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Before I dive right in, I say that this story has promise from reading the description. I hope it lives up to what I have come to expect from you as an author.


I am reading through Archmage, and I am adoring your writing style. I am a massive fan of Song and Ice and Fire, and consider it to be the pinnacle of modern dark fantasy.

Merging this with ponies and being brutal about it? Fuck, yes.

Follow and favorite.

Sweet love game of thrones.

Nerds rule the world bro.

So, tell me if I'm wrong about who represents who, but this is how I see it.
Sparkle is Stark
Solari is Baratheon
Apple is Lannister
Draconeques is Targaryen
Shining is Ned
Cadence is Catelyn
Trixie is Robb
Twilight is Jon Snow
Featherweight is Bran
Flash Sentry is Theon
Braeburn is Tyrion
Big Mac is Jaime
Princess Celestia is King Robert
Granny Smith is Tywin
Applejack is Cersei
Babs is Sansa
Scootaloo is Arya
Pound is Rickon
Applebloom is Joffrey
Did I miss anyone or get them wrong?

Very nice beginning, dudes.

Right on the head, brother.

So far, this has lived up to my expectations.


Don't stop with this, or with Archmage. Loyal's entire collection is full of awesome sauce. :pinkiehappy:

O my god. O my god. O my god. This is the greatest thing in like ever.

I mean I just clicked on this cause I was like totes can't be a Game of Thrones crossover. That would be getting my hopes up. I mean I've had stories that the titles got me blindsided. Can't be A Song of Ice and Fire related.

Just can't. And then omygodthislongdescription. Isthatbloodrainbowsthattastelikegummybears?

I love you man. I just can't believe. The whole Game of Thrones and ponies is like. . .cookie dough hot fudge shakes. Sounds like it can't work. But then it gets all tasty and yummy and amazetastic.

There's this like butterfly in my stomach effect and I need to read this right now. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Enjoying it so far, glad to see no character was rule 63'd just to fit a role so far.
Can't wait to see who fills the roles for the Targaryens and Kharl Drogo later.

Loyal we will never write something as great as this again.

Next chapter, my friend.
Next chapter.

I don't actually think that just putting ponies in the Game of Thrones plot almost word for word is a good idea. You should branch out do your own thing. :scootangel:

4266240 We only have 5 books to work with. I wonder what happens when we burn through them all....

Y-You're doing this. Someone is actually doing this.
Welp. Time to stop getting attached to characters again, 'cause they are gonna be dropping like flies.

As long as daimond tiara is joffery i am not bothered

Comment posted by Madness Brony deleted Apr 21st, 2014

I'm just amused at this despite Mr. Martin's disgust with fanfiction. Game of Thrones isn't really my thing, but every time I see fanfic of it I smile a bit these days, just out of principle.

“Winter Wrap-up is Coming.”

I LOLed.

I have to say, this feels like Game of Thrones, the TV series, ponified. Character relationships are strange (House Sparkle with the Sparkles, Babs Seed, Featherweight, Flash Sentry, Pound Cake and Trixie?) and nobody sounds the least bit like themselves; Celestia acts and sounds exactly like Robert Baratheon (Accent, vocabulary and attitude), nothing close to her characterization in the show.

I'll admit that Changelings as wildlings and Wendigos as White Walkers was interesting.

4267805 Check the alt universe tag bro. Show canon means nothing here.


I know, I know. It's just there's so much Game of Thrones compared to MLP. Personal preferences and all that.

4267882 Well when you try to merge a show with a massive beautifully crafted world and literally dozens upon dozens of incredibly fleshed out characters with a show with a very small world and only 6-10 characters that have any fleshing out somethings are naturally gonna pull to the front while others fall to the back.

The MLP universe can't really match up to the Song of ice and fire universe in terms of scope or size so naturally the GoT themes will stand out more than the MLP themes.


I wasn't talking about the themes nor scale, but whatever. The effort required is understandably tremendous for an undertaking of this magnitude, so I'm not going to hold something against you.

With that, I bid you good luck on this endeavor.

I am always weary of this type of AU crossovers, where they merge one shows character's with the other.
Case in point, Celestia.
Here she acts just like Robert Baratheon and not much like Celestia we know. So it's more like Robert is in Celestia's body.
Another part is that most of the AU crossovers of this type go scene by scene in retelling the story exactly how it was in one of the shows. As this chapter is like the first episode of GoT. So I hope in the future you actually derive from the events in the books and make it your own story. Because so far, this reads like a Game of Thrones with MLP reskin.
I will be following to see how this further develops.

Oh and I do wonder how did Celestia manage to get children out of Applejack, I am hoping it's Science Babies Magic Babies, and not some other popular method. Because I am all for more lilies. :twilightsmile:

4268550 The idea of having Celestia be so much like Robert was just to hilarious to pass up. Also the point of AU is usually to get away from peoples preconceived notions of the show. If we made her act more like Celestia we wouldn't need the AU tag. Also a song of ice and fire isn't finished yet. Martin still has two books left to write so we will have to finish this tale in our own way.

As far as same sex couples having kids, it does involve magic.

