• Published 1st Jun 2014
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The Veins Run Deep - Thunderblast

This is Bloodvein. A pegasus in a bat pony family. Does he enjoy his life? Not really.

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Bats Can't Swim

Two months had passed since Bloodvein wound up lost in the forest outside of his colony, and at the Legion outpost, as well as finding the rare, young bald eagle which he took in. The eagle grew quickly, and after some time, was at full size and ended up larger than the colt himself. Bloodvein kept the eagle well fed and taken care of, as well as managing to train it how to fly, with the aid of his father of course.


"Coming, Mom!"

The young colt trotted downstairs from his bedroom, towards the mare's voice. When he hopped from the last two steps onto the ground, he walked over to his mother and kissed her cheek. The bat mare sat on the couch, rubbing her belly, which was now a large foal bump.

"Just a couple more months, my little Bloodvein," Midnight giggled softly, nuzzling the colt.

Bloodvein nuzzled back. "I can't wait, Mom!" He smiled, baring his little fangs. "Where's Dad?"

"He left early to get some quick work done by the hole to the outside. He should be back later, though," Midnight smiled warmly, glancing down at her foal bump, still rubbing it.

"Oh, okay!" Bloodvein smiled, then hopped off the couch and walked over to the door.

"Where are you going?" Midnight peered over at him.

"Just going to go for a little walk. I'll be back in a few!" Blood responded, holding his hoof on the door handle and glancing back at his mother.

"Alright, baby boy, see you in a bit!" Midnight giggled a bit more.

Bloodvein's cheeks grew a pink tinge. "Mom, please don't call me that. I'm almost seven now..."

"That doesn't change anything. Even when you're thirty-eight, you'll still be my baby colt," Midnight smiled.

Blood rolled his eyes. "Alright, see you later, Mom," he opened the door and walked out, before shutting it behind him.

Outside, the air was just perfect. A slight breeze blew through, which was unusual for being so deep in a cave. Blood didn't bother to think about it for over a few seconds before deciding stop by and check on his dad.

He trotted happily along, through the somewhat busy streets of his colony town. It didn't take long to reach the end of the cave, where he hoped to find Skywatcher, but instead saw two other legion soldiers guarding large, white cloth bags stacked atop one another.

"Excuse me, sir," he stepped up to one of the soldiers, "Where is First Lieutenant Skywatcher?"

The soldier looked down at Bloodvein, a small, genuine smile pursing his lips. "He is at the town hall."

"Thanks," Blood returned the smile, heading off in search of his father.

"What do you mean we don't have enough sandbags?!"

"Governor, sir, there isn't enough sand left in the mines. What we have out there is what we have left," Skywatcher stood at attention across a wooden desk from a navy blue bat stallion just over half his size.

The stallion groaned and put his hoof to his forehead, shaking it slowly. "What do you suggest we do, Lieutenant?"

"I suggest we evacuate. It is too risky to see if the sandbags work this time. On top of that, some of my soldiers have observed growing cracks in the walls and ceiling. It's just a matter of time," Skywatcher attempted to keep a stoic look on his face, but fear wrote itself all over.

The Governor glanced back up at the taller pony in front of him. "Evacuating now would cause a panic, but doing nothing puts us all in danger. We have to do something."

"I know, sir," Sky dropped his tough act for a split second, but unlucky for him, the stallion at the desk caught it.

"What's wrong?"

"What do you mean what's wrong, sir? Everypony's lives are at risk. That's what's wrong," Sky tensed back up.

"No, it's something else. What is it?"

Bloodvein walked up the stairs in the town hall, coming to the second floor where he heard his father's voice, then walked up to the office door and listened closely.

"I'm worried about my son. He's the only pony in his class who hasn't really learned how to fly yet."

"Why hasn't he? Is it that bird of his?"

"Bald eagle, sir."

"Have you noticed that the eagle can fly, but he can't? What does that tell you?"


"He can't fly, he doesn't have any real friends."


"He isn't even one of us!"

Skywatcher screamed at the top of his lungs and hissed. "Sir!"

Both Bloodvein and the Governor jumped at the ear-piercing yell.

