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Winter is approaching in Ponyville, and all Rarity wants to do is work on her new winter garments, enjoy the holiday festivities and maybe even catch a chance alone with the pegasus she cares for most. That was before that day in early December when everything in Ponyville changed. Now it's a question of who a pony can trust, and who they can't.

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....What I read this why does it say I didn't?

380506 Mist's account got hacked and the hacker pretty much deleted all his stories. Whilst most were saved by the mods, I think he had to re-up this one by hand.

383475 O =_= that jackflank ok thanks for clarifying that up it makes sense now.

Wait, so was the narrator Twilight the whole time, or did our perspective change at some point without me noticing? I'm confused, and it's bothering me because I'm sure there's some great twist to be found here. :rainbowhuh:

607961 There used to be a lot more comments of people proposing their own theories, but a mix up kind of lost all the comments, and for that I am sorry.

The ending is supposed to mean what you think it means. I actually DO have an explanation that I would consider "correct", but I have never stated it because I wanted readers to come up with their own explanation. It's all a matter of what YOU think it means.

As always, the Unreliable Narrator is a real bitch to write. I like the premise behind the story, but I think it could have been better executed. I think that the story could have given a little more insight into the narrator's motivations, identity, etc. Of course, I could hardly fault you. Like I said, it's something that is notoriously difficult to write.

And I thought the fic I'm writing was nearly nonsensical.
Great work here! But I can't help but wonder if the ending actually has significance to the fic, or is it just suppose to mess with the reader's head?

758172 That's my secret.


Great story, but What in the actual FUCK happened?!
Pinkie murdered
mayor goes missing
Rares kills RD
Rares kills TwI
Rares about to kill Flutts, but then reality/perspective shifts
No one is dead, Twi becomes narrator, End.
Unless pinkie is still dead after the shift, you lost me bigtime.

3250175 It means what you want it to mean. I wanted it to be up to your interpretation.

My interpretation?:trixieshiftright:
Ok, Twi killed pinkie.
Then she wrote a fanfic of rarity killing everyone else...
*Re-reading ending*
Ya know what, lets just say I like this story.

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