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Welcome to my content. I like writing stories (which is luckily what the site is for) I write what I want, that's how I roll. WARNING: I attempt to counter my shitty writing by writing lots of stories


It's been a hundred years since the Immolation Incident, and once again, Princess Twilight Sparkle goes to visit Pariah Celestia, the former leader of Equestria.

Tears fall, flames burn, and words are exchanged.

But it's all just another day.

A day that Celestia fought to make last forever.

*rated for tears and shouts, one-shot*
*it's a shame there's not a 'feels' tag, does the 'slice of life' tag cover 'feels'? If so, then I'll add it*

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Comments ( 18 )

Great story. I enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

You sir are a true author an I highly encourage you to continue with your stories this made me cry twice it deserves 11/10 rating lol this story is simply fantastic!!!!!!! :-) :-)

Interesting story. Would have liked to have known why Celestia went loony but it's not as important as what you did cover. I think I'd skip the infinitesimally small fonts though.

The end is never the end is never the end is never the end

I'm a bit conflicted about about this story but that might be because I read Flowers for Chrysalis first... But anyhow,well written.:twilightsmile:

Good, but you overdid it with how you made Shine-Bright's situation just like Twilight's, down to the dragon.

4514508 ya I liked that aspect aswell


For some reason I keep thinking:

Celestia Lord of Cinders, and then my mind makes me think she just snapped eventually under the weight of the fire, dark souls style.

It's not often I favorite and down-vote a story, but this one got that reaction from me.

Rather nicely written... but really? A mind wipe? Turning her mortal? AFTER having left her in a shield to rot away for what sounds like several decades?

Frankly, death would have been a greater kindness and left more of Celestia, and I don't like getting fates worse than death sprung on me from nowhere. :pinkiesick:

I did enjoy the parallels with Twilight's own history, thought. A rather interesting hint that this thing might be cyclic given the obvious Dark Souls inspiration.

So... if I am gathering right: Celestia went mad trying to prevent herself from dying. I am presuming here that Celestia's life cycle works like a Phoenix and that she was "reborn" into somewhere new and Twilight provided the new identity and set her up in Ponyville. It is also possible this was entirely Twilight's doing, in which case, if this was an option, why Celestia was ever held the other way? Why is Twilight coming now to do this?

I dunno, it's less of a logic thing and more just that I didn't feel like the beginning of the story matched the end. I honestly thought that Twilight had come to basically kill Celestia and send on her ghost based on the tone and detail you gave us at the beginning. The Idea that Twilight finally letting go of this diminished shade of her mentor after she has now made peace with her friends seemed like the natural story arc.

If you want the ending to stay, I really might suggest either adding some stuff with Twilight in the middle, perhaps offering her a second chance? Or even change Celestia's fall to be something that Friendship might actually have been able to solve.

4514686 I'm glad that someone noticed the heavy inspiration I drew from Dark Souls, yes, the location, Celestia preventing her own death, even the sword.

4514772 well, it's more like a 'reborn' kind of thing, first: Supernova Sun was Celestia's big evil overcharge form, like with Nightmare Moon and Luna.

Second: What Twilight did was essentially a one-mare-Elements-of-Harmony-cleansing spell, first she destroyed the last 'record' (the gem from Celly's princess crown), then she banished away the evil Elements of Harmony style.

Third: I'm fairly sure I said that it was a century, 100 years.

4514832 Weeeeeelll, I do want the ending to stay the same, so I will take your generously-given and graciously-accepted 'pull-aside advice' (which is what I shall call constructive criticism from now on) and fix up the story, I'm actually posting this comment shortly before saving the update.

The circle is now complete. The student has become the master, the master the student. This has been my philosophical quote of the day.

Am I the only one who was a little creeped out by the complete IDENTICAL nature of Celestia's Circle of Life thing? I mean...wow. It was like Twilight wanted a multiple of herself or something.

The sound-effects in between spoken dialog was a little distracting as well, but all in all a good story.

And later Shine-Bright will learn the magic of friendship and ascend to alicornhood. Then Twilight will go crazy and Shine-Bright will have to stop her and take over the crown. Then Shine-Bright will mind wipe old Twilight and send Lavender Star (New Twilight) to Ponyville. Then Lavender will learn the magic of friendship and ascend to alicornhood. Then Shine-Bright will go crazy and Lavender will have to stop her and take over the crown. Then Lavender will mind wipe Shine-Bright and send Sun Butt to Ponyville :trollestia:.....:derpyderp2::applejackconfused::rainbowhuh: Just a big circle of friendship, insanity, and usurping. I honestly had a similar thing happen in a dream except with Batman. The Joker would die (natural causes, Batman, age, whatever) and Batman would become insane and become the new Joker. Then Robin would step up and be the new Batman. Then he would take on a young lad beaming with potential. :twilightsheepish: This story reminded me of that. But great story!

4517257 it as hard to read your comment through my own laughter

I understand how others think that it will just be a big cycle, but there's an important detail:

Twilight supported Shine-bright's findings on the Lich King attacks

Celestia didn't do that for Twilight and Nightmare Moon's return.

Also, Twilight knows the magic of friendship already, Celestia forgot it.

Really, it's like 4516071 said, the student has become the master, the master has become the student.

Okay? :scootangel: Okay. :twilightsmile:

Good fic, have an incredibly frustrating GIF image:


4519589 What's with all your frustration gifs? :rainbowhuh:

4519978 Why not, it is my new comment signature.

Isn't it frustrating to watch? I think it is.

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