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Bluegrass Brooke

Gonna try this whole writing thing again.


Everypony assumes Bulk Biceps enjoys nothing more than to exercise and lift weights. But he is a pony that finds pleasure in many things; including nature. One day, as he is in the meadow, he finds Fluttershy crying by herself. He wants to help, and knows just the way to do it.

A very quick little one shot I wrote for the Crack Ships Inc. April Contest. I hope it brings you some measure of enjoyment.

Cover art is a screenshot from Rainbow Falls. Not sure if I need to cite it, but there it is.

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This doesn't deserve the ratings it is getting. It's a shame that writers such as yourself are buried underneath so many other authors. :twilightsmile: Upvoted.

4278718 Thanks for reading. I'm glad you enjoyed it :pinkiesmile:

I read this out of curiosity, and I just have to say...

THAT. WAS. SO. CUTE. :rainbowkiss:

4279648 Awwwe thanks! Glad you liked it :pinkiehappy:

Yes, Snowflake

and awwww...

Short and cute.
Nice work.

I just got done watching Ace Ventura: Pet Detective...


You know this site really needs a YEAH! emoticon. Well it's a great story. :yay:

Grammar was good for the most part, though I counted a few errors. Not having commas around direct address was responsible for the majority of them.

Pacing could use some work, though. By no means was it bad, but it could have been better.

Same with the dialogue. At times, it felt a bit stiff, quick, or otherwise out of character--again, by no means bad, but it could have been better.

Overall, a sweet short story that I enjoyed. A like and a favorite from me.

4282678 Thanks for the feedback. I've been having some issues with stiff and unnatural dialogue, and it seems that I've got much to learn. I'm going to have to go over some grammar rules. I get confused on certain points, and from what you've said I assume I'm missing those commas on a regular basis. Back to the books with me. I appreciate the help and the like!

4282281 Glad you enjoyed it. They really need to make more emoticons anyway. Adding in Bulk, Maud, Discord, and Cheese would be awesome! Ah well, we can only dream.

Great story! You have my like and favorite. :twilightsmile:

4283415 Awwe thanks :twilightsmile: It was just a quick little project, so I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it.

I expected you to make Snowflake his nickname, but whatev.


Where are all the SnowShy fics??? :trixieshiftright::trixieshiftright:

I better give this one an up vote. :eeyup::eeyup:

4373290 There needs to be more snowshy love. They're practically cannon with all the screen time they have together. Honestly I'm torn between fluttershy discord and fluttershy bulk. She'd be so cute with either of them. It's a struggle.


It really is.
Fluttercord's cute,but so is Fluttermac and SnowShy. :applejackconfused::applejackconfused:

GAHHHHH how to decide?? :yay::yay: Fluttershy's really popular when it comes to m/f shipping, isn't she?

4373492 Yeah I'm glad at least one pony gets shipped with guys. Poor Rainbow Dash and Applejack don't get much love from the opposite gender. Ah well, maybe my Applejack/Flim story coming up will cure that.


Personally, I'm a SoarinDash shipper, but I must agree. AJ and RD don't get much heterosexual shipping. :eeyup::eeyup:

This was such a cute story!:rainbowkiss:Flutterbulk is my OTP in mlp (right next to Thunderjack) and you made this story very warm and heartfelt. You my friend, just got yourself a like, a fav, and a follow!:pinkiehappy:

4405614 Awee thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I had fun writing it.

4405765 I enjoyed reading it! I can't wait for your Flim and Flam fic! (Which reminds me, I should get back to writing my own.)

Welp my first comment on this site, and I happy to make it on this story
very cute FlutterBulk (or SnowShy), YEAH!
I myself had the same idea about BulkBicep being his nickname :pinkiehappy:

4451943 I'm glad you enjoyed it. I thought the nickname thing just fit with him. Because i dont quite think any parents are going to name their foal Snowflake. At least that was my reasoning. Congrats on your first comment. May there be many more.

This was a very cute little story. Quite simple, but still left an emotional impression. I actually thought you did pretty well with Fluttershy; to me she was pretty in character. Coming from someone who mainly writes for Fluttershy, I will also admit that it is very easy to get her wrong, but it looks like you got a decent grasp on her. Very well done. :heart:

Cute, simple, and sweet. Don't change anything about this story... ever. :pinkiesad2:

Just one thing to say about this story:ajbemused:

What, oh the last pic was the wrong one, oppsie.:pinkiecrazy:

:rainbowderp:. . .
. . .
. . .
I ship it now. Thanks a lot.

This story is so sweet! Great job!

I still don´t get why they named him Snowflake.............then again Equestria´s naming system is pretty much b******t

I haven´t seen that much BulkShy fics and even then some of them are not that good.this is so sweet, it almost ruined my diet.

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