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A Visit to Fluttershy's Cabin - Appledash13

It's always nice to meet someone knew, and today you get to meet Fluttershy.

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Beggining to End

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and there isn't a cloud in sight. Earlier today, you bumped into Fluttershy, a gorgeous pegasus and caregiver to the woodland animals of Ponyville, and she invited you to her home on the edge of town. You've seen her while on the market street, but you've never actually introduced yourself, and now is the opportunity to talk to her. The tread to her cottage isn't a long one, but you notice something while you are approaching. She was waiting for you. Was she just desperate for company, or was she just making a good first impression? Nonetheless, you were excited to meet her.

You reach the front of the cottage and it seems suspiciously quiet. You take a look around and notice all of the bird houses, nests and other small animal homes are empty. "Why, hello there," her voice grabs your attention and pulls you away from the empty bird houses, "Would you like to come in?" You nod and follow her inside the cottage. Even in here, there is no sign of any small animals. "Take a look around if you'd like." And so you do.

The room you are currently in is small and basic. One doorway on each side of the room, a stairway leading where else but the second floor, the usual living room furniture, and the addition of housing for critters.What captures your attention is the picture frames on the wall a over her sofa. The three on the bottom are pictures of her and her friends together. But above them, there is an empty canvas within a frame. You turn to her and point a hoof at it. "If I may ask, what is this frame for?"

She looks up at it, then back to you, "I was leaving that one up there for one more picture with my friends. My friend Twilight is lea-"

You cut her off mid sentence, "You mean Princess Twilight Sparkle?"

"Um, yes. She is leaving for Canterlot soon and before she goes, we all want to take one more picture with her." Your mind is blown. Out of all of the mares in Ponyville, you have yet to meet one with friends in high places, let alone a friend that is a Princess, and Fluttershy just doesn't seem like a pony that tries to make friends with every pony. You take one last look at the pictures and mentally swat yourself. Princess Twilight was in those pictures too, how could you not have noticed. Her voice breaks your attention once again, "Would you like anything to drink?"

You feel as if she's trying to hard to be kind, and you don't want to upset her, so you accept her request. You follow her into her kitchen and she gestures for you to sit down in one of the dining chairs, and so you do. "So what would you like? Water, milk, apple juice, or iced tea?" That's a hard choice to make for you. You were hoping for something with more... sugar. You decide to pick the closest thing to your needs. "I'll have some apple juice." A few moments later and a glass filled with a yellowish liquid is set down in front of you. At first glance, you thought she set down a glass of piss in front of you, but it lacks the pungent odor. You thank her as she sits down across from you.

She too has a glass of apple juice. You both sit there in awkward silence as you drink you juice. There doesn't see to be much room for conversation anymore and you want to leave, so you look around for a clock. You don't actually care what time it is, you just need to make look like you have to leave. You don't want to lie to such a purely innocent mare, but you want to avoid anymore awkward moments. You get up and open your mouth, "I'm sorry Fluttershy, but I really have to go." Her mood seems to lower when you say that.

"Okay, but if you don't mind, can you come back another time?" She forces you to say yes. She's giving a semi -puppy eye kind of look and her tone showed she was very curious to hear your answer.

"Of course, Fluttershy." You reply. You get up from your seat and bring your glass to the sink. "Guess I'll be going now." You start your walk to the front door and bring your hoof up to the doorknob. Before you twist it, you hear her call out.

"Wait!" You turn around and she's walking towards you. "Can you get something from me? I was uh, finishing up with preparing the animals for their hibernations, and my legs are feeling a bit week." She smiles sheepishly as she awaits your answer. But at least now you know what happened to the animals.

"Alright, I'll get it, but I have to be quick about it."

"Great! It's just at the end of that hallway." She points you to the doorway across the room. You begin your walk and when you pass through the doorway, you look on both side of you. The hallway only leads one way, and that is to your left. So you walk left. There is a single blue door at the end of the hallway, when you reach it, you turn the handle. Only one problem. "Uh, Fluttershy, it seems to be locked. Do you have a key or something?" You turn around and the whole house seems to be darkened. At the end of the hallway, the outline of Fluttershy can be seen.

She is slowly walking towards you, but something is off. It feels way different than it did before. There isn't a joyful feeling in the air anymore, either she closed the curtains, or day has turned to night, and her face... You can see the teeth from her smile. It's not a happy smile, when she gets closer, you can see it's the teeth of an evil grin. "Uh... Fluttershy?" You force a chuckle to make sure this is a joke, but she continues. You have become genuinely frightened. She inches close enough for you to feel her soft breath against your fur. This whole moment is giving you a minature heart attack. You close your eyes, praying for this to be a dream. To double check the true reality, you open your eyes, but before you can take in a single detail, something blunt hits you on the side of your head, and you lose all grasp of consciousness.

The world around you is slowly returning. You're laying down on your back, but the surface you are on feels stiff and cold. You open your eyes and check your surroundings. The room is made up of white Sheetrock walls and bright white tiles. To your left is a wall, but on your right is something very familiar. A blue door. A soft humming was being emitted from somewhere else I'm this room. You lift up your next and spot the pink mane of Fluttershy. Then you realize, she put you in this room. And she doesn't want you to leave. She look up at meets your gaze. "You awake! Now we can begin!"

You're in for it now, most people just get through their love peacefully. You used to be one of those people. Used to be. you misjudged her, thinking she was innocent. Now her dark secret was revealed to you. There has to be a reason for this. You want to know, but at the same time you don't. This was twisted beyond your imagination. You've always thought of foalnapping to be just placing fillies and colts in a locked useless of the house. You find yourself in a situation similar, but worse. Fluttershy has a full room made for locking ponies up.

She walks up behind you and she whispers in your ear.

"Just wait until you meet the others."

Author's Note:

I've typed Fluttershy so much on my iPad, that it no longer marks it as incorrect spelling and capitalizes it. Does that make me obsessed? Towards the end, I didn't know how to keep it flowing so I said screw it and bullshit the ending.
I can't give credit to the pictures, I just picked them up on Google images and brought 'em here. And speaking of the pictures, do you think that it would be better with out them?

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Comments ( 2 )

Ok, that was pretty creepy.

A neat little fic. A few typos and such here and there, but nothing major. You have a decent sense of the unsettling. Keep up up~

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