The stallion breathed heavily in anger. "I helped him teach the eagle how to fly. I was intending for Bloodvein to follow through as well, but he didn't get the idea. I didn't want to tell him, because I didn't want him to think I'm forcing him to fly. He'll learn on his own. Maybe he'll learn tomorrow, maybe he'll learn next year, or maybe he won't learn at all! He is still my son, and I love him to Tartarus and back!"

The Governor sat back in his chair, shaken by Skywatcher. Outside, Bloodvein was shaken as well.

"Lieutenant, I..."

"No, Governor, stop. I don't want to hear anything more about what you think of my son. He's mine, not yours, and I actually care for mine, and I would never ship him off to military camp without his own permission!" Skywatcher stepped back, calming a bit. "Unlike you, who did."

The Governor sat speechless. He knew Skywatcher was right, and what he did a few years back was wrong.

"Now if you excuse me, I have to go tell my family what's going on," Skywatcher turned around and started to walk to the door.

Before he could walk out, Blood ran downstairs and outside into the town. He now knew something was wrong and his heart raced. After a minute, he removed the thought from his mind and walked around, only to hear a familiar voice.

"Bloodvein!" Skywatcher called from behind.

Blood froze and turned around. "Hey, Dad."

Sky strode up, and the two embraced. "How's my amazing son today?"

"Good... what about you?" Blood glanced up, raising a suspicious eyebrow. "Dad, I heard everything."

"What?" Sky looked down at the colt.

"Why are the sandbags up?" Blood drew away and stared up at his father rather sternly.

Skywatcher's world came to a screeching halt. "Son, were you... eavesdropping on me and the Governor?"

"Yes, Dad. What is happening?" Blood's heart began to beat faster, but he remained calm.

Skywatcher continued to keep his deep blue eyes focused on the colt in front of him, slowly sitting down and sighing. "If I tell you, promise you only tell Mom, alright?"

"Sure, Dad," Blood also sat down, raising an eyebrow again.

"There's a—"

A loud crash echoed through the caves, startling everypony in it. Bloodvein ran up like lightning and hugged Skywatcher's arm tightly.

"W-what was that?!"

"Thunder. The storm is here... but, the sandbags should protect us."

"I-if you say so, Dad... let's go home."

"Okay, son," Skywatcher stood back up, lifting Bloodvein up and resting him on his armor-covered back, marching back towards their house, through crowds of bat ponies of all sizes staring in the direction of the cave exit, where rain poured from the heavens above.

The door to the house opened, and Midnight glanced over and saw both Skywatcher and Bloodvein.

"Hey, boys!" She smiled and Blood hopped off of Sky's back and quickly ran upstairs.

"Hey, dear," Sky walked over and gave her a quick kiss on the lips.

"What's wrong with Blood?" Midnight looked over at the stairs, where Blood had already raced up.

"The storm scared him," Sky then sat down next to Midnight, wrapping a hoof around her.

"Storm? Again?" Midnight snuggled close.

"Mmhmm. We have less sand bags than usual, but they should last us," Skywatcher hugged Midnight and nuzzled her forehead.

"I hope so, dear..." Midnight sighed.

Moments later, there was a loud cracking sound emanating from outside. Skywatcher quickly stood and ran to the door, peeking outside.

"Oh, no..."

"What is it honey?" Midnight slowly stood and stared in concern.

Skywatcher shut the door and looked at Midnight. "I'm going to pack our things. We need to get out of here."

Midnight nodded, understanding what was now going on. "Be quick, dear."

Sky flew upstairs quickly. "Bloodvein?!"

Blood ran out of his room with a small bag, as well as his blanket and pillow. "Dad! My room is leaking!"

Skywatcher watched Blood run downstairs, then peeked in his room and saw a large crack in the ceiling, which had water squirting from it. He then flew into their bedroom, and quickly threw some small belongings into a suitcase, before flying downstairs.

When he landed, the floor already had at least an inch of water flooding it. He lifted his hoof the moment it touched the water and looked down at the water, which was frigid, before glancing back up and noticing Blood and Midnight already gone. Sky ran to the door, but before he could run out, he heard a squawking come from upstairs.

"Talonfang," he thought to himself, before setting the bag on the couch and flying back upstairs to the eagle, who was still in his cage.

