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Just as Luna has Nightmare Moon, so too does Celestia have another entity in her mind. An entity with one aspiration:


Inspired by this.

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>Not human
>Do not want.

Spree, deal with it.:moustache:

4277116 I will, bye.

That was very interesting. What made you want to write this?

I'm scared of that coverart. Say it won't hurt me, Sir Hat!:fluttershbad:

But it will hurt you...stay the fuck away from it!

4277123 That was definitely one of the more interesting flashes I've played on NG. I can see how it inspired you.

omg this was pretty creepy o_o

the picture you choose is perfect and the song amazing. i love midnight syndicate. like i said this felt quite unique from what im used to reading from you. very good read i really liked it. the ending was unexpected to be honest, well done.

Creepily well done. I can picture Celestia's alter-ego coming to life, only to quickly be smacked-back down by the elements, apologizing all the while.

Perfect music, awesome little game that I'd never seen before, and a wonderfully creepy story over all. A very interesting look at what Celestia's own inner demon might look like, rather than the typical 'Solar Flare' kind of deal. Solar Flare is pretty awesome, but this idea of a cancerous second personality is really cool.
Bah, I'm rambling. Basically,

EDIT: Fucking hell that cover art is terrifying

You gave ma a chance.

Only error I've found so far.

Got a link to that sweet-ass cover art?
~Dash The Stampede


Well damn.


Don't have much else to add, Pinkie said it best.

This creeps the hell outta me....
Even though this is short, it's a really great story / poem.
The instant I saw the cover photo, well..... :pinkiecrazy:

Chilling, with a bitter-sweet ending.

Yikes, this was awesome! Probably not an ideal read while I play Zomboid, but still, a masterpiece. Great work!


I can't get the video, though. Can you find it on youtube?

There's probaby this awesome story happening outside their shared mind. That would be fun to write, but I don't think I could do it justice.

But the thing is, Celestia's alter ego isn't as flamboyant as NMM, it's a more subtle, creeping, hunger that continues to grow more and more aggressive as time goes on.

Sleeper agent, is it were.

It's not a video, it's a flash game called covetous

Found it on derpibooru, but no artist was linked.

Those listens should be listen


Wow, that was... I have no words... :pinkiesad2:

fucking hell.
this was one messed up read. one beautiful,tragic,frightening read.
fuck man. upvote and fave.

Doesn't really go far enough with the idea. A lot of empty words that are too vague to really lend the story any impact.

Still, interesting idea.

I wanted to make the second to last chapter rather violent, rather angry and destructive, hammering home the whole "Greed only grows" aspect, but I stuck with the world limit instead.:twilightblush:

Trust me, if I didn't limit myself...bad things would spill out of my mind....:pinkiesad2:


Reading this as quickly as your regular FiM fic doesn't work
I had to ponder every phrase here, almost every single word, for it to work properly
But when it did, oh boy did it work

The style and the atmosphere are excellent. It's just too bad we can't perceive anything from the exterior. Because, you know, the point of view. And what you said here 4279247

I don't know if I'm going to fave it, but you sure deserve your upvotes. Here, have another

I shouldn't play that kind of games at night, though. 3spooky7me :rainbowwild:

"...the sun shell be my burden." Isn't it "shall" instead of "shell"?

Sir Hat you beautiful son of a.....
Probably shouldn't say that..... :rainbowwild:
You've done a great job on this story. It definitely sent chills down my spine as I read each chapter.
You never really think much about Celestia having a dark side.

I have no words, but I saw where you got the idea from, and I must say, I am more depressed then creeped by this Lord Hat... :ajsleepy: You do know how to make a man think....

dont get how spike found out

Open for the reader to interpret. How did he find out?:pinkiecrazy:

Personally, I think he probably read one of Celestia's letters about what happened.

My guess is that Spike had one of these cancerous beings in him (Possibly during his birthday episode) do he is able to connect with what she is going through. I kind of like how she quickly realizes that her desire for existence is the problem, but it impresses me how a creature like that would have the strength to let go.

It's not the desire to exist that was ever the issue.

It was that once she existed, she wanted more, and more, and more, until she could see the one thing she would have lost, and that one this was the only thing she ever knew before existing. Her other self.

And the story takes place over an untold amount of time.

Could have been months, could have been hours.

Son of a what? Bitch, bastard, whore, biscuit, pony, horse?:applejackconfused:

This is quite possibly the creepiest thing that I have ever read. You, sir, are a fucking master of your craft, and I salute you.

Bravo. :pinkiecrazy:

Keeping humble man, always keep humble.:ajsleepy:

Well I don't think it really matters. I'll just say son of a.... pony I guess. :derpytongue2:

4280808 Still, not the kind of thing one should read while sitting alone, playing project Zomboid. Good story, though!

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