Also the point of AU is usually to get away from peoples preconceived notions of the show

The point of AU is to offer different situation than the cannon of the show. An AU can be made in GoT universe with characters personalities intact. It's just going to be a bit different universe than what you see in the books. And yea, if Celestia acts like Celestia, you would still need an AU tag, considering it's not Equestria as we know it...
Anyway I digress.

so we will have to finish this tale in our own way.

I just hope it doesn't take 1M 770k words before you start to write your own story. (that number is how much the 5 books have).

4268693 Considering neither Loyal nor myself have the luxury of being fulltime writers like Mr. Martin this story is probably going to move at a pace more similar to the HBO series. So it won't take nearly as many words to get to places.

You realize GRRM hates fanfiction with a passion, and has pleaded on multiple occasions for aspiring writers to not use his universe for their stories, right?

Just checking.

4270507 I can't speak for my co-author but I've personally always been a man who is perfectly happy watching the world burn. Martin has gotten money out of me for every book and a few replacement books. I do know he isn't a fan of fanfiction and I also know I don't really care what he doesn't like. I've supported him as an author he should support my free will. Also all of Martin's issues with fanfiction seem to stem from this fear he has of people making money off his work that he didn't sign off on.

Neither myself nor my co-author would ever dream of taking a cent from the man as we are both enjoy his work so much that we have pooled a fairly large amount of man hours already into this fic.


It has nothing to do with money, actually. He's stated several times that he believes fan fiction is lazy and leads to poor writing habits and is a handicap to writing original fiction. I don't necessarily agree, but I do respect his opinion on the matter. If you don't care, that is what it is, but I personally believe it's pretty disrespectful.

4271025 Well when you consider both I and my co-author have worked on our own legitimate works and are doing this mainly because we thought it'd be fun Mr. Martin's issues with us seem to evaporate faster than you can bring them up.

Also you could always keep your personal beliefs to yourself, because I can promise you neither of us want to hear them.


You don't care about any opinions but your own, so in turn I don't care if you want to hear my opinions or not.

Your "fun project" is a thinly veiled rewrite of a popular series, with terribly OOC characters. Your characters are cardboard cutouts of FIM characters who act exactly like their GOT counterparts. You also act like a petulant child when someone raises a legitimate concern about your story.

Best of luck with it, just be aware not everyone shares your disdain for artistic integrity.

4271224 And you seem to be missing the point you useless cunt. Everything that we've done is exactly what we wanted to do. And if you really didn't care about my opinion then you wouldn't have responded with an insult. A child am I? What does that make you for getting upset enough over my comment to respond to it in a retaliatory manner? If you really didn't give a shit about my opinion you'd have just ended this conversation a comment ago.

Now take your opinions to someone who cares before I simply delete our entire conversation from this comment section. I'd much rather this simply be done with then continue to pollute this comment section with our spiteful back and forth nonsense.


Useless cunt.

You're one classy dude. Feel free to delete all of this to whitewash your comments section.

4271363 Never claimed to be classy kid. I'm a drunk and an asshole, and I never claim to be anything else.


Ahh, 'kid', the knee-jerk defense mechanism of the truly self-righteous internet commenter. While I'd love to continue this discussion (and hear more of your boundless logic), I've had a rather long day, and morning comes too early. Enjoy your night, and I hope I've given you something to think about, even if we have to agree to disagree.

4271556 I'd try to explain to you how "kid" is simply what I call all of my friends (my co-author included) but I seriously doubt you have the cognitive functions necessary to process it. So you go on trying to snatch the high ground and I'll just stay where I am laughing up at you as you prattle about in a pointless effort to sound more mature.

The internet doesn't care which of us sounds like the better man, we both look like idiots bitching about nonsense right now.


You both have opinions, you both have no care for those of each other, done. The writers are happy, the critic isn't, the rest of the readers are excited. The critic seems a bit out if place, eh?

That's just me, though.


Isn't Diamond Tiara Joffrey?

4273127 You're right. Appleblom and Silver Spoon are Myrcella and Tommen respectively. Thanks for pointing that out. I'm surprised Loyal didn't catch that. I think it would have been better had Bloom been Joffrey though. And Twilight and Trixie switch places.


Well, if Trixie and Twilight changed places, then Twilight would face the Red Wedding. Also, I suspect that Jon Snow is actually the son of the Targaryen heir and Ned Stark's sister, and he might win the Iron Throne in the end... Unless GRRM kills him. No one is safe. :)

4274108 Something Loyal and I were both going for when putting Ponies to characters was trying to make good matches if at all possible. As we reveal more characters you'll see more ponies cast as certain people and think to yourself "Yeah you know what that actually does make a lot of sense". AJ and Big Mac fit the Lannister twins pretty well being already siblings and both having golden blonde hair.

Diamond Tiara just fits Joff to well to NOT make her Joff so we simply went with it. Trixie being Rob is more a joke on our part to another friend of ours. He happens to be a big Trixie fan and well, some of you know what happens to Rob.

A shame John Snow is dead. Killed by his own men too. Such a shame.

4277195 Actually it states no where that he's actually dead, he just gets stabbed a few times. Most people think Martin is gonna bring him back some how in the next book.

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