The eagle squawked in fear as more water poured from the ceiling of Blood's bedroom, and was now pouring down the stairs, with crayons, pencils, and other small, light objects floating by slowly as the house flooded. Skywatcher without hesitation opened the cage, then kicked Blood's window out.

"Go, get out!" He yelled, and the eagle flew out the small window. Sky ran downstairs, grabbing the bag off of the couch and flying out the front door. To his surprise, there wasn't as much water outside as there was in, but it was moving a lot faster as it went downhill towards the mines. "Blood? Midnight?!"

"Over here!" Came a loud, echoing voice. Skywatcher looked to his right, and saw Midnight and Blood standing side by side. Bloodvein was struggling to help his mom walk, despite the rushing water which was almost enough to knock him down.

Midnight groaned. "I-I can barely move..."

Skywatcher raced to Midnight and Bloodvein, flying underneath the two and lifting them onto his back. "Hang on!"

The stallion started trudging through the water, being unable to fly with all of the weight. He looked up and saw a large crack slowly opening in the cave ceiling, and started to gallop, hoping to pass it before it opened completely. Bat ponies screamed and flew as the cave started to flood, while Legion soldiers flew just above where the sandbags used to be to keep the flood of ponies evacuating at a steady pace, and making sure nopony was hurt in the rush.

"Come on Sky..." He thought to himself as he galloped through the knee-deep rushing water. At first, it seemed like they would make it past the crack slowly pouring more cold water into the cave system.

Just before they could pass under it, large boulders started splashing down into the water, creating waves which were enough to overwhelm a normal pony. One hit the stallion, as well as Midnight and Bloodvein, but they still clung on to Skywatcher as he ran through the water towards the exit. No longer than a moment later, the crack gave way, and more large rocks fell around the evacuating ponies, as well as more bone-chilling water pouring from the ceiling, adding to the water already pouring in from the entrance. Another wave hit them, and Bloodvein was knocked away from Skywatcher and Midnight.

"MOM! DAD!" Blood cried in fear as he was quickly separated from his parents.

"BLOODVEIN!" Midnight screamed, and Skywatcher stopped and gasped, his blue pupils shrinking as they met the sight of his son being swept away.

"CORPORALS!" Skywatcher yelled up, and two Legion soldiers flew down to them. "Get my wife out of here, I'll catch up!"

"Lieutenant, there's no time to go back! The cave is going to collapse!" One of the stallions resisted the order.

Skywatcher growled and showed his fangs, before the two stallions grabbed Midnight quickly and flew away with her.

"Sky, no!" Midnight cried as she was taken away.

Sky started running with the water, towards the cries of Bloodvein, who was quickly being swept further down into the caves.

Bloodvein spun through the freezing water, attempting to stay above. The force of the raging flood pushed him under a couple of times, but Skywatcher managed to keep an eye on him as he flew towards the colt.

"Son! I'm almost there!" Skywatcher panicked as he flew faster, before looking up and gasping.

Blood turned around and saw the mines fast approaching, which was a two-hundred feet drop. Blood's pupils shrunk as he tried to swim against the water, which of course did not work.

"Dad!" Blood screamed as he approached the mines, which was now turned into a large waterfall.

"Blood!" Skywatcher landed in the water, reaching a hoof to the colt, oblivious to some rocks above him about to fall.

"Lieutenant!" One of the soldiers yelled, flying at Skywatcher quickly, before pulling him back just moments before the rocks fell, cutting him off from Bloodvein.

"NO!" Sky screeched, his ears lowering and tears building in his eyes.

Bloodvein screamed as the rocks splashed water into his face, and he fell down the falls, deeper into the cave.

"Sir, come on! The cave...is...collapsing!" The soldier yanked on Skywatcher, trying to pull him away from where the rocks had fallen, blocking the way to Bloodvein. "Guys, I need help!" He yelled. Soon, more stallions flew over and helped him carry Skywatcher away, who was screaming for his son.

Blood screamed as he fell, before landing in a deep pool of colder water below, which felt like landing on icy spikes for a few moments. As he came back up, he was forced down another cave by the rushing water, moving too fast down the small tunnel to do anything. The tunnel twisted and turned for what seemed like forever. The colt shut his eyes, he knew this was the end.

"I'm sorry dad...I'm sorry mom...Faust help me..."