

“Well, sure. That sounds great. You know I always have time for you.”


“Dad, can we go out and play today?” asked Diamond Tiara.

“I’m afraid not, Diamond Tiara," Filthy replied. "I have to work today.”

“Can I come?”

“You wouldn’t understand it. I don’t want you to get overwhelmed. Just stay home and relax.”

“Oh… okay.” Diamond Tiara left the room and headed to her parents room. Her mother was asleep. She was a nurse down at Ponyville Hospital, and worked a whole bunch of odd hours depending on need. “Mommy. Mommy!”

Nurse Sweetheart opened one eye, mumbling, “Yes?”

“Can we play today?”

“I’m sorry, dear. I’m just too tired. I worked a double shift after a worker called out and they really needed some extra assistance.”

“Oh.” Her head went down as she began leaving the room. “Okay. I understand.”


“Granny Smith, will you tell me a story?” asked Apple Bloom

“Well, sure,” she responded. “You know I always have time for you, pumpkin.”

“And even when you are busy napping I still always have Big Mac or Applejack around to talk to.” A big grin came to her face.

“That’s right, youngin’. Your family is always there for you.”


Diamond Tiara looked around the mansion for either one of her parents. She only found some of their servants. When she asked about her parents she was told they were both working. “Again?” she asked in a distraught voice, her eyes starting to swim with tears.

“Now, now,” said her butler Randall. “They work hard for you so you’ll always be comfortable and warm and fed.”

“I… I know. I just wish I could see the two of them more. The both of them tell me they love me, and I believe them, but I miss them when they’re not around.”


"Woohoo!” Apple Bloom cried out as they all took a swim in the river. Applejack and Big Mac kept throwing her around into the water, while Granny Smith kept more towards the shallow end and just watched. “I can’t remember the last time I’ve had so much fun. I don’t know what I’d do without ya guys. I love all of ya so much! Yer always there for me when I need ya.”

“Yer pretty good yerself, sis,” Applejack responded.

“Eeyup!” Big Mac agreed.


Diamond Tiara’s heart was going dark. Time and again her parents promised her of their love. Her dad would buy her whatever she wanted when she would ask, and he told her that she was worthy of it. But there was just something missing, and she couldn’t quite understand it.

Her dad also told her she had to be tougher. He said the business world was unrelenting, and if you show any weakness you’d be crushed by the opposition. Maybe that was why she felt so upset… because she was weak.

She went to the kitchen, expecting her butler to be there making her breakfast, but to her surprise her mom was there, cooking pancakes.

“Good morning, Diamond Tiara,” Nurse Sweetheart said brightly.

“Mom, what are you doing here?”

“I decided to take the day off. I work too many long shifts and sleep at all the wrong hours. I do love helping ponies in need, but I wanted to take the time to go out with you today.”

Diamond Tiara’s heart began to soar, but it quickly went sour. It was the same old story, wasn’t it? She shouldn’t be feeling so joyful at hearing that. It was weakness. She had to learn to rely on herself. If she wanted any chance of being like her dad she couldn’t rely on anyone. She was all alone.

The light that had turned on in her went off as quickly as it had come. “Whatever,” she said indifferently. “If that’s what you want let’s just get it over with.”


Apple Bloom was hopping around her room happily. “Yeehaw! First day of school tomorrow.”

“I know!” said Applejack. “I’m so proud of ya. I just know you’re going to do amazing.”

“I have you ta thank fer it, sis. You and Big Mac and Granny Smith and all our cousins and aunts and uncles. All of ya helped me get here.”


“Well, it’s your first day of school tomorrow, Diamond Tiara,” said Filthy Rich.

“Yes, dad,” she responded sarcastically. “I know. I’m not some baby anymore. I’m grown up.”

“I know you are, precious.”

“So what are you getting me for my first day present?”

“Listen to you. Forging ahead and seeing what you can get out of things. You’ll make a good successor to the Rich name yet.”

