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Rainbow Dash has been dreaming of this day for years. The day she would receive her admittance to the Wonderbolts. When her greatest dreams come true, will she be able to handle this new life of fame and fortune? And how will those around her be affected?

Cover picture by Art-Surgery

Chapters (4)
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Sir you is epic. I rate this 14 yays:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

I hate to break this to you, but that wasn't a hurricane, it was a tornado.

The episode is called "Hurricane Fluttershy"
So I decided to go with Hurricane over Tornado. I liked the imagery better

I liked this! My only complaint is that I wish it were longer--which, if that's your primary complaint, means the story is doing its job right. I did think Rainbow Dash's fight with Spitfire and her resignation went a little too fast and it would've been preferable to stretch it out and develop it a bit more. Still, I thought it was very good!

When I originally wrote it, it was for a competition and I had to keep it within the 10k word limit, so I was forced to keep the ending concise. But you're right, I could draw out the final conflict a little more before the ending. Thanks for the thoughts, I'll give it a good look at again tonight!

You really taught me what friendship could be this day
and it was delicious XD

no really, this story is amazing
despite some tiny errors that i did see, i love this story

It's really a shame that every one of these kind of stories (RD succeeding in joining the Wonderbolts) that Dash has to chose between her friends and the 'Bolts. Why can't she ever have both, why can't there be a middle ground or a compromise. But alas, that would take away the conflict that drove this (and others like this) story. I've only seen one story, where she has both (implied, anyway) and she wasn't even the main focus of the story, Spike was: It takes a Village if you were curious (also very good story).

None the less, I enjoyed this story the way it was.

Edits so massive they required a chapter re-write. But here it is, the third chapter extended to the length it was meant to be.

Now only one question remains:
Epilogue from Spitfires point of view?
I think so. Expect it in the near future.

Oh man...the heart wrenching levels just went up ten fold. Poor Spits...this was REALLY well done!!! I love it!

thast all i have to say

After many delays between updates, the final epilogue is finished.
Of course, I could extend this to writing about Dash returning to the Wonderbolts instead of just insinuating it will happen, but I feel that this is a more fitting ending. A literary decrescendo.

Thanks for reading through, and of course all comments/criticism is appreciated.

Really well done but these plot set-ups always piss me off because no job, except for things like military, or secret service requires you to give up everything but the job. Especially not sports. ESPECIALLY not racing/action sports. It's a great arc for stories, but damn does is bother me that so many people think that this would be how it is.

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