“Duh!” Turning away she began walking towards her room. On the way there she saw the butler who always watched out for her when her parents were away. “Hey!” she cried out. “Get me some water! Chop chop! Or I’ll tell my dad you’re slacking.”

“Uh, yes. Of course, miss,” he responded, rushing off to get her drink.

Diamond Tiara smirked.


“Good morning, class!” said Miss Cheerilee happily. “It’s nice to meet all of you. I thought we’d start things off by having all of you tell us a little about yourselves.” She looked down at the class roster. “Why don’t we start with… Apple Bloom?”

“Here!” Apple Bloom called out, raising her hoof. “I’m comin’,” Heading to the front of the class she sat on the stool and said, “I’m Apple Bloom, of the Apple Family at Sweet Apple Acres.” Her voice was filled with pride.

“Our family makes the best Apples in all of Equestria, and we have family all over the place. We’re very tight knit. I have an older sister named Applejack, a big brother named Big Macintosh, though we all call him Big Mac for short, and a grandma named Granny Smith. I love each of them so much! We all do so many things together and have great memories together.”


Diamond Tiara glared at Apple Bloom, feeling unnaturally angry and uncomfortable. She scoffed, letting out a derisive laugh under her breath. “What a joke,” she said to herself. “She’s such a baby. She doesn’t understand how dumb and weak she is. Strong ponies only rely on themselves.”

She gave her own presentation a little while later, about how she was a tough cookie who would bow down to no one and about her dads famous business. That was how she got Silver Spoon as an ally that day. Silver Spoon was impressed about the influential position of her father. Diamond Tiara liked it.

Her dad called them suck-ups. This peon would do whatever it took to stay on her good side, no matter what her own opinion was. She could use one of those. It was never too early to start demonstrating her business sense. She would prove herself to everyone. She didn’t need Silver Spoon. She just wanted her for her own purposes. Friendship was a joke, after all. Her own life made that clear.


Apple Bloom was getting panicky. All of her classmates except her had their cutie mark. Even Twist had gotten one right when she needed a friend who could understand her pain. She couldn’t understand what was Diamond Tiara’s deal. The pink pony kept picking on her for no reason. At first it was for other things, but since Diamond had gotten her own cutie mark she had focused solely on that to get under her skin.

Why did Diamond Tiara hate her so much? She hadn’t done anything to deserve it. She had tried being nice and polite to everyone as her family had taught her, but it only seemed to make Diamond Tiara angrier.


Diamond Tiara was at her Cutecenera, wearing the dress she had specifically bought for the occasion. This was how it should be. Everyone admiring her, looking up to her. It was all she deserved. Unsurprisingly, her mom had to work, but her dad was there fawning over her. It was the best day ever!

Or at least it should have been. A short while into the party a pony came running in. It was one of his employees. There had been a big screwup. He had to leave to fix it. She tried to get him to stay, but he wouldn’t. When he left she felt her joy fade away. She almost felt like crying. She knew she was being weak, but she couldn’t help it. This was supposed to be a magical day.

She spotted Apple Bloom off to the side, and a part of her cheered up. Why, she was acting just like that wimpy Apple Bloom would have. How could she have forgotten herself this much? Approaching her rival she began going after her for her lack of a cutie mark. Apple Bloom claimed that she did have one, but it was so amazing she didn’t want to show her up at her own Cutecenera.

She felt another stab of panic, deciding she didn’t care if Apple Bloom had one of not. She didn’t want anything else ruining her day.

But things went downhill anyway. Apple Bloom tripped, pulling off the sheet covering her blank flank. She felt immense satisfaction mocking her for her lie, but then two ponies who were transferring into their class stood up for her, showing her up and pulling everyone’s attention off of her.

‘That darn Apple Bloom!’ she thought angrily. ‘She’s going to pay for this. Her and her two stupid blank flank friends. I’m the special one here! I’m the most important! She is nothing! She’s just a weak little baby who keeps depending on everyone else.

"I alone am strong. I need no one.’ Her anger faded out as she looked to the ground, two tears coming down both her eyes. “No one…,” she said in a whisper.

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